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Home Loan Balance Transfer- Is It Worth it

A balance transfer is worthy only if it gives you an ample profit. One must do a balance transfer at the right time to get the best of it. Blog: Apply for Loan: Facebook : Twitter:

Home Loan Balance Transfer- Is It Worth

Home Loan Balance TransferIs it Worth it? A balance transfer of home loan is done when the total outstanding principal amount of the the home loan is transferred to a new bank hence the rest of the EMIs will be paid to the new bank. A balance transfer is done primarily to gain the financial benefit by a low-interest rate of the new lender. A home loan generally goes for a decade or two. The house loan can even last for 30 years which is the longest tenure of it. So while servicing a loan repayment for such long years, there may be occasions when the borrower becomes unsatisfied with the lender in terms of interest rate or services. In such situations, the only way out is transferring the outstanding balance to a new lender who is offering a lower interest rate or better services.

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