6 months ago

Staff Bulletin

Nurse Committee News

Nurse Committee News News from the Nurse Committee The Nurse Committee has recently welcomed new members and has said good bye to others. New Members are: Anne Ward –Aberdeen Veterinary Referrals Frankie Fletcher – Oaks Vets Sarah Jones – Lockwood Vet Group Elliott Bridge – Village Vets Cath Sharples – Myerscough Veterinary Group Jo Smith- Forest Lodge The following are outgoing members of the NC, and I would like to thank them for all the contributions that they have made over the last few years. Katie Brown – Unicorn Vets Laura Bruder – Arg Beiyn Gemma Pridmore- Abington Vets Cathy Woodlands- Bath Vet Group A full list of NC members can be found on the IVC website, further info is also on the Nursing Facebook page, or by emailing We would like to hear from nurses from across the group, on challenges you are facing, ideas on nursing within the group, CPD events or anything else nurse related.

Practice News Congratulations to Practice Manager Kay from Westwood vets who celebrated being with the practice for an amazing 35 years last week with what looked like a lovely Malteaser cake! Kay would like everyone to know she was only 2 years old when she started working at Westwood