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JACK OWNER OF ‘THE BLACK STAR SAPPHIRE OF QUEENSLAND’ REPUTED TO BE WORTH $100 MILLION. LAST SEEN BY THE PUBLIC AT THE ROYAL ONTARIO MUSEUM IN 2007. THE STONE GAVE HIM BOTH THE INSPIRATION AND ENERGY TO PAINT 100 COSMIC CANVASSES. HIS BELIEF IN THE MAGICAL POWERS OF THIS WORLD FAMOUS 733-CARET GEMSTONE HAS MADE HIM VOW NEVER TO PAINT ANOTHER CANVAS. THE STONE, THE STORY AND THE STARS ARE WELL ALIGNED FOR A METIORIC PRICE RISE! JACK ARMSTRONG’S WORLD FAMOUS COSMIC HARLEY DAVIDSON - THE MOST EXPENSIVE MOTORCYCLE IN THE WORLD ! - LAUNCHED 2010. IT IS ON THE MARKET THIS YEAR AT $10 MILLION. JACK ARMSTRONG’S WORLD FAMOUS COSMICSTAR CRUISER ARTBike– LAUNCHED IN DUBAI 2014 AT $3 MILLION. Jack Armstrong, has been painting since he was 5 years old. After arriving in NYC in 1979, he became friends with Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. In 1984 after turning down a solo exhibition with the Leo Castelli Gallery in NYC, Mr. Armstrong has maintained his revolutionary antidealer stance and has never been represented by a dealer. JACK ARMSTRONG HOLDING HIS BLACK STAR SAPPHIRE, Mr. Armstrong founded THE LARGEST STONE OF ITS KIND IN THE WORLD. “Cosmic Extensionalism” revolutionizing modern art. Armstrong’s use of extreme color, texture and light with words magically appearing at different angles in the paint, allow viewers to experience universal cosmic energy, coexisting with his belief in inter-planetary and multi-dimensional extensionalism. Current prices and values range between $1.5M—$10M. Alice Walton, Michel Polnareff, Narendra Patel, Donny York, and Eric Roberts are listed amongst the wealth owners of his work. ANCIENT UNIVERSAL ROYAL CHILDMAGIC_COSMIC COSMIC DREAMSTAR FUTUREMAGIC 1 STAR KEY #733 10