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The Shannon family from

The Shannon family from Merritts Creek near Hampton have scored a significant win with a Hereford bull at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Poll Herefords and Herefords were featured in the stud beef section at the Sydney Show and they were judged together and the Intermediate Champion Bull was Braelyn Governor M157AI. Governor is a horned bull, weighing 780kg, and he won the 16-18 months class. Another horned Braelyn bull, Braelyn Cavalier M052, weighing 744kg, was third in the class, and the pair of them together were placed second for two bulls not over 24 months. There were 19 entries in this class. It was the first show that Neville and Denise Shannon and their family have entered since 2004 when there was a national show of Hereford cattle at Wodonga. There was also a steer and carcase competition at this show and the Shannons had champion carcase. “I have not put a halter on a bull since,” Neville Shannon said. However, the feature show at the Sydney Easter HIGH COUNTRY FARMING Hereford from Merritts Creek wins in Sydney Show was a big event, with 300 entries from 73 exhibitors. The three Braelyn bulls entered at Sydney were presented by Steve Hayward of Allora, renowned for his preparation of cattle for shows. Mr Shannon said that while there were more Poll Herefords than horned Herefords at Sydney, Herefords generally were making a resurgence. He said that in the south, Hereford weaners were sought after at sales. Many were coming from the high country around Omeo, and also from the Casino and Inverell areas. They were being used for cross breeding with European and Tropical breeds, and there was an expanding market for Hereford bulls. Mr Shannon said in Queensland there was a move to improve the MSA ratings of Hereford cattle, to expand the carcase quality. The winning Braelyn bulls were bred and raised at Merritts Creek, but the Shannon family also has cattle on the New South Wales side of the Dumaresq River near Texas. Inside the stud beef pavilion at the Sydney Royal is the Intermediate Champion Bull Braelyn Governor. Neville Shannon is second from left, and judge P. D. Butler is second from right. Intermediate Champion Bull at the Sydney Royal Show. Courtesy Fairfax Media. Dorper sheep show and sale at Toowoomba Royal The first national Dorper and White Dorper sheep show in Queensland, is to be held in conjunction with the Toowoomba Royal Show this week. The exhibition of Dorpers starts at the Toowoomba Showgrounds tomorrow Wednesday, April 11, and about 350 registered sheep from 50 studs from across Australia including Western Australia, will compete for ribbons and championships. The show is being supported by the Dorper Sheep Society of Australia. Dorpers and White Dorpers will be involved in the show which continues on Thursday, the first day of the Toowoomba Royal Show, and in the afternoon there will be an auction of nominated show sheep. Organiser Richard Knights said the very best Dorper and White Dorper sheep and genetics available in Australia will be on display at this show. He said Dorpers arrived in Australia in 1996 spreading right across the country. There were now 12 to 13 million pure and cross bred Dorpers in Australia out of a total of 67.5 million sheep. Dorper Sheep were bred in South Africa for their prime lamb carcase qualities, hardiness, adaptability and fertility and have settled into Australia perfectly. Mr Knights said 90 per cent of sheep passing through the Warwick saleyards were either Dorper or Dorper cross. He said using Dorper genetics produced hybrid vigour. They were hardy, adaptable and fast grow-ing and required minimal husbandry and handling. Mr Knights said that with the return of sheep into Queensland’s southern and central interior, behind exclusion fencing, many were restocking with Dorpers. Dorpers produced a leaner carcase with large eye muscle and reached carcase weights earlier. Mr Knights said that while Dorpers performed well under tougher conditions, they also maintained their edge in good country. White Dorper ram TOOWOOMBA CATTLE & PIG MARKET REPORT FOR BOOKINGS Contact Darren Hartwig 0428 736 470 reporting on Toowoomba Cattle Sale Booking Agent for Toowoomba, Dalby & Warwick Cattle Sales David O’Sullivan 0412 501 116 Paul O’Sullivan 0400 910 088 Selling on each Monday at Harristown Saleyards at 7.30am Full buying panel covering export, feeders, trade and store descriptions. Please note:- All livestock payments in 10 days For best results consign your livestock to LANDMARK TOOWOOMBA Toowoomba Office Phone 07 4637 3000 Fax 07 4637 3022 Branch Manager: Guy Pitman 0428 740 151 Livestock/Auctions Plus: Andrew Costello 0429 485 191 Livestock/Auctions Plus: Simon Booth 0438 756 245 Stud Stock: Colby Ede 0417 265 980 Merchandise: Rob Wiemers 0407 736 198 Livestock Finance: Rob Moncrieff 0408 296 952 Insurance: Ceri Martin 0429 685 847 Insurance: Jolean Danneberg 0409 036 799 Livestock Administration: Jenny Radke 07 4637 3013 HOCKEY Game results of Toowoomba Hockey Association played on April 6. Mens A1: Raptors 4 (Zac Gooderham 2, Cory Guse, Carter Mogg) d. Total Chill 1 (Dylan Pember). Dream Team 3 (Liam Brown 2, Michael Boyd) d. Woodcutters 1 (Kynan Haddock). No other media reaches anywhere near as many LOCAL people as the 4615 4416 12 - HIGH COUNTRY HERALD - APRIL 10, 2018 To advertise phone 4615 4416

