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Single Parenting

4 from one child, no pet

4 from one child, no pet households. But even if there is only one adult presiding at the dinner table, yours is every bit as much a real family as are the Waltons.” Whether your situation is the result of divorce, death, never marrying, desertion or adoption, you are family! 2 Don’t be Intimidated by Single Parenting Myths Too often the media cite stigmas concerning single parenting. Many people are quoted in various media blaming the country’s rising crime, violence and other social problems on the fact that more children are raised in single parent homes. This stigma is usually propagated by half-truths, false assumptions, unexamined data, and prejudiced viewpoints. Children from single parent homes are not “doomed” to a future of failure. The truth is that there are all sorts of single parents courageously and wisely raising many well adjusted children who are a credit to their parent and to the community. Consider this experience from a single mother who recently wrote

advice columnist, Dear Abby. Signing herself as “a happier family than many,” she explained that her 15-year-old son’s best friend was forbidden to play with him because the youth is being raised by a single mother. “They have told their son it is a bad thing and that my son will end up in trouble because of our circumstances. ‘Statistics prove it.’” Astounded that anyone could be so cruel and uninformed, the mother went on to describe Mother’s Day for Dear Abby and readers: “My day began the night before, with a simple yet special dinner cooked by my son, who paid for and brought the food home from the store on his bike. Mother’s Day morning began with tiptoes to allow Mom to sleep a little longer while my son cooked a breakfast of eggs, warm pastries and hot coffee. Along with a sweet present, he also gave me the gift of a hard day’s work to help me with projects I had wanted to tackle. The day ended happily with an evening together at home, with kisses, and ‘I love you’ before bed.” That mother, rightly proud of her son, concluded 5

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