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NBC Air Filtration For Fallout Shelter

Castellex, arming you to be ready to protect yourself and loved ones.

NBC Air Filtration For Fallout

NBC Air Filtration For Fallout Shelter Castellex, arming you to be ready to protect yourself and loved ones. Los Angeles, CA, Feb 14, 2018 ­­ Castellex, arming you to be ready to protect yourself and loved ones. In this environment of fractious national politics and rising tensions with North Korea, not to mention increased risk of domestic and international terrorism, do you have confidence in the abilities of the authorities to keep you safe? What if hothead Kim Jong­un launches a threatened missile? What if the Boston Bombers had possessed a modicum of chemical know­how? What if the San Bernandino terrorists had managed to obtain a nerve gas among their stockpile of weapons and bomb­making equipment? What about next time? Even with best intentions, are the law enforcement and security agencies going to be there when needed, every time? More and more good everyday folk are taking their security into their own hands, looking to ensure they are doing everything possible to protect themselves and their loved ones. Castellex can't promise to fix the woes of the world, nor to prevent a terrorist attack in the heart of one of our cities, but they can offer you one certainty ­ a fail­safe life­support system providing quick access to a guaranteed lifeline when the outside world offers little hope of survival, i.e. that all important possibility to protect life and soul. The Castellex fallout shelter NBC Air Ventilation Systems are capable of filtering and providing clean air for safe rooms, bunkers and enclosed units ­ not only in the event of large­scale nuclear contamination or chemical attack, but also in the scenario of an industrial and chemical accident, these frequently under­reported events that can affect us all, for example the Magnablend chemical plant in Texas in 2010 or MGP chemical spill in Kansas in 2016. Homes, hospitals, office spaces, designated safe rooms, we have systems tailored to fit, all being autonomous units that provide that critical window to survival. With multiple fail­safes, powerful backup batteries and optional power generators, continuous operation is ensured even the most dire circumstances. With a full range of products, Castellex ventilation systems are designed for all eventualities and situations, protecting areas ranging from the smallest one family fallout shelter to large scale bunkers of thousands of square yards capable of protecting hundreds of people over long periods of time.

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