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YOUR BIG DAY Weddings are so much fun! I have been to plenty, from small backyard DIY weddings to big resort weddings and every kind in between. Every wedding is a unique celebration of the couple. It’s a long day but at the same time flies by so quickly. The brides and grooms that get the best results from their wedding photography are the ones that are well organised, where the bride and groom are able to relax and really enjoy their day. I really love capturing the details & the all the little moments so that your images will retell the events & emotions of the day. To help ensure your day goes as smoothly as possible I suggest putting together a timeline for how you would like your day to unfold. There are some things that we simply cannot control such as the weather & wardrobe malfunctions but if everything else is well organised it is much easier to deal with the surprises that a wedding day can bring. Delegate any last minute jobs to your friends and family so that you are free to enjoy preparing for your big day. Talk to your vendors, particularly your hair and makeup artists & ensure everyone is aware of their deadlines. Over the page I have put together a sample photographic coverage timeline for the All of me package with a 3pm ceremony during AEST. It’s a good idea to add in a little extra time as a cushion so if things start to run behind schedule there is time to catch up without stress.

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