North West Business 2018 edition

A unique guide to business, investment and Tourism in the North West, the 2018 edition of North West Business is the eighth issue of this highly successful publication that, since its launch in 2009, has established itself as the premier business and investment guide to the North West Province. North West Business includes news and analysis of the most important economic sectors and interviews with some of the province’s active business leaders and investors. To complement the extensive local, national and international distribution of the print edition of the journal, updated information on the North West is also available through our monthly e-newsletter, which you can subscribe to online at www.globalafricanetwork.com, in addition to our complementary business-to-business titles that cover all nine provinces as well as our flagship South African Business title.

A unique guide to business, investment and Tourism in the North West, the 2018 edition of North West Business is the eighth issue of this highly successful publication that, since its launch in 2009, has established itself as the premier business and investment guide to the North West Province.
North West Business includes news and analysis of the most important economic sectors and interviews with some of the province’s active business leaders and investors.
To complement the extensive local, national and international distribution of the print edition of the journal, updated information on the North West is also available through our monthly e-newsletter, which you can subscribe to online at www.globalafricanetwork.com, in addition to our complementary business-to-business titles that cover all nine provinces as well as our flagship South African Business title.


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<strong>2018</strong> EDITION<br />












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<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Business</strong> <strong>2018</strong> Edition.<br />

Introduction<br />

Foreword4<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Business</strong> is a unique guide to business,<br />

investment and tourism in the province.<br />

Special features<br />

Regional overview of <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Province 8<br />

New investors will help to diversify the regional<br />

economy<br />

Rustenburg revival 12<br />

Rustenburg aims to build a new legacy.<br />

The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> is becoming the conference<br />

destination of choice 14<br />

Research and training in tourism give the province a<br />

competitive edge.<br />

Economic sectors<br />

Mining28<br />

Platinum assets are changing hands.<br />

Agriculture34<br />

A solar-powered vegetable project is showing a<br />

new way.<br />

Energy36<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> is researching new energy sources.<br />

Water38<br />

New boreholes are being dug in rural areas.<br />

Manufacturing39<br />

Diversification is under the spotlight.<br />

Education and training 40<br />

NWU is a leader in innovative research.<br />

Banking and financial services 42<br />

New state banks are to be formed.<br />

Development finance and SMME support 44<br />

SMMEs in the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> are on a central supplier<br />

base.<br />

Government<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Provincial Government 46<br />

An overview of the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> provincial<br />

government departments.<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Local Government 47<br />

An overview of the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> local<br />

municipalities.<br />

Reference<br />

Sector contents 26<br />

Index48<br />

Maps<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> locator map. 11<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> provincial map. 11<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> municipal map. 11<br />

NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong><br />




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<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Business</strong><br />

A unique guide to business, investment and<br />

Tourism in the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>.<br />

The <strong>2018</strong> <strong>edition</strong> of <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Business</strong> is the eighth issue<br />

of this highly successful publication that, since its launch<br />

in 2009, has established itself as the premier business and<br />

investment guide to the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Province.<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Business</strong> includes news and analysis of the most important<br />

economic sectors and interviews with some of the province’s<br />

active business leaders and investors.<br />

To complement the extensive local, national and international<br />

distribution of the print <strong>edition</strong> of the journal, the full content can<br />

also be viewed online at www.northwestbusiness.co.za. Updated<br />

information on the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> is also available through our monthly<br />

e-newsletter, which you can subscribe to online at www.gan.co.za, in<br />

addition to our complementary business-to-business titles that cover<br />

all nine provinces as well as our flagship South African <strong>Business</strong> title.<br />

Chris Whales<br />

Publisher, Global Africa Network Media<br />

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NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong><br />


Rustenburg Chamber of<br />

Commerce<br />


Striving towards a healthy community and business environment, economic stability and<br />

growth, and becoming a truly world class city.<br />

The Rustenburg Chamber of Commerce serves<br />

as the voice of business in the Rustenburg area,<br />

strives to create an environment for business to<br />

thrive and offers talks and networking events for<br />

members.<br />

The RCOC is affiliated provincially to the <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong> <strong>Business</strong> Forum (NWBF) and nationally to the<br />

South African Chamber of Commerce (SACCI) and<br />

the SBI (Small <strong>Business</strong> Institute). Representation<br />

on both provincial and national bodies enables<br />

the RCOC to escalate important matters to higher<br />

levels when necessary and distribute important<br />

regional, provincial and national trends and<br />

information to our members. This will require<br />

a strong focus on positioning the Rustenburg<br />

<strong>Business</strong> Community to meet the challenges of<br />

a changing landscape in and around Rustenburg<br />

and the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Province now and in future.<br />

Vision<br />

A healthy community and business environment<br />

through sustainable economic growth.<br />

Strategy<br />

• Unite business leaders<br />

• Empower members and community<br />

• Lead and support economic growth strategies<br />

in RLM<br />

Plan<br />

• Share vision<br />

• Grow membership<br />

• Engage stakeholders<br />

The Tlhabane Chamber has joined The Rustenburg<br />

Chamber Of Commerce as part of our new chapter.<br />

We have created and implemented a new section<br />

to the Chamber, called the Women in Mining,<br />

Management and business. Our first yearly conference<br />

was hosted on 29 September 2017. In this section<br />

of the chamber we focus on empowering local<br />

female business owners and employees to go from<br />

good to great.<br />


Address: 223 Beyers Naude Drive,<br />

Rustenburg, 0299 | Tel: +27 14 592 9520<br />

Email: info@rcoc.co.za | Website: www.rcoc.co.za<br />

7 NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong>


Regional overview of<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Province<br />

New investors will help to diversify the regional economy.<br />

NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong><br />



The two key economic assets of the <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong> Province – mining and agriculture<br />

– remain vital to the region’s vitality but<br />

concentrated efforts are being made to<br />

attract investments in new sectors to diversify and<br />

strengthen the provincial economy.<br />

Tourism has been identified as an important<br />

driver of future growth and the investment by Sun<br />

International of more than R1-billion in the Sun City<br />

complex is helping to create momentum in a sector<br />

which has a proven track record of creating jobs. The<br />

City of Rustenburg has started a planning process<br />

which looks forward to a time when mining’s role in<br />

the economy will be reduced, and sectors such as<br />

health and education might become more important.<br />

Renewable energy is another area where some<br />

preliminary work has been done.<br />

The fact that Rustenburg’s plans also include the<br />

creation of a Mining Supply Park point to the fact that<br />

mining’s influence is likely to continue to be a huge<br />

influence on the province for many years to come.<br />

This is also true of some of the plans to diversify the<br />

9 NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong>


province’s manufacturing base – they often rely on<br />

the base mineral that comes from mining anyway.<br />

Platinum prices may not be as strong as they were,<br />

but platinum group metals (PGM) have enormous<br />

potential in the energy field, and <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> researchers<br />

and businesses are working on possibilities<br />

to exploit this.<br />

The possibility also exists that a totally new sector,<br />

renewable energy, will help to transform the lives<br />

of previously excluded communities. This is already<br />

taking place to a small extent in that the province’s<br />

first solar plant is partly owned by the community<br />

in which it operates. There is much more scope for<br />

this kind of partnership, but there is also scope for<br />

the development of a manufacturing sector to support<br />

the renewable energy sector. A start has been<br />

made to attract solar panel manufacturers to the<br />

Platinum Special Economic Zone in the Bojanala<br />

District Municipality.<br />

The province’s other manufacturing strategy of<br />

boosting agriprocessing is in better shape now that<br />

the worst of a prolonged drought is over. The creation<br />

of district agri-parks is intended to boost primary<br />

production which in turn will increase the amount<br />

of raw material that can be processed. Companies<br />

making car seats within the province’s active automotive<br />

parts sector (mostly centred around the town<br />

of Brits) would be a ready market for treated hides<br />

from the huge provincial cattle herd.<br />

The Provincial Government of the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> has<br />

two main economic strategies:<br />

• the development of Villages, Townships and<br />

Small Dorpies (VTSD)<br />

• a focus on three key sectors: agriculture, culture<br />

and tourism (ACT).<br />

Other areas of focus are: mineral beneficiation; renewable<br />

energy; retail and wholesale; ICT and the<br />

development of economic infrastructure.<br />

Geography<br />

The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> province makes up 6.8% of the<br />

population of South Africa (3.6-million), 8.7% of the<br />

land mass (105 076km²) and accounts for 5.8% of<br />

economic output in terms of gross value added.<br />

The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> is bordered on the west by the<br />

Republic of Botswana and on the east by Gauteng<br />

province, the engine of the South African economy.<br />

The big four sectors of the provincial economy are<br />

mining, agriculture, manufacturing and tourism.<br />

The Vaal River runs along the province’s southeastern<br />

border with the Free State, and the province<br />

also shares borders with the <strong>North</strong>ern Cape to the<br />

south and Limpopo in the north.<br />

The province’s strategic location goes beyond its<br />

proximity to Gauteng: the major roads linking trade<br />

on an east-west axis pass through the province, as<br />

does the major railway line which runs from Cape<br />

NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong><br />



Town in the south to Zimbabwe and beyond in<br />

the north.<br />

Mining contributes 28% of the region’s gross<br />

domestic product. The mineral reserves that still lie<br />

beneath the ground in the province are enormous.<br />

Platinum group metals predominate but there are<br />

significant deposits of gold, uranium, diamonds,<br />

copper, vanadium, fluorspar and nickel. Stone and<br />

limestone are also found in rich quantities.<br />

Mining beneficiation takes place at many<br />

places, with Rustenburg being particularly strong<br />

in this sector. The economy of the town is closely<br />

linked to the fortunes of platinum mining, with the<br />

sector contributing about 70% of the city’s gross<br />

geographic product.<br />

The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> is a major producer of maize<br />

and sunflower seeds and many other agricultural<br />

products. About 20% of South Africa’s maize comes<br />

from the province, as does 15% of its wheat.<br />

The dry western part of the province is home<br />

to beef cattle, game ranching and hunting. The<br />

normally well-watered eastern and north-eastern<br />

regions can carry many kinds of crops, many of which<br />

find themselves on the tables of the citizens of the<br />

nearby urban centres of Johannesburg and Pretoria.<br />

The agricultural sector also generates large-scale<br />

11 NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong>


storage and logistics operations, particularly in<br />

Klerksdorp, Vryburg and Brits.<br />

Manufacturing capacity is concentrated in the<br />

larger towns in the north-east and eastern parts<br />

of the province. Automotive components firms are<br />

clustered in Brits, which in turn is very close to the<br />

automotive manufacturing hub in Rosslyn (Pretoria)<br />

in Gauteng. Towns like Klerksdorp (agri-processing<br />

and engineering) and Potchefstroom (food and<br />

beverages) also have manufacturing capacity.<br />

All of the big agricultural companies have storage<br />

and logistics operations and many of them are<br />

involved in agri-processing. Senwes is one of the biggest<br />

with extensive silo infrastructure while Suidwes<br />

has 17 retail outlets and MGK makes full-fat soy at its<br />

manufacturing plant.<br />

Lichtenburg-based NWK makes liquid fertiliser<br />

and animal feed, processes sunflower seeds and runs<br />

37 silos and three grain mills. Another subsidiary, Opti<br />

Chicks, has a capacity of 600 000 chicks per week.<br />

There are several milling facilities in the province.<br />

The province’s other great assets include big<br />

tourist attractions such as Sun City, the Pilanesberg<br />

National Park and associated game reserves and the<br />

Hartbeespoort Dam.<br />

Two UNESCO World Heritage Sites are located<br />

at Vredefort Dome (where a meteorite hit the earth<br />

about two-million years ago) and Taung, where the<br />

discovery by an archaeologist of a skull in 1924 is<br />

regarded as one of the most significant of all time.<br />

The province’s three Technical and Vocational<br />

Education and Training (TVET) colleges and the<br />

well-respected <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> University all have several<br />

campuses catering to a wide range of educational<br />

disciplines. The university has a strong reputation as<br />

a research institution.<br />

NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong><br />







Limpopo<br />

Mpumalanga<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

Gauteng<br />


SWAZI-<br />

LAND<br />


N<br />

Thabazimbi<br />

Vaalwater<br />

Limpopo<br />

<strong>North</strong>ern Cape<br />

Free State<br />


KwaZulu-<br />

Natal<br />


R49<br />

Bela-Bela<br />

<strong>West</strong>ern Cape<br />

Vorstershoop<br />

Hotazel<br />

R31<br />

Kuruman<br />

Eastern Cape<br />

N14<br />

Reivilo<br />

Lykso<br />

Moloporivier<br />

Vryburg<br />

Stella<br />

N18<br />

R 49<br />

Taung<br />

R34<br />

R49<br />

Mmabatho<br />

Delareyville<br />

Schweizer-<br />

Reneke<br />

N4<br />


Sannieshof<br />

Ottosdal<br />

Wolmaransstad<br />

Zeerust<br />

R52<br />

Groot-Marico<br />

Lichtenburg<br />

N14<br />

Coligny<br />

Klerksdorp<br />

Sun City/Lost City<br />

Swartruggens<br />

R30<br />

Koster<br />

Ventersdorp<br />

Potchefstroom<br />

N12<br />

Orkney<br />

Rustenburg<br />

R30<br />

Magaliesburg<br />

<strong>West</strong>onaria<br />

Parys<br />

Brits<br />

Hartbeespoort<br />

Mooinooi<br />


R59<br />

Carletonville<br />

Vereeniging<br />

N1<br />

R82<br />


Gauteng<br />

Sasolburg<br />

R57<br />

Heilbron<br />

N1<br />

N3<br />

Sishen<br />

Kathu<br />

<strong>North</strong>ern Cape<br />

Warrenton<br />

Bloemhof<br />

N12<br />

Christiana<br />

Wesselsbron<br />

Welkom<br />

Kroonstad<br />

Free State<br />

Motorway<br />

Main Road<br />

Railway<br />

Ventersburg<br />

Reitz<br />

Postmasburg<br />

Ulco<br />

Bultfontein<br />

Municipalities in <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Province<br />

