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Bridal beauty pampering yourself before the D-day

Bridal beauty pampering yourself before the

Bridal beauty: pampering yourself before the D-day Wedding is the most important day for any girl. It is once in a lifetime experience and almost every girl dreams of a Fairytale wedding where she looks like a princess. Makeup surely enhances your looks but to get that pretty bridal glow you need to go to an extra length. Behind a pretty face, healthy glowing skin and beautiful smile is the investment of time and efforts in caring for oneself. Today's article guides you into caring for yourself before your wedding day. 1. Aim for that perfect dazzling smile: You surely want spectacular photographs that depict your happiness through a dazzling smile. Begin caring for your teeth 3 months before the wedding day. Use teeth whitening toothpastes, home remedies like lemon, salt and sunflower oil paste to brush your teeth. You

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