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BGB Company Proposal sample

Strong Ethics Providing

Strong Ethics Providing Something Unique. At BGB we are extremely proud of our ethics and values that we operate by. This provides something unique to our customer base that cannot be replicated. Providing our customers with the best possible experience stems right back to our values, we believe they motivate all of our stakeholders to operate at the highest levels. They are engrained in our DNA and are our finger print in the world of modern business, our personality and identity. These values are exerted though every touch point with our customers. Shared Learning: By sharing information throughout our entities and with our customers/suppliers, we are ensuring the best possible performance. We constantly strive to be better and information is key to that. Pride: When were you last proud of something achieved in your workplace? Our goal at BGB is for that answer to be on a daily basis. Ambition: We are dedicated to re-define standards of engineering excellence, as we specialise and grow. Creativity: Creating innovative solutions for our customers means we are always thinking outside the box. Engagement: It’s important for us to keep all of our stakeholders engaged as we believe it increases efficiency, productivity and happiness. Why? Why? Why?: In order to achieve excellence either through an existing product/ service or a new one, we continuously challenge the norm for improvements. 6

Builder of Partnerships For A Win-Win Outcome We are not an advocate of a supplier – customer relationship, we want to go beyond that, to be a strategic supplier that results in a win-win outcome for both of us. To synergise with our customers and suppliers then we recognise that being a true partner is required. We are constantly seeking to discover new technologies and design features for our products. This ensures we then offer our customers the very best proposition against there requirements, we integrate ourselves into there operations. The outcome being total collaboration between the two parties. It is therefore no surprise that BGB have some extremely long standing partnerships with it’s customer base, we would be delighted if you were the next addition to that growing community. Building partnerships for long term, successful relationships is core to our operations. 7

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