Limpopo<br />


Ramotshere<br />

Moiloa<br />

Moses Kotane<br />

Bojanala<br />

Madibeng<br />

Moretele<br />

Molopo<br />

Mafikeng<br />

Kgetlengrivier<br />

Rustenburg<br />

Kagisano<br />

Ratlou<br />

Ngaka Modiri Molema<br />

Ditsobotla<br />

JB Marks<br />

Gauteng<br />

Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati<br />

Tswaing<br />

Dr Kenneth Kaunda<br />

Naledi<br />

Matlosana<br />

Mamusa<br />

Maquassi Hills<br />

<strong>North</strong>ern Cape<br />

Greater Taung<br />

Lekwa-Teemane<br />

Free State<br />

Metropolitan/District Municipality<br />

Boundary<br />

Local Municipality Boundary<br />

District Municipality<br />

Local Municipality<br />

Bojanala<br />

Naledi<br />

13 NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong>


Rustenburg revival<br />

Rustenburg aims to build a new legacy.<br />

The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>’s biggest and busiest city<br />

is putting long-term plans in place to create<br />

a diverse and flexible economy. Today,<br />

Rustenburg derives about 70% of its economic<br />

activity from mining but strategies are being<br />

implemented to prepare for the days beyond mining.<br />

Price volatility, particularly in platinum group<br />

metals, has helped to concentrate the minds of local<br />

and regional government on the future of the city<br />

and the region.<br />

Rustenburg is a local municipality within the<br />

Bojanala Platinum District Municipality and the<br />

headquarters of both bodies are in the city of about<br />

625 000 residents.<br />

The Integrated Master Plan (IMP) for Rustenburg<br />

2040 is the blueprint for the project which aims to<br />

develop new economic sectors and further stimulate<br />

existing sectors through the clustering approach.<br />

Themes for clusters and hubs include medical,<br />

educational, mining supply and green technology.<br />

A comprehensive new public transport plan will link<br />

these hubs and help to break down the old spatial<br />

divides of the apartheid era.<br />

Assets<br />

Rustenburg straddles the N4 “Platinum Highway”<br />

about 120km west of the cities of Pretoria and<br />

Johannesburg in the Gauteng Province, the economic<br />

hub of South Africa. The N4 stretches across South<br />

Africa from Mozambique in the east, to the Botswana<br />

border in the west and, as the Trans Kalahari Route,<br />

ultimately to Namibia. Rustenburg is 240km from<br />

Gaborone, the capital of Botswana, and less than<br />

200km from the provincial capital of the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

Province, Mafikeng.<br />

At the foot of the Magaliesberg Mountain Range,<br />

Rustenburg is only 50km from one of the country’s<br />

premier tourist resorts, Sun City, which in turn is<br />

NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong><br />

14<br />

adjacent to the 550km² Pilanesberg National Park<br />

and Game Reserve which has a small airport. The park<br />

lies within the crater of a volcano formed 1.2-billion<br />

years ago.<br />

Orbit TVET College has a campus in Rustenburg,<br />

Unisa has a regional office and the Agricultural<br />

Research Institute’s Industrial Crops Division is also<br />

located in the city. The Royal Bafokeng Sports Palace<br />

hosted five group matches in the 2010 World Cup.<br />

Platinum mining began in 1929 and has driven the<br />

city’s growth ever since.<br />

Rustenburg CBD<br />

Legacy projects<br />

Mining and the beneficiation of mining products will<br />

continue to play a role in the economy of Rustenburg<br />

for many years to come, but a range of interventions<br />

will serve as growth catalysts. These range from<br />

activities which will build on existing sectors and<br />

services and improve the quality of life of residents,<br />

and newer initiatives which are aimed at attracting<br />

new investment.<br />

In terms of building and developing existing<br />

infrastructure, the following projects are planned:<br />

• Bus rapid transit system: Yarona (It is Ours), which<br />

Waterfall Mall<br />

Bafokeng Sports Palace.<br />

Bafokeng Sports Palace

ntly conducting<br />

e, the resulting<br />

developing the<br />

a vision that<br />

transformation<br />

, five key goals<br />

eable standard<br />

which are as<br />

omy &<br />

Sports &<br />

esource<br />

sustainability<br />

ed Master Plan<br />

w to transform<br />

resource-based<br />

economy. The<br />

ers proposed<br />

transit from a<br />

my to a more<br />

ed one, with<br />

tertiary sector<br />

ities. Through<br />

analysis, some<br />

changers with<br />

een identified.<br />

game-changers<br />

lized<br />

medical<br />

clusters;<br />

ation facilities;<br />

buting a variety<br />

City Centre to<br />

ty<br />

The secondary and tertiary sector, will<br />

be a major contributor to the economy.<br />

It is projected to provide about 130,00<br />

jobs in manufacturing and 170,000<br />

service-related aims to jobs by give 2040. residents<br />

bold and safer, strategic quicker key moves<br />

These<br />

embody the aspirations of Vision 2020<br />

and more efficient<br />

to develop resources, abilities and<br />

talents access of individuals, to various<br />

opening up a<br />

new dimension of empowerment and<br />

self-sufficiency parts of for the Rustenburg city<br />

community.<br />

and to their places<br />

As Rustenburg of work. grows The by 2040 municipality<br />

The has master invested plan seeks<br />

it will have<br />

to accommodate more than a million<br />

inhabitants.<br />

to meet this challenge and provide<br />

in improving roads<br />

high quality of life to all communities<br />

and and ensure is a world working class city to-<br />

live<br />

work and play. Rustenburg will be a<br />

well wards connected, an clean integrated<br />

and green city<br />

with variety of choices of lifestyles,<br />

transport network.<br />

affordable homes, ample parks and<br />

open • Township<br />

spaces, entertainment venues development:<br />

aims to provide opportunities The to<br />

and<br />

places to conduct business. The master<br />

plan<br />

create new iconic features for the city<br />

areas of Phatsima,<br />

while conserving its local character and<br />

identity. Lethabong,<br />

The city will also be a leader in<br />

sustainable resource management, by<br />

adopting T lnew h water, a bwaste a and n energy e ,<br />

management solutions.<br />

Boitekong and<br />

Ultimately, Monnakato the Integrated will Master receive<br />

to development<br />

further uplift their<br />

Plans seeks to inspire the Rustenburg<br />

community<br />

quality of life, creating a bright<br />

in some or all of the<br />

and exciting future for city and its<br />

surrounding following areas. It components:<br />

in South Africa, mixed-income which can attract and high-density housing;<br />

aims to make<br />

Rustenburg one of the most liveable<br />

cities<br />

and retain global talent, while ensuring<br />

urban agricultural hubs; retail and business parks;<br />

high quality of life for its people.<br />

industrial hubs; multi-purpose centres; sporting<br />

facilities.<br />

• CBD upgrade: Partnerships with developers to<br />

build high-rise buildings for office space, shops<br />

and accommodation. This would be adjacent to<br />

a proposed civic and cultural precinct.<br />

• Airport upgrade: The city has an airfield but there<br />

is potential to develop this into a fully-fledged airport<br />

that can host scheduled flights. The tourism<br />

industry is the most obvious potential partner.<br />

New initiatives that could serve as catalysts include:<br />

• Logistics and industrial park: industries targeted<br />

include mining supplies, platinum group<br />

metals (PGM) beneficiation, chemicals and<br />

pharmaceuticals.<br />

• Agri-processing hubs: seven such hubs are<br />

planned for various sites across the city, in traditional<br />

methods and new methods (hydroponics<br />

and aquaponics, for example). This initiative is<br />

linked to green economy ideas such as biogas<br />

production and to the creation of a new Fresh<br />

Produce Market, which will give producers and<br />


Guided by the goals and strategies developed by the Urban Sustainability Framework, two concept options are developed. They<br />

explore different directions for future physical development of the region, resulting in varying degree of investments, risks and<br />

returns.<br />

Concept Option 1:<br />

Compact City<br />

The ‘compact city’ concept looks at the opportunity to further<br />

strengthen the existing urban areas and ensure a compact<br />

urban growth that optimizes the existing key transit corridor.<br />

The growth will be organized along the 3 distinctive clusters.<br />

Concept Option 2:<br />

City of Cities<br />

The ‘city of cites’ concept looks at having several thematic<br />

developments within RLM; and ensures a well distributed<br />

growth. The poly-centric growth will ensure more integration<br />

with existing communities and ensure jobs closer to homes.<br />

On September & November 2014, the vision and the two concept options were deliberated by the Steering Committee which expressed its<br />

preference to Option 2 as the long-term concept option for future RLM<br />

• Option 2 allows for decentralised growth and better integration with the various communities<br />

retailers a good central point from which to sell<br />

and distribute.<br />

• Education hub: the creation of a precinct containing<br />

a university and/or college campus, state and<br />

private schools with supporting amenities such<br />

as sports fields, student residences and retail<br />

facilities.<br />

• Medical facilities: the growing population of<br />

the city will create more demand for medical<br />

services. An opportunity to provide specialised<br />

medical services has been identified. Additional<br />

opportunities can be explored in terms of providing<br />

medical training and catering for medical<br />

tourists.<br />

• Special Economic Zone: An SEZ in Rustenburg<br />

would build on existing industries, form a value<br />

chain with the industrial and agri-parks and promote<br />

newer sectors, such as the manufacture of<br />

solar panels (green technology).<br />

• Tourism hub: the city’s information visitor centre<br />

is being modernised and the Rustenburg showground<br />

has been identified for an upgrade, in<br />

partnership with a private investor. A convention<br />

centre and the creation of a platinum themed park<br />

are other ideas being discussed.<br />

• Provides for more distributed growth opportunities and access to facilities and jobs closer to home and is more inclusive<br />

The selected planning concept option sets the macro planning directions and the regional structure of RLM. This concept,<br />

however, is not cast in stone; a deeper planning analysis will be undertaken in the subsequent “Regional Structure Plan” to refine<br />

the concept before the Integrated Master Plan is finalised.<br />

15 NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong>


The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> is becoming the<br />

conference destination of choice<br />

Research and training in tourism give the province a competitive edge.<br />

It used to be Sandton and Cape Town. Now it’s Sun<br />

City and Cape Town. The venues for the prestigious<br />

Investment Forum, that is. Held twice a year, the<br />

Investment Forum brings together South Africa’s<br />

top investment officers and portfolio managers.<br />

Securing this conference is feather in the cap of Sun<br />

City, and the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>.<br />

Even when a conference was held in Cape Town,<br />

as the Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics<br />

was in December 2017, the committee organising<br />

the conference was led by a <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>er, Professor<br />

Markus Bottcher!<br />

Another big event for the events industry in the<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> province was the announcement that<br />

the SAFTAS, the South African Film and Television<br />

Awards, would also be held for the first time at Sun<br />

City in 2017.<br />

Sun International’s recent investment in its conference<br />

facilities at Sun City involved upgrades,<br />

expansion and investment in more environmentally<br />

friendly technologies. Venues available for hire range<br />

from a 12-seater Council Room to the Superbowl<br />

which can accommodate 6 000, and just about<br />

everything in between.<br />

No fewer than five types of accommodation support<br />

the conference and events side of things at Sun<br />

City. There are two five-star hotels (The Palace of the<br />

Lost City and the Cascades hotel), the four-star Soho<br />

hotel and Casino, the Cabanas hotel (three-star) and<br />

the Sun Vacation Club, a self-catering option.<br />

The Sun City resort adjacent to the Pilanesberg<br />

National Park and Game Reserve is the province’s<br />

biggest and best-known conference venue but<br />

Tourism <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>, the province’s tourism agency,<br />

lists on its website a range of venues from small<br />

guesthouses with conference facilities in towns such<br />

as Rustenburg and Brits to lodges on the banks of<br />

the Hartbeespoort Dam.<br />

In the provincial capital, Mahikeng, there are several<br />

options: among them are the Mmbatho Palms<br />

Hotel Casino Convention Resort, which is part of<br />

the Peermont group, which has hotels and casinos<br />

in six of South Africa’s provinces. The Mmabatho<br />

Palms offers eight gaming tables and slot machines.<br />

Gaming is controlled in South Africa and licences are<br />

restricted to certain operators.<br />

The Gambling Board falls under the provincial<br />

Department of Economy and Enterprise<br />

Development and it has approved 262 Limited Payout<br />

Machines and six new bingo operations.<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>’s other casinos are at Sun City and the<br />

Morula Casino and Hotel at Mabopane (both run by<br />

Sun International) and Klerksdorp (Rio Hotel Casino<br />

and Convention Resort), another Peermont property.<br />

NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong><br />



Mahikeng also hosts the Protea Hotel and the<br />

Mmbatho Convention Centre (the main auditorium<br />

of which can seat 3 000 people). The Hotel School<br />

can accommodate up to 200 people. Most of the<br />

luxury lodges in the province can accommodate<br />

conferences, albeit on a smaller scale.<br />

Tourism training and research<br />

The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Parks and Tourism Board is unique in<br />

