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Transforming Patient

Transforming Patient Care

I have a complex medical history of autoimmune diseases and I am developing new symptoms and probably a new disorder. Most doctors have treated me with dismissiveness or disrespect because they didn’t want to take the time to deal with the complexity or diagnosis the new symptoms. Dr. Degrio, however, listened to me carefully and let me know that he appreciates a challenge and will help me figure this out to the best of his ability. He spent a lot of time with me and carefully went through all my symptoms and developed a plan of action to help me, which I appreciate more than words can say after being dismissed so many times. He also assured me that the pain and symptoms I’m experiencing are legitimate, which goes a long way to a patient who has been disregarded as many times as I have. I will definitely recommend this doctor and clinic to everyone. After my appointment with Dr. Degrio, I feel like I actually have hope of getting better after dealing with these symptoms for almost 3 years. Laura, PATIENT NOAH Heuser Family Medicine Center

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