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Talent Talks - Issue 4

The newsletter for The FA Disability Talent Pathway

ETD continued provide

ETD continued provide players with a range of abilities the chance to participate in the game (see list at the bottom). In addition 13 County FAs and four professional clubs who were successful in being granted licences are hosting events between now and the end of June (see list on the right). As well as the above we are now starting to work with impairment specific organisations such as CP Sport, Royal National College for the Blind, Limpower and the Wheelchair FA to expand both opportunities and programme awareness amongst these groups. Arguably the most exciting development is the work being undertaken in embedding players who participate in Powerchair football fully into the talent pathway – in the future selected participants will be able to enjoy the undoubted benefits of what the programme can bring to the development of players. Upcoming ETD events Cambridgeshire FA – 29.04.18 Cheshire FA – 07.04.18 Coventry City FC – 25.03.18 CP Sport x 2 – TBC Devon FA – 03.03.18 Durham FA – 25.04.18 Kent FA – 12.04.18 Leicestershire FA – 03.06.18 Limbpower – TBC Lincolnshire FA – 07.04.18 Manchester FA – 11.03.18 Nottinghamshire FA – 24.03.18 Reading FC – 22.03.18 RNC - 14.04.18 and 31.05.18 Sheffield FA – 17.03.18 Shrewsbury Town FC – 29.05.18 Somerset FA – 30.06.18 West Riding FA – 06.05.18 Wheelchair FA x 3 - TBC AFC Bournemouth, Brighton FC, Derby County FC, Disability4Sport (Essex), Gloucestershire FA, Lancashire FA (ETD 29.03.18), London-West (ETD 11.03.18), North Riding FA (ETD TBC), Norwich City FC, Southampton FC, Stoke City FC, Watford FC, West Bromwich Albion FC. 2

Cerebral Palsy Classification The International Federation of CP Football (IFCPF) has adopted a new set of classification rules from January 2018. Many of you will be familiar with the previous rules which classified players as either FT5, 6, 7 or 8. This has now been replaced with the criteria of FT1, 2 or 3. Talent Scouts recruited Following a recruit and training process a cohort of 19 talent scouts have been recruited to support the Disability Talent Pathway throughout the country. Whilst they will be deployed centrally they may contact their local County FA to introduce themselves and offer their support. Ayser Hussain (National Physical Performance and Classification Manager) is currently assessing the impact of this new system on both existing and new players. It is very much a work in progress and we will provide a more informed update as soon as it is available – it is certainly an important area with regards to talent identification so watch this space! Their contact details will be sent direct to relevant partners but they are: Jasbir Batt, Adam Bendall, Julie Bowler, Will Brown, Paul Bird, Paul Campbell, Chris Day, Liam Drake, Tony Elliot, Kevin England, Lee Grant, Matthew Lewsley, Adam McEvoy, Mike Nolan, Leah Poole, Rob Seale, Mark Wells, Stuart Wells, Jon Whittingham 3

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