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Jen Tadin 30 60 90 Arthur J Candidate Packet

Arthur J Gallagher & Co Candidate Proposal Packet 2018


First 60 Days Pipeline Activity o Increase pipeline by performing the following activities: Continue to follow up on leads and partnerships. Provide status on previous prospects and insure that all future leads are being monitored. Create sales strategy and obtain referral by in. o Follow up on clients/prospects that I encountered with the first 30 days. If I am following up with existing clients, request any referral business that they may be aware of. o Continue to call/email the Top 20 prospects and secure additional meetings to advance the prospect to the proposal stage. o Follow up on past meetings and focus on advancing those prospects/clients to order stage in sales cycle. o Call on past relationships within all service, private and commercial industries. Determine if they are ideal risk solution candidates and introduce them to Arthur J. Gallagher. Secure meetings if possible. o Reach out to all affiliate organizations, tapping into new avenues within the minority community to uncover new risk solution opportunities. Sales and Product Training o Review current results with sales team and management. Make necessary adjustment to sales and/or product training plan based on desired results. o Continue to go on sales calls. Brainstorm sales strategies and formulate strategies that work best. o Determine what additional sales and or product training is needed and ensure that training is completed in a timely fashion. First 90 Days o Focus on high-priority accounts to build relationships, revenue growth and expedite ramping up period. o Schedule 2-3 executive briefings with top prospects. o Come up with new and creative ways to get prospect’s attention in the field. o Get input from sales team and marketing on what we can do better. o Participate in team meetings (seek out areas where I can provide leadership or skill sets that are useful to other client facing teams within Arthur J. Gallagher). o Establish long-term sales plan based on 80/20 rule, SWOT analysis, and goals. (SWOT Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats.) o Based on information from the field, product management, and my own management, develop strategies designed to defend against competitive threats, product issues or failures. o Review first 90 days with (hiring manager) to discuss performance and status of business growth.

o • Surpass the first quarter quota expectations and have a profitable pipeline established by the second quarter. o • Be recognized by management and peers as a productive member of the Producer team who has surpassed all projected sales goals and expectations. 80/20 Rule o I’ve used the 80/20 rule for many years and in many different situations. In business, the 80/20 rule explains many different pieces of the puzzle. Specifically, it means that 80% of the results I achieve will always come from 20% of the action I take. How Does This Apply to My Sales Success? 80% of my sales will come from 20% of my customers 80% of my problems will come from 20% of my customers (most likely a different 20%!) 80% of my prospecting calls will not be decent prospects, but 20% will Competitors: 80% of my threats will come from 20% of my competition. Time management: 80% of my results will come from 20% of my time. Always be selling!!! General Rule: 20% of the people will do 80% of the work. I will be within this 20% and be of value to Arthur J. Gallagher. 80/20 Rule Continued Sales: If 80% of my sales will come from 20% of my customers, any marketing or sales promotion I implement should be designed to appeal to the top 20% of my accounts. They’re the ones with the financial ability to buy what we’re offering. When I set my schedule for the week, I will always try to make sure that at least 80% of my time is in the field with customers because that’s where the business is. Competitors: If my biggest threats are coming from the top 20% of our competitors, then I can narrow my concerns to what they’re doing, looking for ways to capitalize weakness and increase Arthur J. Gallagher’s markets share. I plan to Focus my strategy where it will have the most impact for Arthur J. Gallagher. Time Management: If 80% of results are coming from 20% of my time, I need to figure out what it is about that 20% that makes it so productive. When I pinpoint it, I can duplicate it and increase my productivity and results. What am I doing in the 80% of my time that’s not very productive? Conclusion To achieve a well-balanced work/personal life balance, I will be a leader in my community, always being respectful of others regardless of their race, nationality, gender, occupation, or financial status. Additionally, I will always extend a hand to those in need; educating anyone I come into contact with about Arthur J. Gallagher’s risk solutions; freely volunteering my time & resources to help my clients live safer more secure lives, helping my teammates in any way I can, and give a 110% every-day. My Favorite Quote: “No Excuses!!! Excuses are tools used by people to build monuments of nothingness.”

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