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Short Story 1 by GG

“I love you” were

“I love you” were the last words Lisa’s mother heard from her. Lisa didn’t hear any response, as her battery died on her cell phone right at that moment. That precious moment when hearing the words, “I love you too,” would forever be a source of comfort, warmth, and inner peace. Lisa quickly plugged her phone into her car charger to get some life back to her phone, but it was too late. About forty seconds after the call dropped, Lisa’s mother was struck in an intersection in her door by a seventeen year old that just had to get that text out to his girlfriend. Lisa’s mother died instantly upon impact. Lisa will never hear the words, “I love you too,” from her mother. That fact devastated Lisa. Her saddened thoughts turn at least once daily to, “Why didn’t I have enough charge on my battery that day!” Now that her mother is gone, Lisa has stepped into the roll of caregiver for her aging grandmother. Her older brother can’t do it as he lives on the east coast in Philadelphia, 2,600 miles away. Lisa, twenty one, is a genuinely good person with a kind soul who deserves only good things in life. Lisa routinely makes trips to the pharmacy which is located inside of the grocery store which makes it a lot easier for her. One evening Lisa yelled out, “Bye Grandma. I’m going to the store to pick up your prescriptions and some dinner. See you in about twenty minutes.” Lisa stepped into a pair of flip flops, grabbed her car keys from the kitchen drawer, and walked to her old small car in the cracked driveway of her grandmother’s house. She was a bit cold as the season had recently changed from summer to fall, and the night air had somewhat of a cool bite to it. Lisa felt she wouldn’t be outside much on this short trip so she didn’t take her jacket. Besides, she lived in generally warm Southern California. At the store, Lisa picked up a ready to eat roasted chicken and a bag of salad. She walked to the pharmacy area and waited at the counter. The pharmacist approached and said, “Hey there Lisa,” as he handed her a bag of three medications. He added, “Lisa, I don’t know how you do it. Caregiving isn’t easy! You’re one of this world’s good people. Tell your grandma not to forget to take all three medications on time, its important!” Lisa nodded her head and replied, “Thanks, I’ll make sure she stays on schedule.” As she exited the store a man from the Rescue Mission asked Lisa if she could donate anything to help the homeless get back on their feet. Lisa reached in her wallet and placed a five dollar bill in the donation can. She doesn’t have a lot of money, put she figured somebody probably needs the five dollars more than her. As she was exiting the driveway, she looked left and saw that an approaching pickup truck was far down the road so she made a safe right turn and headed home. Her mind turned to looking forward to dinner, and perhaps a fun board game with Grandma. Her focus got interrupted quickly, as she looked in the rear view mirror at the high beams of the fast approaching truck. The truck was speeding recklessly, traveling about seventy miles per hour in the posted thirty five zone. It didn’t take long for the truck to catch up to Lisa with the excessive speed it was traveling. The trucks driver continuously flashed the high beams and activated the horn in one steady honk for several seconds in an aggressive manner. Looking in her rear view mirror Lisa could tell that the driver was a

male, maybe in his early thirties, wearing a baseball cap backwards on his head. Lisa waived her hand intending to communicate to the angry driver she was sorry if she did anything wrong, which in reality, she didn’t. The truck was now just a few feet behind her, definitely tailgating, while flashing its high beam lights. Lisa suddenly got chills as her fear level grew rapidly. She thought the driver of the truck would not go away until he seeks some sort of vengeance that lives in his angered brain. Lisa picked up the pace to gain some distance between the two vehicles, but she was driving a sixteen year old, small four cylinder car. The truck’s driver easily caught up with Lisa and was obviously following her, and mad. The driver’s actions caused Lisa to feel cold to the point of shaking as her fear level was now very high. Not knowing how to get out of the situation, she started to cry. She did not have Blue Tooth in her car so she reached for her cell phone that was on the passenger seat. She dialed 911, but as the 911 dispatcher was asking what the emergency was, Lisa could not say a word. Before she could explain her plight, she suddenly felt an impact to the rear causing her to drop the phone on the passenger floorboard. Lisa frantically reached for the phone but her outstretched fingertips just moved the phone under the passenger seat, completely out of reach. Her body trembled with fear as she said to herself, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” She made a quick right turn onto the canyon road that heads into the mountains hoping, actually praying, the curves would slow the truck down. As Lisa rounded the curves, the truck seemed to gain even more speed, as several times her rear bumper was struck. “Is this guy for real? Is he trying to kill me because he feels I cut him off? What kind of person does this?” Her question was answered as the truck struck her right rear corner as she rounded a right curve, causing her to go out of control, running over bushes on the narrow dirt shoulder. She regained control as she crested the mountain, seeing the Pacific Ocean and the lights of Malibu on the other side. As she tried to speed away, the truck kept pace, with the crazed driver flashing the high beams and honking the horn. Lisa felt if she pulled over to say she was sorry to have angered the man, his out of control anger could lead to her death. She kept going, and she kept crying. As she raced around a left hand curve, the truck accelerated and struck the rear of Lisa’s little car hard enough to guide it over the cliff. Lisa’s car rolled over twice and came to rest upside down about one hundred feet over the cliff, with its right side being supported by a large tree that saved Lisa from tumbling another four hundred feet down. It looked as if the tree stopping her car did not really matter as Lisa lied motionless behind the steering wheel, bleeding profusely from several points on her head. The man in the truck pulled over and got out of his car, but his violent soul kept raging. Although Lisa’s car was badly damaged and over the side of the cliff, he reached behind the driver’s seat and pulled out a shotgun. He placed a shotgun shell in the firing chamber by raking the slide, which is a sound pretty much anyone would recognize. Although Lisa did not die in the crash, she was near death, about to lose consciousness

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