South Africa in that it is the only provincial government<br />

entity that runs a hotel school. The Institute<br />

of Hotel and Tourism Management (IHTM) has two<br />

campuses, one in Mahikeng and one at Ga-Runkuwa<br />

outside Pretoria.<br />

The courses offered are approved by the Council<br />

for Higher Education and accredited with the<br />

relevant sector authority, THETA.<br />

Another institution that gives the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

province additional weight when it comes to the<br />

tourism sector is the Faculty of Economic and<br />

Management Sciences at the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> University,<br />

where Tourism Management is a popular course<br />

and the professors and researchers are at the top of<br />

their profession.<br />

Three courses are on offer for prospective<br />

students:<br />

• BComm Tourism Management<br />

• BCom Tourism and Recreation Science<br />

• BA Tourism Management (Mahikeng).<br />

Prof Melville Saayman is often quoted in the national<br />

media when tourism issues are discussed, the result<br />

of a number of research papers and documents<br />

produced by units within the university department.<br />

The establishment of a specialised research unit<br />

on tourism came about in the 1980s. Several name<br />

changes later, and with the support of the National<br />

Research Foundation (NRF), TREES (Tourism Research<br />

in Economics, Environs and Society) came into<br />

existence as a research unit in 2015.<br />

Apart from published research, which makes decision-making<br />

for business and government a good<br />

deal better, the unit supports post-graduate studies<br />

in the field of tourism. TREES aims to extend its links<br />

to the international tourism research community.<br />

Strategies<br />

Three tourism strategies (Culture and Heritage;<br />

Events and an over-arching regional strategy) inform<br />

what the Premier of <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> has called the Arts,<br />

17 NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong>


Culture and Tourism (ACT) developmental agenda<br />

for the province. In keeping with an emphasis on<br />

developing the economies of small towns and rural<br />

areas, a Rural and Social Tourism strategy is to be<br />

charted.<br />

The Department of Tourism in the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

has hosted a public meeting in the Bojanala District<br />

where discussions were held about the way forward<br />

for tourism in the province. There is a strong belief<br />

that the industry can become a major creator of<br />

jobs and wealth within communities, if the correct<br />

strategies and products are developed.<br />

Among other provincial plans is a publication<br />


South Africa’s oldest casino, under a new and customer-centric<br />

management, is turning 40! Mmabatho Palms Hotel Casino<br />

Convention Resort is also <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>’s favourite oasis with<br />

something to cater to all your needs. Situated in the historic<br />

town of Mafikeng, the capital city of the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Province,<br />

the resort is perfect for business, weekend getaways and entertainment.<br />

The Casino Resort has invested a total of R8-million<br />

in refurbishments. These will ensure that Mmabatho Palms<br />

continues to live up to its “Oasis Style Promise”.<br />

The renovations include a revitalisation of the Leopard Conference<br />

Room, the Smoking Gaming Floor and the inclusion of the Moo<br />

Bar which is renowned for its cocktails, light snacks and sports<br />

screenings. These new additions will only enhance the existing<br />

150-key Walmount hotel, Motswedi Restaurant, two swimming<br />

pools, kiddies area and the exquisite Palms Retreat Wellness Spa.<br />

Celebrate with Mmabatho Palms by visiting them for any of their<br />

offers that tickle your fancy, be it their fun interactive promotions,<br />

indoor and outdoor boma events, live entertainment at<br />

Motswedi Restaurant, the new Moo Bar, conferencing, scrumptious<br />

buffet specials and much more Oasis-like entertainment<br />

just for you. See you soon!<br />

to be produced by the Department of Tourism to<br />

market the province, particularly to attract potential<br />

tourists in SADC countries, in other parts of Africa and<br />

in BRICS countries like China, India, Russia and Brazil.<br />

Related to the SADC theme is a scheme to develop<br />

trans-national routes that would include sites such<br />

as Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Direct flights are<br />

being contemplated to BRICS countries.<br />

The Mahika-Mahikeng Cultural Festival is expected<br />

to grow in significance to the regional<br />

economy as it expands, having been started in<br />

2015.<br />

Arts and culture development centres<br />

(Mmabana Centres) are found in<br />

three of the province’s districts.<br />

Twelve public museums have<br />

been identified together with<br />

400 heritage sites as part of a<br />

census on the province’s cultural<br />

assets. The long and interesting<br />

history of the Batswana people<br />

provides rich scope for commemorations,<br />

memorials, song<br />

and dance.<br />

Cultural villages in the <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong> include:<br />

• Lesedi Cultural Village<br />

• Mphebatho Cultural<br />

Museum (Bakgatla-Ba-Kgafela)<br />

• The Lost City of Mogale<br />

• Buya Zulu Cultural Kraal<br />

• Mapoch Ndebele Village<br />

• Gaabo Motho Cultural<br />

Village<br />

• Kortkloof Cultural Village<br />

(Tswana, Groot Marico)<br />

Anthropology comes to the fore<br />

at Taung, site of the first discovered<br />

fossil of Australopithecus<br />

africanus. The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

Development Corporation has<br />

an investment plan linked to this<br />

famous site, involving a museum,<br />

hotel and spa resort.<br />

The Treasure Route runs along<br />

the N12 highway and includes<br />

wildlife, cultural, scenic, industrial<br />

NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong><br />


Sun City –<br />

Conference<br />

with a Difference<br />


Sun City boasts a unique and holistic offering not found anywhere<br />

else in South Africa. An iconic resort, it has so much to<br />

offer as a leisure, outdoor sports and conferencing destination.<br />

Sun City combines excellent accommodation, conferencing<br />

facilities, restaurants and leisure activities in an idyllic setting.<br />

It is where water sports and outdoor activities, wildlife, nightlife, golf,<br />

adventure, spas, vibrant casinos, four hotels, a vacation club and stateof-the-art<br />

conferencing combine in one exquisite location.<br />

The resort has prudently crafted its facilities and services to meet today’s<br />

business and leisure travellers. Taking its conferencing and conventions<br />

offering to the next level is the focus on providing consolidated<br />

conference experiences. Companies not only have access to a range of<br />

well-equipped meeting rooms and conference venues, but they can<br />

also build in morale building and leisure activities into their bespoke<br />

conference packages.<br />

There are various accommodation<br />

options: the three-star Cabanas<br />

hotel, four-star Soho hotel, five-star<br />

Cascades hotel and The Palace –<br />

the epitome of luxury. If you want<br />

a no-fuss Sun City holiday with the<br />

convenience of self-catering facilities,<br />

then you should consider joining<br />

Sun Vacation Club or explore<br />

our Bush Bungalows – an ideal<br />

setting for nature lovers, boasting<br />

14 chalets with an eclectic-style<br />

African experience, synonymous<br />

with a truly unique Sun City offering.<br />

From a food and beverage<br />

perspective, various spaces have<br />

been transformed to make way<br />

for more exciting options and<br />

visitors have over 30 restaurants<br />

to explore.<br />

19 NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong>


and environmental tourist attractions. The treasure<br />

relates to the gold mines scattered along the route.<br />

The Vredefort Dome site (90km across) is<br />

not only a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its<br />

significance as the landing site of a meteorite<br />

many millions of years ago, but it is also one of<br />

the province’s best adventure tourism sites with<br />

numerous tour operators and<br />

accommodation<br />

facilities.<br />

Adventure sports is a growing section of<br />

the tourism sector. Hot-air ballooning over the<br />

Pilanesberg mountains is a popular pursuit, as is<br />

quad-biking among the foothills. Canopy tours<br />

in the Magaliesberg are on offer, with many opportunities<br />

for water sports of every kind on the<br />

province’s many water bodies. Hartbeespoort<br />

Dam is the biggest of these, but there are ample<br />

opportunities for water lovers at Bloemhof Dam,<br />

Boskop Dam (north of Potchefstroom) and Vaalkop<br />

Dam (north of Brits). Each of these dams has great<br />

birdlife, with up to 250 species living at or visiting<br />

the dams.<br />

Nature and game reserves<br />

The strategy of the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Parks and Tourism<br />

Board (NWPTB) includes ramping up investment<br />

in the province’s 12 smaller parks with a view to<br />

creating jobs in the second economy. This presents<br />

an opportunity for private investors to become<br />

involved. An investment of R43-million has been<br />

made in the Manyane Game Lodge in Mahikeng<br />

in partnership with the National Department of<br />

Tourism.<br />

Another project is an ambitious plan to create<br />

a mega-park in the north-western sector of the<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>, the Heritage Park. The idea is to link<br />

the existing parks of Madikwe (on the Botswana<br />

border) and the Pilanesberg National Park (a provincial<br />

park). Nearly 20 000ha of land is being<br />

prepared for incorporation, which is intended<br />

in a later phase to become a transnational park.<br />

With much of the targeted land being currently<br />

used for marginal cattle farming, it is expected<br />

that the transference of this to the potentially<br />

LIVE IT UP<br />

Break away to Mmabatho Palms Hotel Casino Convention<br />

Resort in the historic town of Mafikeng. This beautiful<br />

retreat has something for everyone, with a four star 150-key<br />

Walmont hotel, an exciting casino, the Motswedi Terrace<br />

Restaurant, two swimming pools and loads of fun activities<br />

for children.<br />

The exquisite Palms Retreat Wellness Spa offers a variety<br />

of luxurious beauty treatments in peaceful and relaxing<br />

surroundings and the 18-hole championship Leopard<br />

NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong><br />

STYLE<br />

Park Golf Club is easily accessible from the resort. Outdoor<br />

sporting and entertainment events are a regular feature<br />

of the full sized soccer field and the convention centre can<br />

accommodate up to 300 delegates in a variety of rooms as<br />

well as the outdoor boma.<br />

Live it up, Oasis Style at Mmabatho Palms.<br />

To book your stay, call PEERMONT CENTRAL RESERVATIONS on<br />

0860 777 900 (SA only) or +27 (0)11 938 1928<br />

or book online at www.mmabathopalms.co.za<br />

20<br />




more lucrative game-reserve option will bring<br />

considerable benefits.<br />

Pilanesberg National Park is in a giant extinct volcano<br />

complex, said to be the most perfect example of an<br />

alkaline ring complex.<br />

There are several Stone and Iron Age sites in the park.<br />

Because the park is situated in a transition zone between<br />

the semi-desert Kalahari and wetter Lowveld<br />

(or Bushveld) vegetation regions, many types of flora<br />

and fauna occur. As the fourth-largest park in South<br />

Africa, Pilansberg covers an area of 55 000 hectares.<br />

Madikwe Game Reserve is even bigger, covering<br />

75 000 hectares in the area north of Zeerust. In the<br />

Marico River Valley and near the Botswana border,<br />

the reserve is home to the Big Five. Experienced<br />

tour guides say that Madikwe is an excellent place<br />

to see white rhinos.<br />

There are 18 luxury game lodges in Madikwe.<br />

Royal Madikwe Luxury Safari Residence is a regular<br />

winner at the World Luxury Hotel Awards.<br />

21 NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong>


South African economy at a glance<br />

Insight into the performance of the South African economy is provided through these<br />

graphical Insight into representations the performance of key of the statistics. South African economy is provided through these<br />

graphical representations of key statistics.<br />







Limpopo<br />

Limpopo<br />

0.9% 0.9% (7.1%)<br />

(7.1%)<br />


<strong>North</strong> <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong><br />

-3.6% (6.5%)<br />

Gauteng<br />

Mpumalanga<br />

2.1%<br />

2.7%<br />

(34.3%)<br />

(7.5%)<br />

SWAZI-<br />

LAND<br />

<strong>North</strong>ern Cape<br />

2.8% (2.1%)<br />

Free State<br />

1.8%<br />

(5%)<br />


KwaZulu-<br />

Natal<br />

2.3%<br />

(16.1%)<br />

<strong>West</strong>ern Cape<br />

Cape<br />

2.0% 2.0% (13.6%)<br />

Eastern Cape<br />

1.0% (7.6%)<br />

SA SA GDP: GDP: Percentage of of growth per per province (2014) and percentage<br />

contribution to to national GDP GDP (figures in in brackets).<br />




Phumulo<br />

Eastern Eastern Cape Cape Bhisho Bhisho<br />

6916 916200 168 966km Masualle Masualle<br />

R289.9<br />

Elias Elias Sekgobelo Sekgobelo<br />

Free Free State State Bloemfontein<br />

Bloemfontein<br />

2817 817900 129 129 825km "Ace" "Ace" Magashule Magashule<br />

R189.1<br />

Gauteng<br />

Gauteng Johannesburg<br />

Johannesburg David<br />

David Makhura<br />

Makhura 13<br />

13 200<br />

200 300<br />

300 18<br />

18 178km<br />

178km 2 R1<br />

R1 305.6<br />

305.6<br />

KwaZulu-<br />

KwaZulu-<br />

Pietermaritzburg<br />

Pietermaritzburg<br />

Willies<br />

Willies<br />

Mchunu<br />

Mchunu<br />

10<br />

10<br />

919<br />

919<br />

100<br />

100<br />

94<br />

94<br />

361km<br />

361km Natal<br />

Natal<br />

2 R610.1<br />

R610.1<br />

Stanley<br />

Limpopo<br />

Polokwane<br />

Stanley<br />

5 726 800 125 754km Limpopo Polokwane Mathabatha<br />

726 800 125 754km<br />

Mathabatha<br />

R271.5<br />

R271.5<br />

Mpumalanga Mbombela David Mabuza 4 283 900 76 495km Mpumalanga Mbombela David Mabuza 283 900 76 495km 2 R284.2<br />

R284.2<br />

Supra<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

Mahikeng<br />

Supra<br />

3 707 000 104 882km <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Mahikeng Mahumapelo 3 707 000 104 882km<br />

