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Trend 1 Programmatic

Trend 1 Programmatic ABM

B2B marketers will increase their focus on programmatic accountbased advertising The business buyer’s journey has become increasingly digital. Forrester refers to this trend as the rise of the “Self-Educating Buyer.” B2B buyers increasingly use the web to research their purchase decisions, often waiting until later in the process to engage with vendors. While reliance on sales reps varies greatly depending on solution and buying process complexity, Forrester believes “Today’s buyers control their journey through the buying cycle much more than today’s vendors control the selling cycle.” B2B marketers know that a strong digital strategy is key to staying top of mind with today’s B2B buyer, yet B2B targeting solutions have historically 1 lagged behind market needs. Robust programmatic ABM solutions have recently become available and B2B marketers are moving quickly to adopt them. In 2017, B2B marketers will leverage third-party, account-based data and programmatic technology to dramatically increase the reach and scope of their ABM programs. This increases the overall impact of ABM and allows marketers to reach their target accounts in deeper ways. The benefits don’t end with digital targeting; the data that enables Programmatic ABM also will pave the way for deeper levels of site personalization, Data Driven B2B Marketing | 7

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