Is Highfields hopping mad? By JACK WATERS With Easter festivities wrapping up for yet another year, you could be forgiven for thinking you have seen your last bunny, chocolate or furry, for at least another 12 months. Well, if you own a property in the Highfields region, you might have to get used to seeing them more often. Rabbits cost the Australian economy more than $600 million yeasr and are known for their environmental destruction, making them one of the country’s biggest pests. The Queensland Murray-Darling Committee, the Toowoomba Regional Council, the Darling Downs-Moreton Rabbit Board and Biosecurity Queensland will be teaming up to try and reduce the rabbit population in Highfields, Cabarlah, Hampton, Crows Nest and Yarraman. Their plan is to familiarise themselves with more than 1800 properties in these areas, n which they will con- duct surveys to identify where the breeding hot spots are and just how big the rabbit population is. If a breeding ground is identified, QMDC will then look to work with the property owner to remove the warren, the most effective approach to control breeding. QMDC’s Regional Co-ordinator for Land and Water Vanessa Macdonald said autumn is the ideal time to tackle the rabbit population. “With favourable climatic conditions, a recent outbreak of rabbit haemorrhagic and the release of the K5 virus each impacting on rabbit numbers, now is the ideal time to add another layer to control efforts by way of mechanical warren ripping,” she said. “We’re in the process of surveying rabbit breeding places on more than 1800 properties on private and public land in the Highfields area.” To advertise phone 4615 4416 Brendan, Chas (TRC), Nathan (DDMRB), Lachlan (QMDC) and Greg (DDMRB) have been conducting rabbit surveys on 1800 properties in and around Highfields. - Photos supplied. “This will enable us to map entries to underground warrens or harbours such as under sheds or rubbish piles and the level of rabbit activity.” Once the surveys have been completed, the QMDC will be organising a rabbit warren ripping demonstration workshop which will share control techniques Customer-owner sector can play the role of People’s Bank Customer-owned financial institutions can fulfil the same role as a “People’s Bank”, provided barriers to competition are removed and they can operate on an equal playing field to the big banks, Heritage Bank CEO Peter Lock said. Mr Lock was responding to calls from Greens leader Richard Di Natale for the Federal Government to set up a “People’s Bank” to provide more affordable and responsible home lending for everyday Australians. Mr Lock said he welcomed the Greens’ leadership in opening up the debate on the issue. However he there was no need to set up a separate government-owned institution, as the customer-owned sector already had the capacity to meet the need the Greens had identified. “We don’t believe it’s appropriate for the Federal Government to become directly involved in banking, but what they must do is act to ensure we have true competition in the sector,” Mr Lock said. “We don’t need to try to manufacture alternatives to the big banks – customer-owned institutions such as Heritage already provide that alternative. “What we need is for Government to remove the barriers to competition that currently hold us back so we can operate on an equal playing field.” Mr Lock said the “People’s Bank” ideal of offering lower rates and a more customer-centric approach, free from the excesses of the big bank sector, was exactly what Heritage offered. “The scale have been tipped too far in favour of the big banks, in terms of their ability to raise capital and to access cheaper funding, because of their ‘too big to fail’ status,” he said. “I’m pleased that the Federal Government has announced a number of suggested reforms in recent times that will help address this inequity, but we need these reforms accelerated and locked in so we can truly ramp up competition in the sector. “The best way to address the dominance of the big banks is not to set up a new government bank, but to unleash the latent power of the customer-owned sector to give customers a much better deal,” Mr Lock said. Katter fearful of foreign owned Australian food processing The announcement that Murray Goulburn, the biggest milk processor in Australia, will be sold to a foreign corporation now means that almost all of beef processing, is owned by foreign corporations. Almost all fruit and vegetable processing, almost all sugar processing are owned by foreign corporations. In other words, all of the industries are now controlled by foreign corporations, with the exception of grains, the non-processing grains industry. What country would allow foreign corporations to own almost all its food processing? Under Free Trade agreements we cannot regulate, and with Mr Turnbull’s Trans Pacific Partnerships we will never be able to apply any regulations to them now or in the future. You’re watching the colonisation of Australia by the corporations. The major parties must be removed. The policies are so deeply entrenched that you will never change the ALP and LNP. They must be eliminated. 