Mahumapelo<br />

R249.5<br />

R249.5<br />

<strong>North</strong>ern Cape <strong>North</strong>ern Cape<br />

Kimberley Kimberley<br />

Sylvia Lucas Sylvia Lucas<br />

1 185 600 1 185 600<br />

372 889km 372 889km 2 R79.9<br />

R79.9<br />

<strong>West</strong>ern Cape <strong>West</strong>ern Cape<br />

Cape Town Cape Town<br />

Helen Zille Helen Zille<br />

6 200 100 6 200 100<br />

129 462km 129 462km ² R518.1<br />

R518.1<br />

Snapshot of South Africa’s provinces<br />

Snapshot of South Africa’s provinces<br />




NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong><br />

24<br />



How South Africa’s economy performed in 2015. *<br />



Agriculture 2.5 2.8 0.4 2.1 3.8 4.3 6.0 7.5 3.5<br />

Mining 29.4 24.9 3.3 33.6 1.9 13.3 26.7 0.2 0.3<br />

Manufacturing 2.5 11.5 13.5 4.4 15.8 8.5 2.1 12.2 11.8<br />

Electricity 2.8 5.4 2.4 1.4 2.5 3.1 3.0 1.4 2.0<br />

Construction 2.5 3.3 4.3 2.6 3.0 2.0 1.6 2.1 4.3<br />

Wholesale 10.8 10.3 14.2 9.3 15.5 12.3 9.9 14.7 17.0<br />

Transport 5.4 5.8 8.3 6.1 11.9 7.1 7.8 7.9 9.1<br />

Finances 14.0 10.9 22.8 11.1 16.5 14.2 11.6 18.6 26.6<br />

Personal<br />

Services<br />

Government<br />

Services<br />

3.8 4.3 3.6 7.0 5.8 10.2 8.1 9.1 5.1<br />

16.0 10.5 17.0 12.1 13.3 14.7 12.8 22.0 10.2<br />

Taxes 10.3 10.3 10.1 10.3 10.0 10.3 10.2 10.2 10.0<br />

Gross Domestic Product by province, percentage contribution.<br />


23 NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong>




Old Mutual South Africa (OMSA) is a significant participant in the South African economy and committed to enabling<br />

positive futures for all our stakeholders, especially our customers. We offer a range of financial services that span<br />

investment, life assurance, asset management, banking, healthcare and general insurance.<br />

To ensure that we have our fingers on the pulse of each of our nine provinces, Old Mutual has established leadership<br />

boards in each province to serve as links between the province and the business. These Provincial Management<br />

Boards, or PMBs, are your primary point of contact with us. Together we can ensure that Old Mutual makes a<br />

positive impact on the future of this province and its people.<br />


<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Provincial Management Board, Chairperson<br />

”Our success will be determined by how close we remain to our key stakeholders<br />

and our continued commitment to helping them to deliver on their objectives.“<br />

As PMB Chairperson, I undertake to:<br />

• Instill a culture of collaboration across all BUs, and ensure we strengthen relationships in strategic<br />

government departments, municipalities and in the communities that we serve.<br />

• Drive our retailisation strategy in all the identified corporate schemes in our province to improve<br />

retention and penetration through individual product offering.<br />

• Encourage staff volunteerism by recognising all staff members who participate in staff volunteerism,<br />

and ensure that the leaders of all BUs participate in Payroll Giving so that they can influence their staff.<br />

GET IN TOUCH: email <strong>North</strong><strong>West</strong>PMB@oldmutual.com<br />


Old Mutual is a Licensed Financial Services Provider



As custodians of the savings and<br />

investments of millions of South<br />

Africans, we know that ADVICE<br />

MATTERS when making financial<br />

decisions.<br />

How to choose the right financial adviser<br />

A good financial adviser is a professional who<br />

considers all your financial needs and goals, and has<br />

the knowledge, experience and support to give you<br />

Advice That Matters.<br />

1. Ask to see the adviser’s training credentials and FAIS<br />

accreditation.<br />

2. Choose a financial adviser who represents a<br />

respected financial institution.<br />

3. Look for a financial adviser who has access to a<br />

range of specialist support services.<br />



Old Mutual Corporate provides<br />

industry-leading retirement fund<br />

solutions, pre and post retirement<br />

investments, group death, disability,<br />

critical illness and funeral cover<br />

as well as financial education and<br />

consulting services to a broad range<br />

of public and private businesses and<br />

institutions, from small businesses to<br />

large corporates.<br />

This can also be accessed via<br />

Old Mutual SuperFund, which provides a comprehensive<br />

employee benefit solution that is flexible enough to meet<br />

the needs of all types of businesses and their employees.<br />



The Old Mutual Mass Foundation Cluster (MFC) has an<br />

integrated approach to financial services and offers<br />

customers solutions to meet their needs. This spans a<br />

transactional account called the Old Mutual Money<br />

Account, savings products, life and disability cover, as<br />

well as funeral cover, debt management solutions and<br />

short-term insurance. Our aim is to<br />

help our customers manage their<br />

finances and to plan and provide<br />

a better future for themselves and<br />

their loved ones.<br />


Old Mutual iWYZE offers affordable and reliable<br />

insurance cover to protect everything you’ve worked<br />

for. The wide range includes car insurance, home<br />

insurance as well as value-added products<br />

such as iWYZE Scratch<br />

& Dent and iWYZE<br />

Tyre & Rim Cover.<br />

iWYZE, the wise<br />

insurance choice.<br />


With Old Mutual’s range of<br />

Funeral Plans (Care, Standard and<br />

Comprehensive+) customers can cover<br />

themselves, their spouse/partner,<br />

children, parents, parents-in-law and<br />

extended family members. We also<br />

have a plan for single parents to<br />

cover themselves and their dependent<br />

children without having to pay for a spouse they do not<br />

have.<br />

You can choose the amount of cover you need, who<br />

you’d like to cover and whether you’d like to add<br />

additional benefits. You can get funeral cover for up to<br />

R70 000.<br />



To make it easy for customers to<br />

save from as little as R170 a month,<br />

Old Mutual offers the innovative<br />


This product with its two pockets,<br />

allows customers to save for their long-term goals,<br />

like their children’s tertiary education, while they have<br />

access to their funds in emergencies.



Old Mutual Personal Finance specialises in providing<br />

holistic financial planning - Advice That Matters. We<br />

offer a wide range of wealth creation and protection<br />

products. For example:<br />

The Old Mutual Invest Tax-Free Savings Plan, which<br />

offers a low, entry level premium and refunds you 50%<br />

of admin charges when you reach your maximum<br />

premium limit in a year.<br />


Old Mutual Personal Finance marketleading<br />

risk protection range offers<br />

the most comprehensive illness range<br />

with clear claim definitions, including<br />




Old Mutual Insure are experts in<br />

agriculture, engineering and marine<br />

insurance. We offer a range of insurance solutions to<br />

protect your business against everything from fire and<br />

theft to business interruption and legal liability costs.<br />



Through Old Mutual Finance you can gain access to:<br />

• My Money Plan, which enables<br />

you to consolidate your debt, and<br />

choose from a range of personal<br />

loans at a fixed interest rate.<br />

• Money Account, which links a transactional (SWIPE)<br />

account and an investment (SAVE) account so you<br />

automatically invest a set amount into a unit trust<br />

every time you make a purchase with your card.<br />

*(In association with Bidvest Bank Ltd)<br />


Old Mutual Wealth is a fully integrated, adviceled<br />

wealth management business. We have a<br />

personalised and integrated approach to grow and<br />

preserve your wealth over time. Our<br />

specialist capabilities include Private<br />

Client Securities, Old Mutual Multi-<br />

Managers, Fiduciary Services and<br />

Offshore Investing.<br />

We partner with leading financial planners to provide<br />

you with a tailored lifetime wealth plan to help you<br />

achieve the best outcome in line with your objectives,<br />

goals and aspirations.<br />



Old Mutual is deeply committed to playing a significant<br />

role in building a strong and financially<br />

inclusive South Africa.<br />

As a responsible business committed<br />

to caring for our communities, the<br />

Old Mutual Foundation addresses socio-economic<br />

challenges through investing in:<br />

• Small business development and entrepreneurship<br />

• Youth unemployment through skills training<br />

• Strategic education initiatives<br />

• Caring for vulnerable communities<br />

In 2016 alone the Old Mutual Foundation invested<br />

R25 686 172 in various community projects across our<br />

nation (actual grant funding payments made during<br />

2016).<br />

In the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Province the Old Mutual<br />

Foundation invested a total of R870 400 across<br />

its various community empowering portfolios in the<br />

region.<br />

Our staff are the hearts and hands of Old Mutual<br />

in the communities we operate in, and we support<br />

our staff volunteers through various programmes.<br />

In the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> province, 49 organisations have<br />

received a total R620 400 as a result of staff<br />

volunteering efforts.<br />


ombds 8.2017 L10479.7<br />

Old Mutual is a Licensed Financial Services Provider



Old Mutual understands the important contribution of our staff volunteers. In 2016, the<br />

Klerksdorp Old Mutual branch was recognised for its community engagement and willingness<br />

to go the extra mile. The branch staff chose Kediemetse Primary School, Klerksdorp, as<br />

their ongoing Care & Share Community project and provide regular assistance with the<br />

school’s vegetable garden. Not only does Potchefstroom branch manager, Moses Matlawe,<br />

encourage and motivate his staff to do community projects, but he also finds time in his<br />

busy schedule to volunteer at the Tshwaraganang Day Care Centre, which is why he was<br />

honoured with the 2016 Best Manager supporting Staff Volunteerism Award.<br />

The MASISIZANE FUND focuses on enterprise<br />

development and job creation to help alleviate poverty<br />

and improve food security in South Africa. This is<br />

achieved through encouraging entrepreneurship and<br />

capacity development and financing of micro, small<br />

and medium enterprises (SMMEs). Preference is given<br />

to SMMEs with 51% plus ownership by women, youth<br />

or people with disabilities.<br />

Masisizane Fund disbursed R147m worth of funds<br />

in 2016 through soft loans in the three high-impact<br />

sectors and facilitated the creation of 862 jobs against<br />

a target of 625 jobs.<br />




Pick n Pay Spaza Township Economy<br />

Revitalisation Programme<br />

The programme was initiated by the Gauteng<br />

Department of Economic Development (GDED)<br />

following a township revitalisation roadshow that<br />

included a visit by the provincial government and its<br />

partners to 65 townships across Gauteng in 2014.<br />

The five new stores co-funded by Masisizane Fund<br />

(R6 118 733), Old Mutual Foundation (R2 000 000),<br />

and others are expected to create or retain a total of<br />

75 jobs. Once phase one is fully implemented and<br />

proof of concept has been achieved, Pick n Pay is<br />

planning a national rollout. The next phase will target<br />

additional stores in Gauteng and <strong>West</strong>ern Cape.<br />

Masisizane Fund intends to further participate in the<br />

rollout, attracting other partners.<br />

Masisizane Fund Loan R6.1m<br />

Old Mutual Foundation Grant R2.0m<br />

Number of jobs<br />

66 jobs facilitated<br />

Geographic location<br />

Township<br />

Sector<br />

Franchise<br />



Financial education is the gateway to financial<br />

inclusion. The Old Mutual Financial Wellbeing<br />

programmes promote financial literacy and awareness<br />

across market segments in line with the Financial Sector<br />

Charter. We offer highly effective financial education<br />

and support programmes to help South Africans take<br />

control of their finances.<br />

Between 2007 and end of 2016 more than 589 808<br />

people were reached through face-to-face workshops<br />

held for communities as well as employees in the public<br />

and private sector.<br />

In 2016 more than 88 000 individuals participated in<br />

our On the Money workshops nationally, with 24 674<br />

participating in our Fin360 programmes.<br />

In the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Province 3 846 individuals were<br />

trained in our Old Mutual On the Money financial<br />

education programmes.<br />

For more information, contact Robertson<br />

Themba at <strong>North</strong><strong>West</strong>PMB@oldmutual.com


Overviews of the main economic<br />

sectors of the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

Mining 28<br />

Agricuture 34<br />

Energy 36<br />

Water 38<br />

Manufacturing 39<br />

Education and training 40<br />

Banking and financial services 42<br />

Development finance and<br />

SMME support 44


Mining<br />

Platinum assets are changing hands.<br />

There are nearly 300 active mines in the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> and the<br />

sector makes a big contribution to provincial GDP. However,<br />

that percentage is now below 30% and there are concerns<br />

about the global prices of minerals, especially platinum.<br />

About 18% of total employment in the province is in mining, with<br />

many support industries relying on the primary sector.<br />

Restructuring of operations has been under way for some time<br />

as mining companies adapt to the “new normal” in respect of prices.<br />

A number of sales have also taken place as mining houses adjust<br />

to new conditions. Rustenburg Platinum Mines Limited (including<br />

three mine shafts, two concentrating plants and on-site chrome recovery<br />

plant) has been sold by Anglo American. This is part of the<br />

diversified miner’s strategy to divest itself of many of its assets. The<br />

buying company, recently rebranded Sibanye-Stillwater, has been on a<br />

strong acquisitions drive since it was founded. Originally called Sibanye<br />

Gold, the company was renamed after the purchase of a US palladium<br />

producer, the largest in the world.<br />

Impala Platinum, the second biggest platinum company in South<br />

Africa, is selling its 65% share in Impala Chrome, an extraction business<br />

which is located in Rustenburg. The Implats mining complex comprises<br />

13 shafts and concentrating and smelting plants. The base and precious<br />

metal refineries are in Springs, east of Johannesburg.<br />

Tolling throughput at Impala Refinery Services (IRS) showed a 35%<br />

increase in the 12 months to June 2017. IRS smelts and refines the<br />

concentrate and matte produced by the group’s other operations and<br />

third parties. The business also recycles auto catalysts.<br />

The Evraz Group has sold its 78.8% in Brits-based Vametco, a mine<br />

and plant that produces vanadium. Bushveld Minerals, which is listed<br />

on the Alternative Investment Market in London, is the buyer.<br />

Manngwe Mining has developed a new iron-ore mine near Brits.<br />

The Assen mine, which has a measured resource of about 20-million<br />

tons, will sell its product to ArcelorMittal South Africa. Anglo American<br />

Sefa Mining Fund supported Manngwe Mining’s exploration phase. The<br />

black-owned company wants to purchase iron-ore assets in neighbouring<br />

Limpopo.<br />

Assets<br />

The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Province is aligned with the <strong>West</strong>ern Limb of the<br />

