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‘Herbert Juhr’

‘Herbert Juhr’ (Juhr, 1995) ‘Haralds Creation’ (Juhr, 2005) Juris Fancy Eye (Juhr, 2014) Juris Minja (Juhr, 2014) From 2010, I started to import the latest daylilies from the famous breeders, Stamile, Smith, Lambertson, Gossard, Graze and Rice. In 2013, I bought a large collection of recent registrations. That was the right way, because I have now reached very good quality. The previous setting with long-term breeding lines was indeed important in the profiling, but the quality comes only with the use of the latest varieties. Therefore, I have short-term breeding lines and connect them with new genetic material. My goal is to breed modern daylilies that tolerate European climate. For me it is also very important to offer versatility. This affects colours and shapes, as well as many peculiarities that are now bred in the USA. With my attitude, I encounter the lack of understanding of some hardliners here in Germany. But the public opinion of international groups from the USA or Poland on my breeding is more important to me than the opinion of individual people.

‘Juris Little Blueberry’ (Juhr, 2014) ‘Juris Golden Triangel’ (Juhr, 2015) ‘Meissner Porcelain’ (Juhr, 1998) ‘Karin Storch’ (Juhr, 2005) ‘Juris Honey Spider’ (Juhr, 2005) ‘Saxon White Manta’ (Juhr, 2008)

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