9 months ago

Chiiz Volume 10 : Black and White Photography

There is no doubt that colors bring out the vivaciousness of a picture but this time we are all geared to floor you with the magic of monochrome. This time Chiiz has brought to you a special edition based on Black and White Photography. Marc Henauer is here take you to a trip the world under the deep dark sea, the beauty of monochrome is explained by Ravi Dhingra in “Frozen in time”, Urshita Saini and Donatella Nicolini delves us into a relatively new genre of photography, i.e. Maternity and Birth Photography. The retention of the culture of Iran in the face of modernization is depicted amazingly by Duncan Chard. Mehdi Nazeri’s work on the pigeon fanciers in ‘The Birds of Hope’ is truly commendable and Debrani Das creates magic with her series on ‘Levitating Lovers, Unspoken Love’. Ashok Ghosh’s Work is a sight for sore eyes and is bound to leave you in awe and admiration for the ingenious photographer. Vikramjit Roop Rai covers the heritage of India and Shares ‘Why and How to Shoot Monuments’. Aman Chotani’s work on lights, lines and textures is replete with interesting elements that will leave you wanting for more. Turn the pages and find a lot more incredible stories in this volume.

Chiiz Volume 10 : Black and White

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