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System Analysis for STEM

Page 6-4 As displayed in

Page 6-4 As displayed in Figure 6-3, only about 10 to 20 persons represented vast numbers of STEM specialists (records showing employers of committee and task force members sometimes are ambiguous) for some of the most important and directionchanging events for high school STEM courses in the past century. Examination of the personnel flow in the STEM system as shown by Figure 6-2 also suggests that science-rich communities had little participation in decision-making processes to help educators determine the “right” things to teach in the limited time available, to facilitate bringing up-to-date STEM information into the classroom, and to provide students current information about preparing for and working in STEM fields. Current STEM activities sponsored and/or operated by the science-rich tend to be episodic and often available only to students already interested sufficiently in STEM to invest extracurricular time for participation. ⇒A STEM System⇐ (Figure 6-1) suggests only one of many possible ways to engage STEM specialists meaningfully in STEM classrooms at low total cost to all concerned.

Pre-Secondary H.S. Implementation University Biology Dept. Chemistry Dept. Physics Dept. Engineering Depts. ⇒A STEM System⇐ Military General Employment Unemployed Community College and Specialty Schools Page 6-5 Student Flow Teacher Flow STEM Specialist Flow Science-Rich Community Industry Government Mission Agencies Post-secondary Institutions Research Organizations Local Businesses Services Education Dept. Figure 6-2

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