Bushveld Igneous Complex, a remarkably rich minerals formation.<br />


Impala Refinery Services<br />

increased tolling<br />

throughput by 35%.<br />

Mines in the province produce<br />

50% of the platinum produced<br />

in the world, and 65% of South<br />

Africa’s platinum group metals.<br />

Chromite is the other major<br />

mineral mined throughout the<br />

province, and there are several<br />

ferrochrome smelters and other<br />

processing plants. The province’s<br />

20 mines are on a reef running<br />

from Brits to Rustenburg. South<br />

Africa produces about 70% of the<br />

world’s chrome.<br />

Gold and uranium are found<br />

along the border of the province<br />

with Gauteng and the Free<br />

State (in Klerksdorp and Orkney).<br />

Diamonds are mined at Christiana,<br />

Bloemhof and Lichtenburg.<br />

Other minerals found in the<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> include fluorspar,<br />

vanadium, rhodium, uranium,<br />

copper, limestone, slate, phosphate,<br />

manganese, coal and<br />

nickel. Limestone quarries run by<br />

G&W Base and Industrial Minerals<br />

in the Marico District are located<br />

next to a PPC cement factory.<br />

One of the last economically<br />

viable limestone deposits in South<br />

Africa is mined and processed by<br />

Sephaku Cement. Sephaku runs a<br />

6 000-ton-per-day clinker facility<br />

located near Lichtenburg.<br />

NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong><br />



AfriSam, PPC and Lafarge are active<br />

in the Mahikeng/Lichtenburg<br />

area, but Sephaku is confident that<br />

its clinker and cement-production<br />

facilities will be supported by raw<br />

materials for at least 30 years.<br />

Granite and slate are found in<br />

good quantities in the province,<br />

as is dimension stone. There are<br />

more than 20 quarry operations<br />

in the province, with Rustenburg<br />

being the centre of granite<br />

mining.<br />

SEZ and SPI<br />

The Platinum Valley Special<br />

Economic Zone (SEZ) is to be<br />

established at Mogwase in<br />

the Bojanala District, north of<br />

Rustenburg and east of Sun City.<br />

When fully developed, 200ha of<br />

land will be given over to three<br />

infrastructure facilities comprising<br />

Logistics, Light Manufacturing<br />

and Heavy Manufacturing. Areas<br />

of investment that are expected<br />

to grow fastest include fuel cell<br />

technology (in which platinum is<br />

a vital component), machinery for<br />

mining, energy generation and<br />

renewable energy component<br />

manufacturing.<br />

A range of incentives will be<br />

available to potential investors<br />

via the National Department of<br />

Trade and Industry (dti). By way<br />

of example, the 121 Tax Allowance<br />

Incentive offers capital investment<br />

allowances and training support<br />

up to R900-million for new or existing<br />

industrial projects. There are<br />

several other incentives specific to<br />

investors in an SEZ.<br />

The Seda Platinum Incubator<br />

(SPI) is an initiative of the Platinum<br />

Trust of South Africa and is funded by the Small Enterprise Development<br />

Agency (Seda) through its Seda Technology Programme (Stp) with<br />

the support of the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Provincial Government and private<br />

companies.<br />

Located in Rustenburg, the SPI trains people through the making of<br />

jewellery, chiefly the design and manufacture of platinum group metal<br />

(PGM) jewellery. Small PGM jewellery-manufacturing enterprises and<br />

individuals are located at the centre or supported by email correspondence.<br />

A three-year period of incubation is offered to small businesses.<br />


Chamber of Mines of South Africa: www.chamberofmines.org.za<br />

Geological Society of South Africa: www.gssa.org.za<br />

Industrial Development Corporation: www.idc.co.za<br />

Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA): www.mqa.org.za<br />

National Department of Mineral Resources: www.dmr.gov.za<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Development Corporation: www.nwdc.co.za<br />

South African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy:<br />

www.saimm.co.za<br />

31 NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong>


Delivering opportunities<br />

in local communities<br />

Initiatives are making a tangible difference.<br />

Implats believes that the sustainability of its mining activities depends<br />

on its ability to contribute to the wellbeing and prosperity of its host<br />

communities. Unemployment in South Africa, particularly amongst<br />

the youth, is one of the highest in the world and the country is faced<br />

with the challenge of limited and poor participation of young people<br />

in the economy. Young people are not acquiring the skills and work<br />

experience they need to assist in driving the economy forward, while it<br />

is also difficult for young South Africans to secure business opportunities<br />

to develop their own businesses without the necessary support<br />

from companies.<br />

Implats’ enterprise and supplier development activities focus primarily<br />

on supporting local and black businesses and are designed to ensure<br />

compliance with regulatory expectations, contribute to socio-economic<br />

development in neighbouring communities and build a more robust<br />

and competitive supply chain for the Group.<br />

Supporting local and black-owned businesses through preferential<br />

procurement is an important part of promoting transformation and<br />

Implats undertakes the following activities to develop entrepreneurial<br />

skills:<br />

• Seeking, identifying, supporting and promoting historically disadvantaged<br />

suppliers through sustainable procurement practices.<br />

• Leveraging the existing supplier base to unlock local employment<br />

opportunities, mentorship and investment in the value chain.<br />

• Nurturing an environment for partnerships and joint ventures<br />

between the existing supplier base and local entrepreneurs.<br />

• Striving to improve year-on-year BEE spend performance relative to<br />

the requirements of the Mining Charter, and reporting in parallel on<br />

B-BBEE performance as per the department of Trade and Industry’s<br />

Codes of Good Practice.<br />

Some key initiatives at Implats include:<br />

• A Supplier Development Programme that seeks to enhance the<br />

competitiveness of local small, medium and micro enterprises and<br />

black-owned businesses.<br />

• A <strong>Business</strong> Advisory and Development Service that helps local<br />

black entrepreneurs to grow and become part of the supply chain.<br />

• Supporting local and black-owned businesses through preferential<br />

procurement.<br />

• Leveraging the existing supplier<br />

base to unlock local<br />

employment opportunities,<br />

mentorship and investment.<br />

• Nurturing an environment<br />

for partnerships and joint<br />

ventures between the existing<br />

supplier base and local<br />

entrepreneurs.<br />

• Enhancing procurement<br />

opportunities, specifically<br />

in neighbouring communities,<br />

is important in creating<br />

sustainable communities.<br />

Our preferential procurement<br />

practices and enterprise and supplier<br />

development activities make<br />

a tangible difference to the lives<br />

and families of emerging black<br />

entrepreneurs, and stimulate economic<br />

development in our host<br />

communities. To this end we spent<br />

R2.6-billion on procurement from<br />

local businesses (all >25% BEE),<br />

within the Bojanala district for<br />

Impala Rustenburg operations and<br />

the Greater Sekhukhune district at<br />

Marula (2016: R2.5-billion or 31%).<br />

Further, our investment in<br />

the accommodation and living<br />

conditions of employees is one<br />

pillar of Implats’ contribution to<br />

the wellbeing of its host communities.<br />

Our social investment<br />

strategy complements this by providing<br />

schools, clinics and other<br />

amenities.<br />

NORTH NORTH WEST WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />

32 22


By By Empowering our our People. People.<br />

People People are the are foundation the foundation on which on which exceptional exceptional<br />

performance performance is built is built and and Implats Implats are committed are committed<br />

to developing to developing and and empowering empowering these these people. people.<br />

Investment<br />

Investment<br />

and<br />

and<br />

development<br />

development<br />

of clinics<br />

of clinics<br />

Promote Promote<br />

access access to to<br />

affordable affordable and and<br />

effective effective<br />

healthcare healthcare<br />



HROUGH H<br />

HIV/Aids HIV/Aids<br />

counselling, counselling, testing testing<br />

and and wellness wellness<br />

programme programme<br />

HROUGH H<br />

BEING<br />

BEING<br />



94% 94%<br />

adult adult literacy literacy<br />

supported supported<br />

by ABET by ABET<br />

programmes programmes<br />

Apprenticeships Apprenticeships<br />

and learnership and learnership<br />

programmes programmes & &<br />

investment investment the in the<br />

development development of of<br />

schools schools<br />

R6.7 R6.7<br />

billion billion<br />

discretionary discretionary<br />

procurement procurement spend spend<br />

in 2017in 2017<br />

R2.6 R2.6<br />

billion billion<br />

spent at spent local at BEE local BEE<br />

compliant compliant suppliers suppliers<br />

in 2017 in 2017<br />

Recognised Recognised<br />

leaders leaders in the in the<br />

mining mining industry industry in<br />

improving improving living living<br />

conditions conditions<br />

Local Local SMMEs SMMEs<br />

and black-owned<br />

and black-owned<br />

businesses businesses supported supported<br />

by development by development<br />

and advisory and advisory<br />

programmes programmes<br />

Joint Joint ventures ventures<br />

with with local local<br />

entrepreneurs entrepreneurs<br />





We are We are committed committed<br />

to ensuring to ensuring our our<br />

people people contribute contribute<br />

to and to and benefit benefit from from<br />

our our success success<br />

R4.1 R4.1<br />

billion<br />

invested invested in<br />

improving improving housing housing<br />

since since 2007 2007<br />


R548<br />

R548<br />

million<br />

invested invested skills in skills<br />

development in in<br />

2017 2017<br />

Adopted Adopted and and<br />

developing developing 10 schools 10 schools<br />

into schools into schools of excellence of excellence<br />

through through academic academic and and<br />

sport sport initiatives initiatives<br />


Coole Adv Coole 14086 Adv 14086


Modi Mining<br />

Diverse mining service provider and<br />

supplier aims for the top.<br />

The Managing Director of Modi Mining, Tshegofatso Samuel<br />

Molefi, outlines the company’s origins and current scope of<br />

operations.<br />

Sam Molefi<br />


Sam Molefi is a mine engineer<br />

and entrepreneur with 22 years<br />

mining experience. He started<br />

with Gold Fields Academy and<br />

qualified as a mine engineer<br />

from Wits Technikon. Holding<br />

a mine manager’s certificate of<br />

competency, he has managed<br />

local and international projects,<br />

including an explosives<br />

manufacturing plant in Mali<br />

Republic. Sam provided<br />

technical support to Randgold<br />

Resources’ mines and done<br />

long-term planning with Anglo<br />

American Platinum. Other<br />

mines includes PTM Maseve,<br />

Crocodile River Mine and<br />

International Ferro Chrome.<br />

Who founded Modi Mining?<br />

Modi Mining is a 100% black South African-owned company founded<br />

and owned by mining engineer and entrepreneur Mr Samuel Molefi<br />

and female entrepreneur Ms Christina Motlapele Molefi. The company<br />

was established with the sole objective of rendering differentiated<br />

contract mining services and to be a supplier of choice to the mining<br />

industry. Modi Mining started operations in 2011.<br />

Where do you operate?<br />

We are operational in three provinces. In the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> we service<br />

the corporate mining houses in the platinum sector (RBPlats, Impala<br />

Platinum and Lonmin). In Mpumalanga Province we are currently<br />

servicing South32 in the coal sector. We also manufacture and supply<br />

products for mines such as Sibanye Gold, Gold 1 and Harmony Gold,<br />

which are based in Gauteng Province.<br />

What are the company’s goals?<br />

Our vision is to pursue being the most preferred service provider and<br />

supplier in the mining industry.<br />

Our Mission: Through commitment, continuous improvement, feedback<br />

from our clients, skills development, health and safety compliance,<br />

and just-in-time delivery, we will achieve our vision.<br />

Please give an example of current projects.<br />

Current projects include:<br />

• Conventional mining<br />

• White area mining – stoping<br />

• Sweeping and vamping<br />

• Crushing and screening (coal and chrome ore)<br />

• Manufacture and supply of LDPE pipes, blasting barricades and load<br />

spreaders (head boards)<br />

• Open cast mining – top soil, overburden stripping and coal mining.<br />

We mine in strips of 100m x 50m face. We first strip the top soil as a free<br />

dig with excavators and hauling within a distance of 1-3km using ADTs<br />

to expose the second layer of overburden. Post blasting of overburden<br />

NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong><br />



barricades. A detailed breakdown<br />

of our services is as follows:<br />

Underground mining<br />

services<br />

• Conventional mining<br />

method: stoping;<br />

developing;<br />

vamping and sweepings<br />

• Equipping and reclamation<br />

• Mechanised mining method:<br />

capital development (TMM);<br />

board and pillar<br />

• Hybrid mining method<br />

we load and haul it, exposing the coal seam that we<br />

mine and stockpile for the client. The same will be<br />

repeated where there is midburden.<br />

What services do you provide?<br />

We are multifaceted company within the mining<br />

industry focusing on contract mining services<br />

(surface and underground), civil and bulk earth<br />

works, crushing and screening, load and haul, mine<br />

rehabilitation, manufacture and supply of blasting<br />

Open cast mining services<br />

• Top soil and overburden<br />

stripping<br />

• Coal seam mining<br />

• Rehabilitation, dump/stockpile management<br />

Manufacturer and supplier of:<br />

• LDPE blasting barricades and pipes<br />

Civil services:<br />

• Civil and bulk earth works<br />

• Screening and crushing<br />

• Load and haul<br />

35 NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong>


Agriculture<br />

A solar-powered vegetable project is showing a new way.<br />

The SUNfarming Food and Energy project at Ikakeng next to<br />

Potchefstroom cultivates vegetables in coco fibre housed in<br />

sun-powered tunnels. The innovative project is a partnership<br />

between the Engineering Faculty of <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> University<br />

