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Top 3 – 3D Printers of 2018

With multiple of different 3D printing model available on the market these days. And the numbers are increasing day by day with a variety of new printers. But the question is which 3D printer should we choose for. We are here providing you some information about the best 3D printers

Some basic features

Some basic features of Ultimaker 2+ are given below- • This printer has good Supports open-source hardware and software. • Very high-resolution • 20 microns is the Minimum layer resolution. • 600 microns is the Maximum layer resolution. • The weight of this printer is 3 kg • This printer is designed with Open Frame printer cap. (2)- MakerBot Replicator+ The MakerBot Replicator+ is the best and popular 3D printer nowadays, and the new version has brought many improvements to nearly every part of the printer. This means the Replicator+ is the faster and better than the previous version, to maintain its awesome design and safety features company launches frequently its new versions. This 3D printer is very much expensive, but it offers you an excellent print quality and their new and enhanced features. It’s is very much user-friendly for home users and professional use as long as your budget can allow stretching towards the high asking price of the printer. Some basic features of Maker Bot Replicator+ are mentioned below- • It has fastest print speed • It is very simple to use. • Its camera resolution is 600×480 • It has 100 microns as Minimum layer resolution. • And the Maximum layer resolution is 400 microns. • The weight of the printer is 22.8 kg. (3)- Formlabs Form2 The Formlabs Form 2 is a fantastic 3D printer for a devotee who doesn’t mind with paying some extra or more money to get the best print quality and enhanced new features in the printer. It is a perfectly-designed 3D printer and can be connected to your system via USB, Wi-Fi, and internet. It is very much user-friendly and professional as well as home users. And your budget always allows for purchasing this printer.

Some basic features of Formlabs Form2 are mentioned below- • It has fantastic print quality. • And a great interface of the printer • Its Minimum layer resolution is 25 microns • And the Maximum layer resolution is 100 microns • Its average weight is 13 kg. If you are facing any of the problems regarding the 3D printers aforementioned then don’t need to panic, just connect to the official website of the printer they can help you anytime with good support. For details visit:

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