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artikel british

Breeding Daylilies in Germany by Harald Juhr of "Taunusgarten Juhr" Hessen, Germany Editors Note: Harald Jurr is a German daylily collector who has been hybridising for more than twenty years. He is based in Wallau im Taunus which is a quarter of Hofheim in Main-Taunus- Kreis in the state of Hessen, Germany. He has created many hybrids suitable to European climate and is one of Europe’s leading daylily hybridisers. Harald writes: I started breeding around 1982. One advantage was the support from US breeders. I visited the Mavis and Stewart Smith families in the USA every year between 1992 and 2001. There I bred in the garden of the Smith and got the seeds sent to Germany. So, of course, I had some advantages over the European breeders. I have been building my own breeding series for many years. However, breeding progress cannot be achieved, as breeders in the US have achieved much better breeding. ‘Wildsachsen’ (Juhr, 2001)

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