and a German photovoltaic developer and operator, SUNfarming. The<br />

project is supported financially by the German government.<br />

The Provincial Government of <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> wants to expand an existing<br />

programme to promote farming across all districts in the province.<br />

The Kgora Agricultural Institute in Ramatlabama, some 25km north of<br />

Mahikeng, trains small-scale farmers in raising animals and crop farming<br />

and works with young people to interest them in the opportunities that<br />

the sector has to offer. The idea is to establish centres such as Kgora<br />

all over the province.<br />

A weakness identified in the land claims process has been the<br />

absence of support for new farmers. But for the beneficiaries of a<br />

successful 4 500ha land claim on the De Paarl farm near Lichtenburg,<br />

things have been different. They have received tractors and equipment<br />

worth R6-million from the National Department of Rural Development<br />

and Land Reform. Support has also been given by Omnia Fertilisers. In<br />

the early stages of the project, a group of commercial farmers leased<br />

the land from the De Paarl Communal Property Association (CPA) and<br />

Beneficiaries and workers of the NWU’s SUNfarming project busy<br />

nurturing their vegetables.<br />


A successful land claim farm<br />

is doing well at Lichtenburg.<br />

passed on agricultural skills to the<br />

beneficiaries.<br />

The farm has maize, sunflowers,<br />

potatoes and a herd of cattle.<br />

The farm has created 20 permanent<br />

job opportunities while 40<br />

locals are employed seasonally.<br />

Kokoana Farming Enterprise, the<br />

beneficiary-managed company<br />

which runs the farm, is in the process<br />

of devising a five-year plan for<br />

the future of the farm.<br />

Four district agri-parks are at<br />

the centre of a drive to establish<br />

sustainable agri-processing, to<br />

promote food security and to<br />

bring local black businesses into<br />

the mainstream economy. The<br />

provincial government set aside<br />

R75-million for the project in the<br />

2017/18 budget.<br />

Each of the agri-parks will have<br />

a specific focus:<br />

• Springbokpan: grain (Ngaka<br />

Modiri Molema District<br />

Municipality).<br />

• Vryburg: livestock, red meat<br />

(Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati<br />

District Municipality)<br />

• Moretele/Makapanstadt:<br />

red meat and horticulture<br />

(Bojanala District Municipality)<br />

• Maquassi Hills: pork and poultry<br />

(Dr Kenneth Kaunda District<br />

Municipality)<br />

NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong><br />



Various agri-processing plants are<br />

under consideration for the city of<br />

Mahikeng: a feedlot and a meat<br />

processing plant, including an<br />

abattoir and packaging facilities.<br />

In Taung the plan is to establish<br />

animal feed manufacturing plant.<br />

NWK also deals in grain, runs several retail outlets and has a half-share<br />

(with Senwes) in CertiSure Brokers. The company deals in short-term<br />

insurance, crop insurance, financial planning, medical funds and funeral<br />

policies. The company has 37 silos with a capacity of 2.5-million tons.<br />

There are several milling operations in <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Province. Masilo<br />

Mills is located in Hanneman (where Papa Super Maize is ground) and<br />

Tau Roller Mills is in Wolmeransstad.<br />

Companies<br />

One of South Africa’s biggest agricultural<br />

companies is Senwes.<br />

The company specialises in the<br />

storage and handling of grains<br />

and oilseeds. Its extensive silo<br />

infrastructure extends across the<br />

interior. Its headquarters are in<br />

Klerksdorp.<br />

Suidwes is based south of<br />

Klerksdorp in Leeudoringstad.<br />

More than 90% of the shares in<br />

the company are held by farmers.<br />

Grain handling is the main<br />

business and there are divisions<br />

for retail (17 outlets and one<br />

animal-feed depot), mechanisation,<br />

finance and research<br />

and agricultural economics<br />

(Terratek).<br />

Brits is the location of the<br />

headquarters of the MGK Group,<br />

formerly Magaliesberg Graan<br />

Kooperasie. The company runs<br />

five divisions and a plant that<br />

makes full fat soy, a component<br />

in animal feed.<br />

NWK is another company<br />

with manufacturing capacity.<br />

The Lichtenburg-based enterprise<br />

makes liquid fertiliser (up<br />

to 10 tons per month), animal<br />

feed (Opti Feeds), processes<br />

sunflower seeds (Epko), and runs<br />

three grain mills. Another subsidiary,<br />

Opti Chicks, has a capacity of<br />

600 000 chicks per week.<br />

Variety<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>’s distinct climatic regions are home to three very different<br />

types of agriculture. The dry western region is home to large<br />

beef-cattle herds, and this is where the growing game-ranching and<br />

hunting industry has its base. The eastern and north-eastern parts of<br />

the province receive relatively good rainfall and are suitable for the<br />

cultivation of crops.<br />

The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> has approximately 1.6-million beef cattle, representing<br />

12% of South Africa’s herd. Major breeds include Simmental,<br />

Brahman, Bonsmara and Simbra, a cross between the Brahman and<br />

Simmental breeds. Kalahari Red and Boerbok goats are found in large<br />

numbers in the dry west. The number of goats for the province is<br />

estimated at 701 587, which is 12% of South Africa’s total. There are<br />

estimated to be 318 843 pigs, which is 20% of South Africa’s total drove.<br />

Nearly two-million hectares is planted with summer cereals, with<br />

about 50 000 hectares given over to winter cereals. The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

produces about 20% of South Africa’s maize and about 15% of its wheat.<br />

The central and southern sections of the province are dominated by<br />

maize and wheat farming. When it comes to sunflower seed, <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong> is responsible for 33% of South Africa’s stock, and 23% of the<br />

nation’s groundnuts. The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> supplies 5.4% of South Africa’s<br />

potatoes, but parts of the Kalahari are ideally suited to the cultivation<br />

of seed potatoes.<br />


Agricultural Research Council: www.arc.agric.za<br />

Grain SA: www.grainsa.co.za<br />

National Department of Agriculture and Forestry:<br />

www.daff.gov.za<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Department of Agriculture, Conservation,<br />

Environment and Rural Development:<br />

www.nwpg.gov.za/agriculture<br />

Potatoes SA: www.potatoes.co.za<br />

SA Grain Information Service: www.sagis.org.za<br />

37 NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong>


Energy<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> is researching new energy sources.<br />

The mines and smelters around Rustenburg and the industrial<br />

plants in Brits use a lot of energy. They are served by Transnet<br />

Pipelines, which has recently made a big investment in the<br />

New Multi-Product Pipeline. The NMPP is built to pump threemillion<br />

litres of product per hour over a distance of 715km, from Durban<br />

to the industrial hub of the country. It is the single biggest project in<br />

Transnet’s capital expenditure investment portfolio​and is one of the<br />

biggest of its kind in the world.<br />

Most of South Africa’s energy requirements are met by Eskom’s<br />

coal-fired power stations but the drive to start producing renewable<br />

energy is growing, and researchers and companies in the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> are<br />

investigating several options, from solar energy to hydrogen fuel-cells.<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Province has large reserves of platinum and there are<br />

exciting possibilities in potential energy applications for the mineral.<br />

In May 2012, Anglo Platinum, one of the province’s biggest companies,<br />

launched its first underground mining locomotive to be powered by a<br />

fuel cell. Platinum coating greatly enhances the hydrogen absorption<br />

capacity of fuel cells.<br />

Bioethanol, biodiesel and methane gas from waste and renewable<br />

resources are among the types of biofuels being investigated. Sunflower<br />

seeds and sweet sorghum are suitable for converting into biofuel and<br />

bioethanol. The South African Energy Resource Institute (Saneri) chair<br />

in biofuel research is held by a professor on the Potchefstroom campus.<br />


National Department of Energy: www.energy.gov.za<br />

South African Energy Resource Institute: www.saneri.org.za<br />

Southern African Bioenergy Association: www.saba.za.org<br />

South African Renewable Energy Council: www.sarec.org.za<br />

Southern African Alternative Energy Association:<br />

www.saaea.org<br />


Transnet Pipelines has<br />

invested in a massive<br />

new pipeline.<br />

Silversands Energy is a <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

company that produces ethanol<br />

fuel for an ethanol-powered bus<br />

made by Scania South Africa for<br />

the City of Johannesburg.<br />

The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> normally has<br />

about 300 days of sunshine per<br />

year, so solar power has great potential,<br />

and there is a programme<br />

aimed at converting bush that is<br />

encroaching onto arable land into<br />

biomass in the form of biocoal<br />

(TOR) or briquettes.<br />

The Engineering Department<br />

of <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> University regularly<br />

competes in an international<br />

solar car challenge. In 2017<br />

the Bridgestone World Solar<br />

Challenge started in Darwin<br />

and finished 3 000km away in<br />

Adelaide.<br />

South Africa’s nuclear-research<br />

centre is located at Pelindaba near<br />

Hartbeespoort Dam, and is run by<br />

the South African Nuclear Energy<br />

Corporation.<br />

The Nuclear Engineering<br />

Department at <strong>North</strong>-<strong>West</strong><br />

University (NWU) is the only<br />

one of its kind in the country,<br />

and the National Department of<br />

Science and Technology granted<br />

a chair in Nuclear Engineering<br />

to NWU.<br />

NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong><br />



Water<br />

New boreholes are being dug in rural areas.<br />

A<br />

partnership between the National Departments of Water and<br />

Sanitation and Public Works and the Provincial Government<br />

of the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> has delivered training in solar geyser installation<br />

and plumbing to 140 young people in Madibeng.<br />

Maintenance of water works is one of the most serious challenges<br />

facing municipalities in South Africa, with 71% of wastewater treatment<br />

plants being non-compliant. Infrastructure in some cases has not been<br />

serviced for some time, and leaks and skills shortages are problems.<br />

A Water and Sanitation campaign has been launched in the province<br />

to tackle this. The programme will provide training and monitoring.<br />

In response to the long-term drought, water tankers organised by<br />

the National Department of Water and Sanitation and the provincial<br />

government dug several boreholes to supplement supply.<br />

South Africa is a water-scarce country and water management is<br />

critical to economic planning. The western part of <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Province<br />

is particularly dry. In the eastern part of the province, national government<br />

has sent water tanks to some parts, and has upgraded the<br />

treatment plants upstream from the Hartbeespoort Dam.<br />

The residents of Jericho village near Brits were delighted when new<br />

water infrastructure was delivered in 2016 by a partnership involving<br />

the provincial and national governments and the responsible water<br />

authority, Magalies Water. The Jericho Rural Water Supply project included<br />

new boreholes and pipes, and connecting the village to the<br />

main reservoir that serves the area.<br />

Three of South Africa’s six major catchment areas are located in the<br />

province: the Limpopo, the Orange and the Vaal. Within these catchment<br />

areas, only the Vaal River has a strong-enough flow to allow for<br />

significant amounts of water to be taken from it directly to support<br />

irrigation or industry. There are four water-management areas in the<br />

province, three of which are linked to the Vaal River. Water is imported<br />

into the provincial system through transfers between water basins.<br />

The province has 83 sewage-treatment plants, and the national Blue<br />

Drop award system has found most of them need a lot of improvement.<br />


Blue Drop Awards: www.ewisa.co.za<br />

National Department of Water and Sanitation: www.dwa.gov.za<br />

South African Association of Water Utilities: www.saawu.org.za<br />

Water Research Commission: www.wrc.org.za<br />


Young people are learning<br />

plumbing skills.<br />

Tlokwe is one of only three municipalities<br />

in the country that acts<br />

as a water-service authority and<br />

as a service provider. It has won<br />

awards for its levels of service. The<br />

biggest service providers active in<br />

the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> are:<br />

• Rand Water<br />

• Magalies Water<br />

• Sedibeng Water (including<br />

Botshelo Water, which<br />

has been incorporated into<br />

Sedibeng Water)<br />

• Midvaal Water Company<br />

supplies water to Matlosana<br />

(Klerksdorp).<br />

The city of Rustenburg has created<br />

the Rustenburg Water Services<br />

Trust (RWST), a special-purposes<br />

vehicle that runs the town’s relatively<br />

new water system.<br />

NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong><br />


Manufacturing<br />

The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>’s strong resource base could<br />

underpin a much bigger manufacturing sector.<br />


Brits, Rustenburg, Tlokwe (Potchefstroom), Matlosana<br />

(Klerksdorp) and Mahikeng account for more than half of the<br />

total manufacturing capacity in <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Province. Mining<br />

beneficiation, automotive components and food and beverages<br />

play important roles in the sector, but there is scope to massively<br />

increase the scope for manufacturing in a wide range of other fields.<br />

The provincial government has pointed out that the share of<br />

manufacturing to the Growth Value Add (GVA) of the province is only<br />

5% – a figure that must grow if employment is to grow along with the<br />

expanding economy.<br />

A provincial Integrated Manufacturing Strategy has been compiled.<br />

One of the report’s findings was that because <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> is located near<br />

to the industrial hub of Gauteng, has low input costs, lies on established<br />

trade routes and has easy access to natural resources, it should make<br />

the development of the chemical processing sector a good bet. This is<br />

especially true for phosphate and nitrogen-based fertilisers.<br />

Another provincial priority is to improve the link between rural and<br />

urban economies, something which a strong focus on agri-processing<br />

will achieve. As one of the country’s biggest producers of livestock,<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>’s automotive industry could profitably source hides for<br />

car seats locally. It is this sort of value-added tie-up that economic<br />

planners are looking at, as they aim to get more value out of the<br />

agricultural sector.<br />

Wire-harness manufacturer Pasdec Automotive Technologies is<br />

one of several companies that has a facility in Brits. The sophisticated<br />

Bosch plant makes starters, alternators, braking systems and electroniccontrol<br />

units. Dubigeon Body and Coach assembles buses, coaches and<br />

special vehicles for a wide range of clients, including Iveco, MAN, Fiat,<br />

Mercedes-Benz and Volvo. The huge Bridgestone factory has received a<br />

R700-million upgrade. New staff have been employed and the plant has<br />

become one of only four in the world that is producing “runflat” tyres.<br />


Automotive Industry Development Centre: www.aidc.co.za<br />

Centre for Advanced Manufacturing: www.cfam.co.za<br />

Consumer Goods Council of South Africa: www.cgcsa.co.za:<br />

National Department of Trade and Industry: www.dti.gov.za<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Development Corporation: www.nwdc.co.za<br />


