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Don’t let languages

Don’t let languages tie you down YOUR LANGUAGE SKILLS ARE VALUABLE. When it comes to expanding your business, don’t be stuck with the languages you speak. MateCat empowers you to sell translations in any language pairs. Discover the evolution of CAT tools at ATA58. I AM BILINGUAL. I AM THE BRIDGE TO MY COMMUNITY. You can help your language community by volunteering with the National Language Service Corps (NLSC). Are you fluent in English and another language? !"#$%&#'()#*+,-#.$#/%%0.12#"%3#.14.5.467/$#/.0)#8%69 The NLSC is a national initiative, bringing together people who speak more than one language for the greater good of our country. This is your opportunity to help your language community while supporting government efforts in times of need. To find out more, visit NLSCORPS.ORG/NCOLCTL or call 1-888-SAY-NLSC (729-6572). Join today and share this opportunity with your family and friends. You can be the bridge to your community. TM NLSCORPS.ORG/NCOLCTL program advertisers Alliant Inside Back Cover Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters 4 DS-Interpretation, Inc. 2 International Medical Interpreters Association 4 Judicial Council of California 4 Lango Inc. Back Cover MateCat 2 National Language Service Corps 2 SDL PLC Inside Front Cover Contact to advertise next year! The following is not an ATA event, but it is open to all ATA conference attendees: ASTM Meeting WEDNESDAY H 9:00AM - 6:00PM H CARDOZO ASTM is a recognized leader in the development and delivery of international voluntary consensus standards. Come help shape language services standards. 2 American Translators Association H 58th Annual Conference

NETWORK BEYOND THE SESSIONS AND EVENTS WITH THE ATA58 APP FIND IT HERE 3 ATA58 App Connect with attendees like never before. H Market your services to future clients and employers. H Put your résumé in the hands of 1,800 attendees. H Click to call, email, or add attendees to your contacts. H Search for attendees by any and all languages. 58 American Translators Association 58th Annual Conference Oct 25-28 2017 H Washington DC 4 Advocacy Day 5 Event Schedule 5 Attendance Policy 5 Buddies Welcome Newbies 5 Welcome Celebration 6 Sponsors 7 Job Fair 9 Brainstorm Networking 10 NEW: Virtual Conference 10 Continuing Education Scan this code to get the app! APP HOW-TOs: Learn how to set up your MyProfile, use Matchmaking, upload your résumé, and more! Visit the ATA Help Desk in the International Terrace or 11 Keynote & Closing Session 11 Conference Dance Party 12 AST Day 14 Session Schedule 20 Exhibitors 23 Session Abstracts See photos get updates post comments, and more at Discover all there is to see and do in DC at Snap event pics and share them on Instagram using #ata58. Get the app to connect with attendees like never before at Follow us on Twitter. Use #ata58 to join the conversation. 38 Speaker Index 39 Guest Speakers 39 New/Cancelled Sessions 40 Hotel Floor Plan H Program Subject to Change H Program Design Teresa Kelly Photos Jeff Sanfacon Final Program H 3

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