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And They Two Shall Become One

You will become intrigued by our Part 1 sequel of 6 as we bring enrichment ans resources to your library in relationships. This collection will bring life changing experiences and scenarios to help you to grasp how to weather challenges and how to identify small elements of how to repair a relationship. Before the Altar is part of our collection; "And They Two Shall Become One" series. Remember the word years ago entitled "Hitched." This meant that two were entering into a commitment of relationship and marriage. These resources will give you tips, tools, and empowerment on what you need to look for and steps you need to utilize before saying the I Do's. In order to have a successful and creative relationship , their must be essential steps taken first. Being married and in a relationship with my spouse for more than 27 years, I will share some experiences in which I occurred and additional examples regarding some marriages and relationships in which I have counseled. I hope this book is a door to your next process for marriage or engagement.

She tells Mitch that for

She tells Mitch that for the one hundredth time, “I am tired of picking up your shoes.” Mitch is offended and tells her that this is just a habit that I need to break Mary Ann and that I will try and get better at this. He is offended and leaves. How could’ve have Mary Ann handled this? A. Picked the shoes up and been more patient with Mitch B. Threw his shoes in the room C. Ask him to pick up his own shoes 24

D. Apologized to say that she was sorry E. A & D

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