The Centre for Advanced<br />

Manufacturing at <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong> University specialises<br />

in extruder technology.<br />

Some 800 people are employed<br />

at the plant.<br />

Klerksdorp is geared towards<br />

the mining industry, with a concentration<br />

of steel manufacturers,<br />

cable suppliers and engineering<br />

works. Potchefstroom has food<br />

and beverages, furniture manufacture<br />

and an ammunition plant.<br />

Aquasol is a niche manufacturer of<br />

water-soluble products.<br />

Rustenburg has a mixture<br />

of enterprises, the biggest of<br />

which are the mining-related<br />

smelters. Production of nonmetallic<br />

mineral products is<br />

concentrated around Lichtenburg<br />

and Mahikeng (cement), and<br />

Rustenburg (stone). The Centre<br />

for Advanced Manufacturing<br />

(CFAM) is housed at <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

University. The centre specialises<br />

in extruder technology, an<br />

important component in the<br />

food-manufacturing process.<br />

CFAM works with Gaborona<br />

Consulting, the Vaal University of<br />

Technology, Thripp (a dti technology<br />

programme) and ChemCity, a<br />

Sasol initiative.<br />

41 NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong>


Education and training<br />

NWU is a leader in innovative research.<br />

Whether it’s astrophysics, tourism, solar energy or extruder<br />

technology, the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> University and its researchers<br />

are leaders in their fields.<br />

They are also busy: a research unit within the<br />

Faculty of Theology had 103 articles published in accredited journals<br />

in 2016 and Professor Melville Saayman of the Faculty of Economic<br />

and Management Sciences won NWU’s award as most productive<br />

researcher for his often-cited work on tourism. Professor of Astrophysics<br />

and Space Physics Markus Bottcher was given the prestigious task of<br />

chairing the organising committee of an international conference.<br />

Among the many research entities at NWU, there are five chairs<br />

allocated by the South African Research Chairs Initiative (SARChI):<br />

Astrophysics and Space Physics, Coal Research, Biofuels and other<br />

clean alternative fuels, Nuclear Engineering and Early Detection and<br />

Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease in Africa.<br />

The university’s faculties don’t limit themselves to pure research.<br />

Some of the Engineering Faculty’s partnerships illustrate this point.<br />

Partners include Sasol, Eskom, Denel Aviation, Telkom and SAPPI.<br />

Since 2012 the Engineering Faculty has been competing in solar<br />

car challenges. The 2017 challenge saw a car called Naledi travel from<br />

Darwin to Adelaide, powered purely by the sun. The project had<br />

no fewer than 26 partners and sponsors, including the Technology<br />

Innovation Agency and Growthpoint Properties.<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> University (NWU) has more than 65 000 students, with<br />

about 26 000 studying by correspondence. The university's main<br />

campus is at Potchefstroom with satellite campuses at Mmabatho<br />

and Vanderbijlpark.<br />

The Centre for Text Technology (CTexT) conducts research and collects<br />

data on regional languages and is aiming to establish a discipline<br />

called Human Language Technology. The pharmaceutical faculty at<br />

the Potchefstroom campus of the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> University is regarded<br />

as a national leader.<br />

The University of South Africa (Unisa) has three branches in <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong>, at Rustenburg, Potchefstroom and Mmabatho.<br />

Colleges<br />

Technical Vocational and Educational Training colleges teach skills<br />

that are relevant to the work place. In the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>, the mining<br />

sector needs engineers and artisans.<br />

Mining companies provide<br />

some training in these disciplines,<br />

but TVET colleges bear the chief<br />

responsibility.<br />

The National Department of<br />

Higher Education and Training<br />

(DHET) declared the period starting<br />

in 2014 as "The Decade of the<br />

Artisan" with a goal of producing<br />

30 000 per year by 2026. The<br />

current figure is about 13 000.<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> has three TVET<br />

colleges with several campuses<br />

each. Vuselela TVET College has its<br />

headquarters in Klerksdorp, where<br />

there is also an accredited trade<br />

test centre. There are a further four<br />

campuses: Jouberton Centre for<br />

Engineering Studies; Matlosana<br />

Campus; Potchefstroom Centre<br />

for ICT; Taung Campus.<br />

Orbit TVET College has three<br />

sites, Rustenburg, Mankwe and<br />

Brits, with about 15 000 students<br />

overall. The Rustenburg campus<br />

of Orbit College hosts a Microsoft<br />

IT Academy while the Mankwe<br />

campus offers automotive training,<br />

the result of a partnership<br />

between the Manufacturing,<br />

Engineering and Related SETA<br />

(MersSETA), Lelethu Training and<br />

Ford South Africa.<br />

In 2016 Orbit TVET College<br />

took delivery of an electronics<br />

academy from sponsor Samsung.<br />

Located on the Mankwe campus,<br />

and in partnership with the<br />

MerSETA, the academy has eve-<br />

NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong><br />



rything a trainee technician might<br />

want. Samsung Electronics South<br />

Africa will offer work experience<br />

to students after they graduate.<br />

The Taung Agricultural College<br />

has received a R13.4-million<br />

donation from Danish catalysis<br />

company Haldor Topsøe. The<br />

college had recently been<br />

re-accredited by the Council<br />

on Higher Education (CHE) to<br />

offer the NQF Level 6 Diploma<br />

in Agriculture specialising in<br />

Irrigation Technology.<br />

A graduation ceremony in<br />

November 2016 saw 169 students<br />

graduate from the Moruleng<br />

Community Project, an initiative<br />

of the Bakgatla-Ba-Kgafela<br />

Development Welfare supported<br />

by the Mining Qualification<br />

Authority and the Department<br />

of Higher Education and Training.<br />

The four-month programme<br />

offered carpentry, electrical,<br />

plumbing, bricklaying and<br />

entrepreneurship. A further 14<br />

apprentices completed Level<br />

4 Jewellery Design and<br />

Manufacturing and will take up<br />

further artisan training.<br />

Schools<br />

Provincial education authorities<br />

are trying to overcome huge<br />

challenges at rural schools. An<br />

important part of the latter process<br />

is the expansion of boarding<br />

schools, to which an amount of<br />

R500-million has been allocated<br />

in the medium-term framework.<br />

The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Provincial<br />

Government's broader policy<br />

aimed at uplifting rural areas will<br />

see the Department of Education and Sport Development directing<br />

more resources to schools in the villages, townships and small dorpies<br />

(VTSD).<br />

While a hundred primary schools will receive smart-boards to<br />

improve mathematics instruction, the fact that the annual budget<br />

also includes items for installing sanitation at schools speaks of the<br />

magnitude of the challenges.<br />

There are 1 465 primary and high schools in the state sector in the<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>. Spending on new infrastructure and on renovations is set<br />

to continue for many years, offering many opportunities to contractors.<br />

The opening of the PLG Hartbeespoort Academy in 2016 marked<br />

the first investment into the province of the Pembury Lifestyle Group.<br />

A campus generally comprises a pre-primary, primary and high school.<br />

Pupils at the Hartbeespoort Academy will write IEB exams when they<br />

reach matric.<br />

Curro believes it will be running 200 schools in South Africa by<br />

2020, double its current number. There are four Curro schools (representing<br />

four brands) in the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>, in Rustenburg, Mahikeng and<br />

Klerksdorp (two).<br />


Mining Qualifications Authority: www.mqa.org.za<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Department of Education and Sport Development:<br />

www.nwdesd.gov.za<br />

National Department of Basic Education: www.education.gov.za<br />

National Department of Higher Education and Training:<br />

www.dhet.gov.za<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> University: www.nwu.ac.za<br />

43 NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong>


Banking and financial services<br />

New state banks are to be formed.<br />

If poor people are to be helped by government and municipalities,<br />

then the budgets of those entities have to be efficiently administered.<br />

In the presentation of the 2016/17 budget of the Department of<br />

Finance, Economy and Enterprise, it was reported that the Provincial<br />

Government of the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> is improving with regard to audits, but<br />

that local municipalities are getting worse.<br />

Three provincial departments have been mandated to improve<br />

the financial performance of municipalities. Steps include monthly<br />

meetings between Treasury officials and mayors and standard contracts<br />

for managers. The Chartered Institute for Government Finance, Audit<br />

and Risk Officers trains and rewards entities such as city councils for<br />

clean audits. Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati District Municipality won an<br />

award in 2016 for risk management.<br />

Whereas the private sector is the biggest factor in the banking<br />

sector, there are growing moves by the state to become involved. Post<br />

Bank, a division of the South African Post Office, is far advanced in its<br />

application for a full banking licence and a further two state banks are<br />

planned: Ithala (currently an enterprise funder in KwaZulu-Natal) and<br />

a Human Settlements Development Bank, which will focus on housing<br />


The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> is<br />

planning a R10-billion<br />

investment fund.<br />

• Municipalities will be<br />

assisted to achieve clean<br />

audits.<br />

for poorer households and statefunded<br />

housing projects. This may<br />

have relevance for a province such<br />

as <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>, which has a big<br />

rural population.<br />

The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Provincial<br />

Government itself is planning<br />

to create a fund to stimulate investment.<br />

The planned People’s<br />

NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong><br />



Economic Growth Agency (PEGA)<br />

is to be founded by the <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong> Development Corporation<br />

(NWDC) with the intention of<br />

attracting more than R10-billion<br />

for “strategic investments”. This will<br />

no doubt be in partnership with<br />

banks and other agencies. The<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> University has been<br />

flagged as a strategic partner and<br />

areas of investment suggested are<br />

ICT, energy and solar geysers.<br />

All of the country’s major<br />

banks and financial institutions<br />

are represented in the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>.<br />

Financial services are available<br />

even in small towns, although the<br />

bigger cities like Potchefstroom,<br />

Rustenburg and Klerksdorp have<br />

a greater concentration and<br />

diversity.<br />

Financial services extend<br />

beyond advising rich people on<br />

how to invest their assets, or balance<br />

their portfolio. In a province<br />

where there has been some real<br />

financial distress brought about<br />

by bad times and retrenchments,<br />

something is being done to<br />

address this.<br />

A long strike in 2012 created<br />

tough conditions for some<br />

workers in the platinum sector.<br />

Anglo American Platinum has<br />

teamed up with Summit Financial<br />

Partners to help miners manage<br />

their debt and plan their finances<br />

better through a scheme called<br />

Nkululeko. Garnishee orders went<br />

down among the Nkululeko<br />

group by 80% between 2011<br />

and 2016. In 2016, Summit won a<br />

Constitutional Court judgement<br />

to the effect that the judiciary<br />

must keep an eye on emolument<br />

attachment orders (garnishees)<br />

to make sure they are fair. It had<br />

earlier been found by a High Court that some orders were grossly unfair<br />

and exploitative. Summit has an office in Hartbeespoort.<br />

The Association for Savings and Investment South Africa is behind<br />

another initiative called Project Qaphela, a financial literacy programme<br />

aimed at workers in the mining sector. The curriculum covers budgeting,<br />

saving, borrowing, understanding documents such as payslips<br />

and benefit statements and preparations for retirement. Partners in<br />

the programme include the National Union of Mineworkers, Sanlam<br />

and Coronation.<br />

Ubank is owned by a trust that is managed by the Chamber of Mines<br />

and the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM). It has several branches<br />

in the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>.<br />

With agriculture being such an important part of the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

economy, each of the Big Four banks has specialists in the province<br />

and dedicated units such as Nedbank Agribusiness. Focus areas for this<br />

unit are agronomy (grain, oil seeds, sugar and cotton), livestock (including<br />

game farming), horticulture (fruit and vegetables, for example), and<br />

secondary agriculture which covers agricultural processing and storage.<br />

Standard Bank has a R500-million black economic empowerment<br />

agricultural fund designed to connect farmers who have received farms<br />

in land reform projects to agri-businesses that will buy their produce.<br />

Another source of funding for farmers is the Land and Agricultural<br />

Development Bank of South Africa (Land Bank), a development-finance<br />

institution that falls under the national Ministry of Finance.<br />

The large agricultural companies all have finance divisions. CertiSure<br />

is a joint venture between NWK and Senwes that offers short-term<br />

insurance, crop insurance, financial planning, medical funds and funeral<br />

policies. Senwes Credit is a registered credit provider which offers<br />

asset financing in collaboration with Wesbank. Temo Agri (a division<br />

of Brits-based Magalies Graan Korporasie) and Noordwes Korporasie<br />

(Lichtenburg) have received the backing of the Industrial Development<br />

Corporation (IDC) to enable them to roll out agricultural credits to<br />

emerging farmers.<br />

The Royal Bafokeng Nation, a community of about 150 000 people<br />

living on platinum-rich land north-west of Rustenburg, is a shareholder<br />

in a large banking group and several of South Africa’s insurance companies<br />

through its investment company, Royal Bafokeng Holdings (RBH).<br />


Auditor-General of South Africa: www.agsa.co.za<br />

Association for Savings and Investment South Africa:<br />

www.asisa.org.za<br />

Chartered Institute for Government Finance, Audit and Risk<br />

Officers: www.cigfaro.co.za<br />

Financial Services Board: www.fsb.co.za<br />

45 NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong>


Development finance<br />

and SMME support<br />

SMMEs in the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> are on a central supplier base.<br />

