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What is UpViral? UpViral is a cloud based software(SaaS) to easily create viral competitions, giveaways & sweepstakes. People can join your contest/giveaway by sharing your content on social networks (or generating a lead or visiting an URL). UpViral supports the 5 major social networks: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest & LinkedIn. The more people share, the more (entry) points they get & the higher the chance to win the contest or get more free rewards. You can promote any landing page you want. But to get the best ROI & for a “never ending” viral loop, you want to get new emails & build your list by setting up a lead page. Hence, think about a webinar registration page, an early bird subscription page for a new product, a squeeze page with freebie to join your list etc. The goal is that people will take an action (visit a web-site, generate a lead or share your page) in exchange for a change to win a price or get a reward if they reach a certain number of entry points. How does UpViral work? Log in to your application & create your campaign by giving it a name: Step One: Appearance settings. Create your Lead & Thank You pages with the built-in templates. And set/select your Social Appearance settings (which of the five Social Networks you want to use). Step Two: Rewards settings. Reward points: you can select how many entries someone gets for sharing (contest), generating leads or visiting certain web pages. Or specify (link to) your reward down-load pages (giveaways/sweepstakes). Step Three: Set-up your General settings. Se-tup your Auto-responder & create your follow-up email series. Step Four: Publish your contest via embed code on any web-site you control. You can either publish the contest on your webpage or show it as a po-pup. Video Demo

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