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JAVA March 2018


12 JAVA MAGAZINE By Tom Reardon

Photo: Fausto Fernandez Photo: Michael Woodall Leah Bosworth and Scott Mills are partners in the best possible ways. Not only do they share a life of love and light together, they are also supportive business partners who have transformed the southwest corner of 7th Street and Butler in the Sunnyslope area of Phoenix into one of the more interesting creative, restorative and thought-provoking spaces in town. Over the past two years, Ironwood Yoga Studio and Ironwood Mills have turned a former warehouse space into a bastion of creativity and healing arts by combining their collective energy to build something wonderful. Bosworth, 49, and Mills, 50, met in 2006 when Mills moved to Phoenix to build a house in the Arcadia area. A native of Washington, Bosworth moved to Phoenix in 2005 after years in New York City studying with the National Shakespeare Company and working as a yoga instructor. Mills hails from Thousand Oaks, California, and lived in Lake Tahoe before settling in Phoenix. “I met Leah and never left,” Mills says. Ironwood Mills specializes in the creation of large, stunning pieces of furniture made from huge pieces of wood. Mills’ work can be found in homes and restaurants around the state, as well as in the lobby of Ironwood Yoga Studio. In fact, Bosworth’s desk is a sight to behold and a fantastic example of what Mills can do with a remnant from a large, beautiful tree. The open space of the yoga studio is nothing short of inviting, with spectacular views of the Phoenix mountain preserve. Large windows provide abundant natural light for stretching muscles and expanding consciousness for students working with Bosworth or one of her ten instructors. Bosworth and company offer a plethora of classes each month for every level of yoga practitioner, as well as a balanced slate of restorative classes. Renowned artist Fausto Fernandez also shares warehouse space with Bosworth and Mills, who regularly hold art events in their space. The painter’s colorful work covers the walls of the workspace he and Mills share. It’s just off the lobby of the yoga studio and opens up into a beautiful open space in the back of the property. With its high ceilings, spacious rooms and courtyard in the back, the expansive location is a perfect space for art exhibits. The courtyard also serves as a storage and curing area for Mills’ incredible collection of lumber. The corner lot, once home to Sunnyslope Vintage and Resale, will undoubtedly serve the community well as Ironwood Mills and Yoga Studio continue to grow. We caught up with Bosworth and Mills to learn more about what they are up to in 2018. JAVA 13 MAGAZINE

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