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Feast Bay Area Morning Bulletin for Mar 4, 2018

Unleashed Series Talk 1: Freeing God


BLESSING BLOG Another Shot at Life Personal Reflection and Discussion Guide: • Share your own story when you trusted God amid your pain. • Pray for those who have struggles right now. Michael Elecho had everything any man could ever dream of – earning six figures a month, a loving wife and good children, their own beautiful house and a car – but his ungrateful heart caused him to throw it all away. Kristina Alfonso writes his story. At the age of 19 working in the coffee industry in Baguio City, I made a fortune, bought a house, a car and saved some money. I had a lovely wife and children. I got everything. I served at Pacdal Church, also in the City of Pines. My wife, Herminia, and I had a strong relationship for we had God in the center of our lives. Losing It All Michael Elecho, Feaster since 2011 I got introduced to gambling. At first, I was just betting small in cockfights until I got hooked and was already betting high stakes. With gambling came my womanizing. I forgot about my family and my service in the church. My daily routine became work, gambling with friends and going out with different women. Before I knew it, I was neck deep in debt. In 2005, I went bankrupt. Everything my wife and I built together for the past 15 years was gone. My wife never said a thing and didn’t object when I sold all that we owned including our house so we could start over again. Quietly, though heartbroken, she endured the consequences of my actions. Then I got our finances back on track and so were my vices – worse than ever. Before long, I started borrowing money. Looking for Answers In 2011, I couldn’t pay my debts anymore. Sitting at home desperate and not knowing what to do, I turned to the internet and explored the different religious groups. That’s when I chanced upon Bro. Bo’s talk. Watching it felt like he was talking to me directly. The following Sunday, I decided to watch him in person. At The Feast, I did not feel discriminated on. I was accepted and welcomed despite my sins. I kept going back and learned a lot. I learned how to tithe. I yearned to read and know more about the Bible. I began to appreciate my life more. Loved Unconditionally I realized God showed me His love in the past, way before I repented. In 2001, I fell into a ravine but I survived. In 2013, while doing a demo for a roasting machine, the equipment exploded and burned my entire face. Everybody who saw me that time could not believe how I came out of that accident without any scars or bruises. Several times, I tried killing myself by trying to pull a gun in my mouth but to no avail. Encountering the Lord again through Bro. Bo and The Feast, I decided to turn my life around for good. My choice of following God did not spare me from hardships. My wife died of colon cancer in 2015 but I remained in His fold. Today, I continue to be grateful for my blessings – my work and my children who did not judge and abandon me. Want to retreat to God’s arms? Join our Holy Week Special Retreat. See P4 for details. 2

SCENES FROM LAST SUNDAY “The only thing that God needs for you to serve Him is your yes.” –Bro. Audee Villaraza As a way of closing the series Loud, Bro. Audee (left) and Bro. Tony Valenzuela (right) listen to youth leaders Nico Tee and Janine Pellosis share how they started serving at the age of 12 and 13 respectively, the life challenges they’ve been through and the lessons learned. Bro. Bo Sanchez’s eldest son, Bene, 18, calls on his fellow youth to join Camp Calye 2018 -- Elements -- this summer. RECAP FOUR WAYS TO CONNECT WITH THE YOUTH Gospel Reading According to Mark 9:2-10 The Transfiguration “There may be so much pain around us but there is joy in surrender and offering our suffering to the Lord.” – Fr. Paolo Asprer “Jesus’ transfiguration is a revelation of the Father’s love for the Son and for us, His beloved children.” – Fr. Steve Tynan “For a deeper experience of love, compassion, forgiveness and healing of brokenness, like the disciples’s Mt. Tabor experience with Jesus, join a Feast retreat this Holy Week.” – Fr. Bob McConaghy (For details on the Holy Week Retreat, Deeper, see page 4.) Series: LOUD Listening to the Voices of Today Talk 3: Expansion BIG MESSAGE: DO IT NOW. There’s no right time to serve God but now. Some think that the best time to become a servant is when we’re ready and available. Not so. The time is always right whenever we say yes to Him. Age doesn’t matter. We just have to be available and He will equip us to carry out our mission. And our life will be exciting and adventurous. Start early. The Bible says that we should honor our Creator while we are still young. While we are still strong, let’s give ourselves to Him. The youth of today should follow Christ to experience the greatness of His love early on. Not too late. Serving the Lord is not based on one’s age but one’s willingness and commitment to answer His call. Everyone is called for a mission. Young or old, the Lord invites everyone to serve Him to feel His unconditional love. Don’t delay, do it now. 1. Speak their language. Be familiar with the words and phrases of our youth to understand them better. 2. Sing their songs. This is the best way to relate with them. Their songs may be too fast for your taste but try anyway to learn to associate with them. 3. Die to their preferences. Give them what they need so they’ll be comfortable and feel at home. 4. Be available to them. Spending time with them encourages them to open up. They need someone to train, educate and care for them. They need someone to show them how to love like Jesus. 3

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