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Urban Legendary ( The Legacy Of Force One )

Urban Legendary is a pictorial history that focuses on the Legacy of Brick City Newark,Nj.Underground Hip Hop Legend Gee Rock & Tha CND Coalition !!!!

with producing beats.

with producing beats. Through the years he had all major samplers and drum machines, like Akai MPC 60 / 3000 / 2000, Emu SP 12 /1200, Ensoniq ASR-10, Casio RZ-1 and all Drum machines from Roland, Korg and Alesis,he changed his gear every year, constantly upgrading with technology In 1982 he formed the duo "Too Dangerous" together with Dj Johnny Dangerous (Johnny Holiday). A bit later a second rapper named MC S Dee (David Lamar) joined the group for about 2 years who then enlisted in the army. They recorded "Rock The Beat" and "We Like Percussion" (feat. S Dee) in 1982 and "It's Just A Groove" in 1984 at the Studio from Vaughan Mason (Vaughan Mason & The Crew / Raze). Dj Johnny Dangerous later left the group and was replaced by DJ Treacherous D (Arnold Durant). They got a record deal at Big House Records in 1985 and released their only 12" single with the two tracks "Danger Zone" and "Rock On" in 1988, they pressed only 300 copies, which makes it a sought after record now They were also working on an album which was never released due to a management change of the label. Only 6 testpresses were made of the album, but unfortunatley these got lost. Besides "Danger Zone" and "Rock On" there was the very first version of "The Concept Might Break You" on it along with tracks like "Devotion", "Go", "In Love", "Groove To Get Down" and "No Drugs Allowed". Too Dangerous was managed through the Famous Artists agency and was on a major tour in 1989 with the Famous Artists roster (BDP, MC Shan, ATCQ, After the tour DJ Treacherous D left the group and DJ Haste Precision (Ezekiel Washington) became the final DJ of the duo and in 1990 Too Dangerous disbanded permanently , it was like the end of an era !!!!

In 1987 he met the female singer Crystal at Big House Studio, while she was looking for a deal. She already had a record out as "Silver Star" with the 12" single "Eei Eei O" in 1982 on Enjoy Records. Crystal and Derek formed the production company "CND Productions", this is where the three letters "CND" are originally coming from. They were together off and on for about 5 years and they recorded a lot of songs together, which unfortunatley got lost forever. After they parted he kept the name and started recruiting artists. From now on his name was followed by an attachment: "The CND Coalition" (before also known as the "The Rock On Posse"). "CND" stands now for "Creating New Dimensions" and "The Coalition" consists of a bunch of artists he worked with, first was N.I.G. Dee soon after came Skee Love (aka Earl Jonez) and then the first lady Quannie Quan (aka Treazure), followed by a whole host of others which turned up: Lord Money Green, Skully (aka Boss Man), Sarge Roc, Da Mad Artist (aka Showtyme), Punkincee, JaJa Binx and Tamika Scott. Today he names Lakim Shabazz and Percee P. as honorary members. Another longtime close comrade on his side was Tonski-Spies (aka Tony Arafat) from the "Rescue One Posse". In 1993 he founded "Force One Networkz" and his label "Force One Records" and he released on his new born label his first solo album "Strait Outta Jerzee". He only made a few copies on cassette and it even came without a J-Card. there are actually two more tracks on it which don't appear on the printed tracklist of the tape: Whats Up Wit Dat" (feat. Daddy Dee) and "Accapella Thang" (feat. Tonski-Spies, Rig.X & N.I.G. Dee). "Can I Get A Hey" is mislabeled and is "Can I Pick It Up" featuring Waz Most (Boom Skwad), Skully, Black Six (aka Java Da Ancient) and DJ E.Z. Money on the scratches.Yaskills on the track "Do Or Die" later changed his name to