Confronting Unconscious Bias



Unconscious Bias

Ecocuriean, Inc.

Susan J. Eddington

Ph. D. Candidate, Media Psychology


• Ecocuriean is a New York City based media and management

consulting firm that develops strategies and content for pro-social



• Susan J. Eddington, President of Ecocuriean, has more than 30

years experience developing campaigns, strategies and training

programs to build relationships and increase diversity and inclusion

in communities and in corporate settings. We have a team of media

and technology professionals who produce content across all

media platforms. They’re complemented by social scientists skilled

in quantitative and qualitative research methods.

As the nation becomes more demographically diverse

organizations must adapt and become adept at building and

maintaining meaningful relationships with its key stakeholders

and the broader public in an era of increased scrutiny and




Social identity theory suggests individuals view themselves and

others based on the social groups they belong to and create a

hierarchy based on that group affiliation.

Ecocuriean conducts research and uses evidence based

strategies to address the challenges that stem from deeply

rooted ingroup biases, particularly those that are unconscious.

• From adolescence into adulthood, media is the primary source of

cultural influence for most people. Ecocuriean develops solutions to

address the causes and consequences of unconscious bias.

• We are currently researching various strategies that use media as a

tool to mitigate or reverse unconscious bias. We are also exploring

the use of media to foster attitudes of openness and acceptance.

• We focus on the following:

Our Focus









• Communications Audits

• Content Analyses

Our Services

(A Sampling)

• Stakeholder Impressions-Research & Analysis

• Customized Training Programs

• Content for Change

• Immersive Media Strategies

• Program Analysis & Evaluation

Working with

Us Works

• The team at Ecocuriean offers a long history and familiarity

with diversity and inclusion related issues. That experience

is complemented by team leaders actively engaged in

evidence based practices for addressing contemporary

issues and conducting research to contribute to the body

of knowledge on strategies for successful outcomes. Our

research, training and analysis support:

• Recruiting and Retention

• Employee Satisfaction

• Brand Image

• Stakeholder Relationships

• Community Relationships

• Corporate Social Responsibility

Next Steps






Our team is enthusiastic

about working with you

to address relationship

management concerns.

We can investigate:

• What you’re doing right

• What’s not working

• Opportunities for improvement

• New approaches to old issues

To determine how we

might support your efforts

the first step is a face-toface

meeting so you can

tell us the challenge you

want to address.

We will then develop a

proposal with our

recommended approach

to address that challenge.

Once our firm has be

engaged we’ll get to work.

To start the conversation

Please contact

Susan J. Eddington

Ecocuriean, Inc.

T 1+ 347.754.7964

Ecocuriean is certified as a M/WBE by New York City and New York State

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