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Soft Stuff Creations

Bring your ideas to life

Bring your ideas to life Replicate life size mascots as high quality custom plush toys, ideal for sports teams, universities, colleges and corporations Teams where we have produced their mascots are pleasantly surprised how it helps deliver enormous brand awareness, social media exposure, and increases consumer/ fan attendance. Ideal for community events and fundraising. Promotional plush toys are unique add-ons for any marketing campaign. Add value to a brand by boosting awareness and the brand image. Cost effective with multiple size options available. This international recruitment company created a custom golf head cover, two sizes of plush and a squeeze toy to cover all their marketing needs. * 1,200 piece minimum * 90 to 120 days production 30

Generate a buzz at any trade show and make a product that stands out in the crowd. Rest assured, a branded plush giveaway will draw customers and prospects to your booth. This manufacturer of children’s vitamins created their logo characters as plush bears for giveaways at trade shows. The result was long line ups of people waiting to get in their booth. Ideal as a fund raising item, as people are more likely to give to a cause if they can take home a lovable plush toy. Plus plush toys have a high rate of retention. Become a guardian to a grizzly bear... this plush grizzly bear was used as a fundraiser and the hang tag enabled recipients to track where their bear roamed, engaging them further in the mission to protect grizzly bears. We can help you enhance your product with custom hangtags and packaging. 31