The Provincial Government of the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> is driving a<br />

policy to boost the economies of Villages, Townships and<br />

Small Dorpies (VTSD). The Finance, Economy and Enterprise<br />

Department (FEED) will roll out industrial laundries in VTSD<br />

areas, which will be linked to health and correctional services facilities.<br />

The agricultural supply chain can involve rural communities and<br />

entrepreneurs in business so a centralised supplier database has been<br />

established.<br />

The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Development Corporation (NWDC) is the economic<br />

development agency of the province. The NWDC assists SMMEs gain<br />

access to funding, identify markets and provides infrastructure.<br />

The NWDC has found an innovative entrepreneur, making handmade<br />

toy cars which come equipped with solar panels and Bluetooth<br />

speakers. Thabang Khisane of Ganyesa, which is on the road from<br />

Vryburg to the Kalahari, has found a way of combining the traditional<br />

South African “wire car” with the latest in modern technology.<br />

The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Innovation Competition 2017 turned up some<br />

other enterprising ideas among the winners, including a water-wise<br />

nursery and an animal reflector spray to make animals visible to cars at<br />

night. The winners received support from the organisers of the event,<br />

the NWDC, the Office of the Premier, Seda, <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> University<br />

Technology Transfer Office and the National Department of Science<br />

and Technology.<br />

The National Department of Small <strong>Business</strong> Development (DSBD)<br />

has several programmes to assist SMMEs and co-operatives. including:<br />

• The Black <strong>Business</strong> Supplier Development Programme, a cost –<br />

sharing grant to promote competitiveness<br />


Development Bank of Southern Africa: www.dbsa.org<br />

Industrial Development Corporation: www.idc.co.za<br />

National Department of Trade and Industry: www.dti.gov.za<br />

National Small <strong>Business</strong> Chamber: www.nsbc.org.za<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Development Corporation: www.nwdc.co.za<br />


SMMEs and co-operatives<br />

are preferred for<br />

government contracts.<br />

• The Co-operative Incentive<br />

Scheme, a 100% grant.<br />

The Small Enterprise Development<br />

Agency is an agency of the DSBD<br />

and gives non-financial support<br />

to entrepreneurs through training,<br />

marketing and creating business<br />

plans. The Seda Technology<br />

Programme (Stp) helps potential<br />

businesses become trading entities.<br />

The Industrial Development<br />

Corporation is a strategic lender<br />

and plays a strong role in supporting<br />

small and emerging<br />

enterprises in the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

province.<br />

Shanduka Black Umbrellas has<br />

an incubator in Mooi Nooi, near<br />

Marikana. Among the success stories<br />

from that area is Montamaisa<br />

Bosigo Transport, which does staff<br />

transport and courier services.<br />

The Afrikaansehandelsinstituut<br />

(AHI) has rebranded as the Small<br />

<strong>Business</strong> Institute. Representing<br />

over a hundred chambers, the<br />

SBI is a member of <strong>Business</strong> Unity<br />

South Africa.<br />

NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong><br />


Global Africa Network<br />

Promoting business, trade and investment in SA’s nine provinces<br />

www.gan.co.za<br />

www.southafricanbusiness.co.za<br />

www.easterncapebusiness.co.za<br />

www.freestatebusiness.co.za<br />

www.gautengbusinessguide.co.za<br />

www.kwazulunatalbusiness.co.za<br />

www.limpopobusiness.co.za<br />

www.mpumalangabusiness.co.za<br />

www.northerncapebusiness.co.za<br />

www.northwestbusiness.co.za<br />

www.westerncapebusiness.co.za<br />


Tel 021 657 6200<br />

Email sales@gan.co.za<br />

Web www.gan.co.za


<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Provincial Government<br />

A guide to <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Province’s government departments. Visit: www.nwpg.gov.za<br />

Office of the Premier<br />

Premier: Supra Obakeng Mahumapelo<br />

3rd Floor, Garona Building, Dr James Moroka Drive, Mmabatho 2735<br />

Tel: +27 18 388 2448 | Fax: +27 18 388 2008<br />

Website: www.nwpg.gov.za<br />

Department of Community Safety and<br />

Transport Management<br />

MEC: Dr Mpho Motlhabane<br />

Safety House 31-34, Molopo Road, Mahikeng 2735<br />

Tel: +27 18 381 9187<br />

Website: www.nwpg.gov.za/public-safety/new<br />

Department of Culture, Arts and<br />

Traditional Affairs<br />

MEC: Ontlametse Mochware<br />

2nd Floor, Gabomotho Building, James Maroka Drive, Mmabatho 2735<br />

Tel: +27 18 388 2809/10 | Fax: +27 18 388 1907<br />

Website: www.nwpg.gov.za/dcata<br />

Department of Education and Sport<br />

Development<br />

Sello Lehari<br />

2nd Floor, Garona Building, Dr James Moroka Drive, Mmabatho 2735<br />

Tel: +27 18 388 2562/2564 | Fax: +27 18 388 384 5016<br />

Website: www.nwdesd.gov.za<br />

Department of Finance, Economy and<br />

Enterprise Development<br />

MEC: Wendy Nelson<br />

2nd Floor, Garona Building,Dr James Moroka Drive,<br />

Mmabatho 2735<br />

Tel: +27 18 388 1363 | Fax: +27 18 388 1704<br />

Website: www.treasury.nwpg.gov.za<br />

Department of Health<br />

MEC: Dr Magome Masike<br />

National Health Office Park, Cnr 1st Street and Sekome Road, Building,<br />

Mahikeng 2745<br />

Tel: +27 18 391 400/1 | Fax: 086 692 9553<br />

Website: www.nwhealth.gov.za/dohnw<br />

Department of Local Government and<br />

Human Settlements<br />

MEC: Fenny Gaolaolwe<br />

3366 Bessemer Street, Telkom Building, Industrial Site, Mahikeng 2735<br />

Tel: +27 18 387 4065<br />

Fax: 086 586 9597<br />

Website: www.nwpg.gov.za/home.html<br />

Department of Public Works and Roads<br />

MEC: Madoda Sambatha<br />

Ngaka Modiri Molema Road, Old Parliament Complex,<br />

Provincial Head Office, Mmabatho 2735<br />

Tel: +27 18 388 1454<br />

Fax: +27 18 388 1819<br />

Website: www.nwpg.gov.za/Public%20Works<br />

Department of Rural, Environment and<br />

Agricultural Development<br />

MEC: Manketsi Tlhape<br />

Ground Floor, Agricentre Building, Cnr Dr James Moroka Drive and<br />

Stadium Road, Mmabatho 2735<br />

Tel: +27 18 389 5056<br />

Fax: +27 18 384 2679<br />

Website: www.nwpg.gov.za/agriculture<br />

Department of Social Development<br />

MEC: Hoffman Galeng<br />

Provident House Building, University Drive,<br />

Mmabatho 2735<br />

Tel: +27 18 388 2476<br />

Website: www.nwpg.gov.za/dsdwcpd<br />

Department of Tourism<br />

MEC: Desbo Mohono<br />

1st Floor, NWDC Building, Cnr Provident Street and University Drive,<br />

Mmabatho 2735<br />

Tel: +27 18 387 7995<br />

Website: www.nwpg.gov.za/Tourism<br />

NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong><br />


<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Local Government<br />

An overview of the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> municipalities<br />




Tel: +27 14 590 4500 | Fax: +27 14 592 6085<br />

Website: www.bojanala.gov.za<br />

Kgetleng Rivier Local Municipality<br />

Tel: +27 14 543 2004 | Fax: +27 14 543 2480<br />

Website: www.kgetlengrivier.gov.za<br />

Madibeng Local Municipality<br />

Tel: +27 12 318 9203 | Fax: +27 12 318 9203<br />

Website: www.madibeng.gov.za<br />

Moretele Local Municipality<br />

Tel: +27 12 716 1000 | Fax: +27 12 716 9999<br />

Website: www.moretele.org.za<br />

Moses Kotane Local Municipality<br />

Tel: +27 14 555 1300 | Fax: +27 14 555 6368<br />

Website: www.moseskotane.gov.za<br />

Rustenburg Local Municipality<br />

Tel: +27 14 590 3111 | Fax: +27 14 590 3006<br />

Website: www.rustenburg.gov.za<br />



Tel: +27 53 928 4700 | Fax: +27 53 927 2401<br />

Website: www.rsmompatidm.gov.za<br />

Greater Taung Local Municipality<br />

Tel: +27 53 994 9400 | Fax: +27 53 994 3917<br />

Website: www.gtlm.gov.za<br />

Kagisano-Molopo Local Municipality<br />

Tel: +27 53 998 4455 | Fax: +27 53 933 0035<br />

Website: www.kmlm.gov.za<br />

Lekwa-Teemane Local Municipality<br />

Tel: +27 53 441 2206 | Fax: +27 53 441 3735<br />

Website: www.lekwateemane.co.za<br />

Mamusa Local Municipality<br />

Tel: +27 53 963 1331 | Fax: +27 53 963 2474<br />

Website: www.mamusa.gov.za<br />

Naledi Local Municipality<br />

Tel: +27 53 928 2200 | Fax: +27 53 927 3482<br />

Website www.naledilocal.co.za<br />



Tel: +27 18 381 9400<br />

Website: www.nmmdm.gov.za<br />

Ditsobotla Local Municipality<br />

Tel: +27 18 633 3800 | Fax: +27 18 632 5247<br />

Website: www.ditsobotla.co.za<br />

Mahikeng Local Municipality<br />

Tel: +27 18 389 0111 | Fax: +27 18 384 4830<br />

Website: www.mahikeng.gov.za<br />

Ramotshere Moiloa Local Municipality<br />

Tel: +27 18 642 1081 | Fax: +27 18 642 3586<br />

Website: www.ramotshere.gov.za<br />

Ratlou Local Municipality<br />

Tel: +27 18 330 7000 | Fax: +27 18 330 7019<br />

Website: www.ratlou.gov.za<br />

Tswaing Local Municipality<br />

Tel: +27 53 948 0900 | Fax: +27 53 948 1500<br />

Website: www.tswaing.gov.za<br />



Tel: +27 18 473 8016<br />

Fax: +27 18 473 2938<br />

Website: www.kaundadistrict.gov.za<br />

City of Matlosana Local Municipality<br />

Tel: +27 18 487 8000 | Fax: +27 18 464 2318<br />

Website: www.matlosana.gov.za<br />

JB Marks Local Municipality<br />

Tel: +27 18 299 5111<br />

Website: www.jbmarks.co.za<br />

Maquassi Local Municioality<br />

Tel: +27 18 596 1067 | Fax: +27 18 596 1555<br />

49 NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong>

INDEX<br />

INDEX<br />

Black Management Forum.........................................................................................................IBC<br />

Impala Platinum........................................................................................................................30-31<br />

Mmbatho Palms Hotel Casino Convention Resort.....................................................................19<br />

Modi Mining..............................................................................................................................32-33<br />

Nedbank................................................................................................................................3; OBC<br />

Old Mutual................................................................................................................................22-25<br />

Rustenburg Chamber of <strong>Business</strong>................................................................................................5<br />

Sun International................................................................................................................IFC-1; 17<br />

Transnet Pipelines.........................................................................................................................37<br />

NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong><br />


Nela Mojanaga<br />


Black Management<br />

Forum – <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>:<br />

Developing leadership<br />

and advancing<br />

transformation<br />

Nela Mojanaga, Provincial Chairperson, shares<br />

the visionand goals of the BMF, <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>.<br />

Please could you outline the main objectives of the<br />

Black Management Forum.<br />

• To develop managerial leadership<br />

• To advance socio-economic transformation<br />

• To be a thought leader on the above issues.<br />


Nela Mojanaga qualified as<br />

a social worker at Fort Hare<br />

University and followed this up<br />

with post-graduate diplomas<br />

in community development,<br />

health management and<br />

facility management from<br />

various universities locally and<br />

internationally, including the<br />

National Institute of Public<br />

Health in Japan and the<br />

University of Cape Town. She<br />

worked as a social worker for<br />

a period of 12 years and is<br />

currently the Chief Director for<br />

the Department of Health in the<br />

Dr Kenneth Kaunda District.<br />

Are there particular areas that the BMF is focussing on<br />

right now?<br />

The organisation is focusing on recruiting members. The BMF<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> is also part of the District Moral Regeneration<br />

Committee.<br />

What are some of the most recent achievements of the<br />

BMF in the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>?<br />

The organisation has successfully supported Bloyta Properties in<br />

developing youth in Ventersdorp and Matlosana. They are part<br />

of the Interactive Dialogue and have a permanent slot on the<br />

Robben Island Youth Development Programme.<br />

The BMF has also facilitated the Department of Health in the<br />

Dr Kenneth Kaunda District to develop and launch a Charter on<br />

Combating Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.<br />

How would you characterise the relationship between the<br />

BMF and civil society, labour unions and government?<br />

The relationship between the organisation, local governments, the<br />

Department of Health and the local <strong>Business</strong> Chamber is good. The<br />

organisation partners with all of these organisations from time to<br />

time in their activities.<br />

51 NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2018</strong>

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