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How To Make The Perfect Espresso

Making the perfect espresso can be difficult, but worth the effort once you have the first sip, here are some easy tips about how to make the perfect espresso.

is almost empty, steam

is almost empty, steam bubbles mix with the upstreaming water, producing a characteristic gurgling noise. As with percolators, the pot should not be left on the stove so long that the coffee boils. Ideally, with a little practice, it should be removed from the heat before it actually starts gurgling - usually, when only about half of the top chamber has been filled. Additional Infomation Your coffee maker begins to work when heat is applied to the base causing heat to build up in the lower chamber. (Many believe that the water begins to rise only when the water reaches boiling point however this is not the case). It actually works by heating the air causing it to expand and force the water through the funnel and into the upper chamber. This begins to occur at a temperature of 500C and will end at a temperature of 900C. The end result is a perfect coffee at 700C which, depending on the heat source, will be brewed in approximately 5 – 10 minutes. TIPS and TRICKS For the first use, discard the coffee as it will help to eliminate foreign particles and production odours. Percolators have heat resistant handles, however these handles are not flame proof therefore avoid heating on high flame as it may damage the handle. Any type of coarse ground espresso coffee can be used. Do not use instant coffee, cocoa, fine ground coffee, or flavour extracts. Do not use abrasive soaps, powders or steel wool products. Never wash your percolator in the dishwasher, as it may alter the aluminium surface. For cleaning simply use water. Never use your percolator without water.

Store away only after all items are dry to avoid calcium build up

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