10 months ago

Clicformers 2018 BrochureUK

UK version of the 2018 Clicformers construction toy catalogue.


BRAND BOOK CLICFORMERS is a NEW 'click & connect' construction toy from the makers of Magformers. This creative construction toy has been developed in partnership between the manufacturers of Clics - an internationally known construction block toy recognised by the Belgian government - and Magformers, the world leader in magnetic construction toys. Clicformers pieces connect in four different ways. You can Click It! Stack It! Fold It! Hook It! - buliding anything from simple geometric shapes like cubes, to police cars, space ships, fire engines and racing cars.

BRAND BOOK CLCM la stem uilding blocks with four connection methods CLICFORMERS offer four different connection methods to allo your childs creatiity to deelop through fun educational play. CLICK Three-dimensional building blocks using the click-type connection method STACK Exploring the potential of building blocks by stacking FOLD Multiple ways to build models by rotating pieces up to 180° HOOK Comining locs and accessories by hooking Emphasiing the importance of role-pla CLICFORMERS offers kids the opportunity to enjoy role-playing by using various accessories and sticers to create strong and high-quality structures and models.