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Bosque School is located

Bosque School is located in the south west of United States in New Mexico. In Albuquerque the dominant language is English and in a minor part the Spanish.The last time that a census was made was in 2016 and the number of habitants was 559.277 people. Albuquerque some of the most important festive days are : Feb.13- 7th Annual New Mexico Black History Festival Feb.13-Exhibition Da Vinci. The Genius Feb.16-USATF indoor championship Mar.1-Women & Creativity 2018 Mar.6-Revolutions International theatre Festival Mar.9-Rio Grande & Crafts: spring Show Mar.17-Southwest chocolate & coffee fest Apr.5-2018 season Albuquerque Isotopes baseball Apr.7-Fiestas de Albuquerque Apr.21-Downtown growers market

Albuquerque is a rich and vibrant region filled with unique vegetation and animals. Here are 16 breathtaking examples that will make you grab your backpack and explore the ABQ landscapes' flora and fauna. 1. Cane Cholla Cactus 2. Bobcats!