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Laserax Industrial Laser Solution for the Automotive industry

In this Powerpoint, we discuss what Laserax brings to the table to the companies wishing to enter the very lucrative and yet much more demanding automotive industry as an OEM. We feel very strongly that laser direct part marking is the most rugged way to implement a traceability system for diecasters and others in the primary metals sector. Watch YouTube video of our applications and read on, you'll be convinced of what we know, laser marking is the solution you're looking for. Feel free to contact us at: Browse our website at: Get in touch on our social media channel: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: Google+: YouTube: Xing: Instagram: Viadeo: Learn more on our laser marking & traceability, laser cleaning and safety standards blog Blog:

Traceability: A Matter

Traceability: A Matter of Reliability OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY Products tracking during processing Optimized inventory management Minimized scrap and non-quality costs CUSTOMER SERVICE Requires knowing the exact content of products that have been delivered to each customer to provide quality assurance. SALES ADVANTAGES Provides an edge on your competitor by ensuring to your customers a perfect traceability. COMPLIANCE Regulatory compliance to rising standards © 2017 Laserax All rights reserved. 6

Lasers and Traceability Permanent traceability Contrasting permanent marking Fastest marking technology No consumable required Almost no maintenance required Heat- and shot-blasting resistant No limits in terms of graphical capablities © 2017 Laserax All rights reserved. 7

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