82 per cent of our mineral wealth is foreign owned, including almost all of the CSG industry, around 93 per cent, and 96 per cent of all our petrol/diesel is imported. We will be moving in the Parliament to stop the sale of Murray Goulburn and the farmers need the money, then I suggest they stop voting for the LNP, wake up to themselves and get the Country Party back which of course had the reconstruction board – and their regulated market systems – and aggressive marketing systems that delivered prosperity to us. “Regulated markets was removed, not by the ALP, but was put there by the LNP National Competition Policy - which most farmers are still so bloody stupid or brainless they keep voting for the LNP. There is no capacity for the extent of the stupidity of my fellow farmers. It has to stop. So if we can’t stop it with an intelligent approach then we will stop it with a blunt object. That is only for the time being. Only for the time being because the people of Australia will wake up. - Bob Katter MP. and give landholders advice on how to handle warrens. Ms Macdonald said the surveys are close to being completed and the results have been good. “So far, we’ve completed over 1000 surveys and have been finding slightly less warrens than we anticipated which is a good starting point for us,” Crows Nest Show floral entries With Crows Nest Show just weeks away, now is the time to make sure you have everything organised for entries in the different sections. For those entering the floriculture section, it is time to give the pot plants a last minute boost in readiness for showing. A splash of fertiliser, dead leaves or flowers removed and a clean of the pot, and your entry is ready to go. If your interest is in floral art, it is not too early to prepare an artificial arrangement or start planning your other arrangements. The roses and cut flowers have responded well to the recent rains. Will they be looking good for the Show on Saturday, May 12? Stewards will be on hand to receive pot plant and floral art entries on Thursday, May 10 between 2pm and 7pm. Roses and cut flowers will also be received on Friday morning, May 11 from 7am but they must be benched by 9.15am. Even if you have just one entry to display, please bring it along. Every entry helps make a show and the stewards look forward to helping you exhibit. The floriculture schedule is available on line or from the secretary. This year, the Darling Downs Heritage Rose Group will have a display site at the show and they will happily answer any questions you may have. There will be some cuttings of heritage roses for sale. - Elaine Kahler, chief floriculture steward. Cattle Sales CROWS NEST CATTLE SALE Next Sale April 21 - 11am 35 Mixed Breed Feeder Steers (Charolais/ Santa/D-Master) Charolais X & Shorthorn X Weaner Steers 13 Angus Steers (7mths) & 6 Angus Heifers (6mths) - A/C R & D Wallace Assorted Weaner Heifers Droughtmaster & Charolais X to be drafted 10 Droughtmaster Steers (12mths) 8 Brangus Steers (10mths) 14 Charolais X Steers (8-10mths) 11 Charolais X Heifers (8-10mths) 18 Droughtmaster Steers (6-7mths) CALL MAL FOR BOOKINGS Thank you for supporting CNAH & I Canteen Geoff Trost 0418 182 296 Mal Berlin 0437 247 020 Livestock CROWS NEST QMDC officer Lachlan Marshall inspects rabbit warrens near Highfields Celebrating women in farming and food Bookings are now open for the Famers La Femme dinner which is being held on Friday, May 18, to coincide with the Hampton Festival. The dinner is a four-course meal designed to highlight the qualities women bring to farming and food. The meals will also be prepared by an all-female line-up of both chefs and farmers who will entertain you with stories about the challenges and joys of being a female farmer. Why not make a full weekend out of the Hampton festival and grab your tickets now? Tickets at $135 a person will include four-courses, sparkling wine/beer and award-winning wines. Visit CROWS NEST SALE Steers very strong at Zeller & Co Sale on Saturday, April 7 A pen of steer calves from Geham made $930, Angus steers from Emu Creek made $1060, Blonde steer calves from Emu Creek made $900 and Droughtmaster heifers from the Bluff made $1000. Next sale April 21, 10am Early bookings include: 15 Droughtmaster weaners, acc breeder 20 Euro x weaners, acc breeder 10 Braford heifers, acc breeder. she said. A single large warren can house up to 100 rabbits and need to be controlled as soon as possible. For more information, or to report information about your property, contact Ms Macdonald on 428 712 955 or visit the QMDC web site. Don’t forget we sell in Dalby every Wednesday For bookings & info, please phone Rick 0428 879 531 or Gavin 0427 979 527 Real Estate Caroline 0427 134 636 BUYING ALL TYPES OF CATTLE Fax: 4698 2580 E: Your local agent HIGH COUNTRY HERALD - APRIL 10, 2018 - 13

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