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Simplified Sourcing

2018 promises to be a

2018 promises to be a terrific year. We have made a pledge to try even harder and devise new ways to provide value. We have looked to our core principles of Quality, Service and Partnership to help us help you generate value for your end-user. Quality. Service. Partnership. QUALITY 5 Star supplier. A+ Supplier. Year in and year out, we work hard to earn our 5 Star and A+ ratings. Trust your order with AZX and rest easy knowing it will arrive as ordered, on time, the first time. Safety. AZX produces its own goods, and complies with all regulations, including CPSIA, and PROP 65. Work with AZX, and rest easy knowing that you are compliant. Sage A+ rating. You voted and we now have an A+ rating on SAGE. SERVICE Communication. No one communicates like AZX. We return all calls and emails within 30 minutes. We fax and email an ORDER ACKNOWLEDGEMENT within 30 minutes of your PO. We provide tracking numbers, packing slips, and your invoice within 30 minutes of shipping! Dual Production Capability. AZX has domestic production on the East and West coasts as well as its own overseas factory. We produce 30,000 units a day domestically, and can produce as much as you require overseas. Since we own the factory, we can beat your overseas pricing while complying with PROP 65. Place your order with AZX and know that it is being taken care of by a 5 Star supplier, with no need to worry about order deposits, safety and compliance, or factory closures. Price Guarantee. If you see it in our catalog -that’s the price! If you see it on our web- that’s the price! If you see it on ESP/Sage/Promocan- that’s the price! Unlike other vendors, we don’t negotiate pricing after you’ve quoted your client. AZX honors published pricing and guarantees it through the end of the year, so you can focus your time on closing deals rather than confirming prices. Proof Positive. AZX provides virtual samples free of charge (charges may apply after third revision per project). Dedicated CSR. At AZX, you have a dedicated rep who knows and understands your business and handles your account with the authority to make quick decisions on the spot. On Time. At AZX, we understand how important your customer’s in-hand date is, and we achieved our 5 Star rating by producing quality goods-on time. PARTNERSHIP Over two decades. AZX will be there when you need us! 2

contents Promo Cube 4 Socks 5 Earbuds 6-8 Beanie 9-10 Scarves 11-12 Tubedanas 13 Gloves 14-15 Phone Cases 16 Speakers 17 Solar Powerbank 18 Webcam Cover 18 Thunder Sticks 19 Neoprene Covers 20 Cooling Towel 21 Automotive 22 Sunglasses 23 PVC Keychains 24 PVC Luggage Tag 24 Lapel Pins 25 Buttons 26 Air Sofa 27 3

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