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Stability We have one of

Stability We have one of the most stable standing desks on the market today. The added rigidity comes from the fact that our desk utilizes a frame underneath the top, connecting both legs as well as the cross support (optional on Elegante XT) spanning across the bottom half of the frame. BIFMA Certified and Product Testing NewHeights Elegante XT, Eficiente LT, and Bonita ET have passed the rigorous ANSI/BIFMA certification. Extensive testing which includes load testing 20,000 cycles (up/down movements) without failure prior to the final production of this series. The average user will cycle the desk four to five times a day which equals approximately 10-13 years of usage without failure. UL Certified - The Elegante XT is UL certified and conforms to UL STD 962. By having your product certified and tested, it helps to ensure you will receive a high quality product that will last. You can feel confident in the fact that any piece of RightAngle BIFMA-approved furniture will help promote a working environment that is safe, functional and sustainable. 13

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