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CTS - Environmental test chambers

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The CTS temperature shock test cabinets allow temperature variation rates of up to 100 K in Shock test one minute. The most common national and international standards are fulfilled (DIN, IEC, MIL). The used compressed air drying system allows up to 3000 test cycles at minimum power consumption without defrosting. CTS Temperature Shock Test Cabinets, Series TSS Temperature Range: -70 to +200°C Options: Up to + 250°C Increased specimen weight Air/water cooled condenser Special entry port Cabinets with test volumes of 32, 130, 350 l. 6

Our temperature and climatic stress screening test cabinets are designed using a modular Stress concept from the standard series. The powerful compressor and high fan capacity allow extremely high temperature variation rates up to 30 K / min with conventional refrigeration technology and up to 70 K / min. with liquid nitrogen. These units will give you the possibility to determine the stress limits of your specimen very quickly. CTS Temperature / Climatic Stress Screening Test Cabinets, Series TS/CS Temperature Range: -40 to +180°C -70 to +180°C Temperature Change Rate 5 to 30 K / min Benchtop units with test volume of 25 or 50 l Cabinets with test volume of 100 to 1500 l Special sizes possible 7

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