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Leadership Traits A true

Leadership Traits A true leader’s motivation does not only motivate him but also others

How the leadership style contributes to his success? Steve Jobs had the ability to detect new markets. In particular, he had a deep interest in culture and media, and this interest has led to the development of appropriate business ideas in keeping with the changes in the media market. Jobs had been convinced of the feasibility of iTunes from the fact that consumers wanted to own sound sources rather than streaming services. Apple has built a beautiful computer called iMac to meet consumers' needs and has become a cultural icon producer rather than a manufacturer, showing delicate care to unify earphone color to white like iPod. Steve Jobs also focused on providing "comprehensive services" rather than just machine sales. Apple is not an operating system-centric company like Microsoft, and it does not sell computer equipment exclusively like Hewlett-Packard or Dell. Moreover, like Google, it is not an Open Source provider. Apple, founded by Steve Jobs, is a company that sells its operating system only on its own machines. With such a management approach, it may be difficult to obtain a monopoly position in the operating system market, and it may be difficult to increase the market share in the electronic device market. However, it is possible to improve the operating system and equipment of the company to provide the intended service to the market. Apple created a separate operating system to provide the services it had planned while building the iPhone, while at the same time designing a device that could function most appropriately. Microsoft has developed Windows Mobile, an operating system that can support a variety of smartphone devices, but it has had limitations in meeting the needs of different consumers. The iTunes business is worthy of Steve Jobs' best achievement in terms of comprehensive services. ITunes has built a business model for the digitized media industry. Steve Jobs persuaded the Recording Industry Association of America, the RIAA and artists who were worried about how to sell digital music. ITunes has become a leverage for securing iPod consumers and selling iPhones, and the App Store is helping to secure iPhone/iPad consumers and lead to the next business. Steve Jobs’s Management view and leadership have secured a loyal customer base for Apple. These loyal Apple customers are responsible for purchasing

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