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Moving to California? Here’re 6 Interesting Facts about this Place! Originally Post at - ‘California’ is one of the most popular states of USA that has almost 40,000,000 residents. If one wants to move in California, there are a lot of things that he or she must not be aware about. The more people try to collect facts about the place they are going to move in, the more they are able to turn their relocation into an enjoyable experience. In order to make your move easy and stress free, reliable mover and packers in California will help their consumers in the best possible way. They will not only provide a well-recognized professional team that handle each and every work related to relocation from packing your stuffs to loadingunloading and re-arranging, but also give tips on basic topics like plant moving, pet moving and so on. There are plethora as of licensed moving companies in USA ( that can do all things that are mentioned above. Talking about moving in California, there are so many things that can change your decision of moving in this state. Some of the mind-diverting facts about this beautiful state are dense population, expensive, pollution issues and more. But, apart from this, there are also many things that can increase your urge of knowing more about this state. So, below are 6 most interesting facts about California that one should know before moving here, check out these facts: 1. Fun Facts: World’s largest and tallest trees are found in California that is General Sherman Tree in Sequoia National Park and a coastal redwood respectively. Moreover, this state has also the prestige of oldest tree in India that is Mojave Desert creosote bush. 2. Law and Order: This state’s constitution has one of the largest collections of laws in all over world that also allow their people to take initiative, recollect and referendum. Two Hollywood actors named as Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger have also tried their luck in California’s government and become governor. 3. State Symbols: From state flower to state dance and song. Below are some of the most common and recognizable state symbol that one should know about: Dance: West Coast Swing Dancing Song: ‘I love you California’ Flower: Golden Poppy Bird: California Quail Tree: California Redwoods Fish: Golden Trout Animal: Grizzly Bear Gemstone: Benitoite 4. Highest and Lowest Spot: California highest and lowest spot is Mount Whitney and Death Valley respectively. With 14,494 feet height, Mount Whitney is also one of the highest spot in whole USA. While in whole North America, Death Valley is one of the lowest spot that is 282 feet below sea level. 5. Residential Information: In whole USA, California has the least amount of white residents. This particular state has a lot of diversity, cultures and languages. This state has large Russian population

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