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March Starck Report

March Starck

March • 2018 The Starck Report Local real estate market data, home maintenance Q & A, and expert tips from industry pros! THE IMPORTANCE OF A PRE-LISTING HOME INSPECTION Would your home pass a buyer’s home inspection with flying colors? With rare exceptions, probably not! Very few homes are without flaw. And when a home inspection report comes back with issues, it can lead to contentious negotiation and canceled deals. About 30% of purchase contracts fall apart because of inspection issues – and many of these issues are preventable. A home inspection is a non-invasive, visual inspection of your home’s condition and mechanical systems. An inspector may look within your home’s components, but will not take things apart. Upon completion of the inspection, you will receive a detailed report of the findings. This information helps you identify and prioritize any needed repairs. Obtaining a pre-listing home inspection by a licensed Illinois home inspector gives you several advantages. First, it enables you to tackle any issues proactively, so that your property is in the best possible condition when it reaches the market. This helps you command a stronger sales price. A pre-listing inspection shows buyers that you have nothing to hide. Having an inspection on file for buyers to review – along with proof of any repairs you made – makes you appear trustworthy, creating buyer confidence. A pre-listing inspection mitigates the risk of surprises during the buyer’s inspection. This prevents delays in closing, along with the risk of a canceled deal. In turn, it prevents the market stigma that can happen with a broken contract, which can cause other buyers to avoid your home. Obtaining a pre-listing home inspection could save you considerable time and money, and help you have a smoother home selling experience! Your Starck Real Estate Advisor can refer you to licensed, reputable home inspectors in your area! Good to know Home Questions Answered ? Q: I’m thinking of selling soon. What home improvements have the best return on investment? A: The 2017 Cost-vs.-Value Report shows that new steel entry doors and new garage doors deliver up to 90% ROI on average. Exterior updates improve curb appeal and make a great first impression. Your Starck Advisor can give you specific advice for your home and market! Angie Agent, BROKER 555-555-5555 | |

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