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Ashley Bachand Mod 2 April 2, 2014 Car Project Report Explanation Of The Engineering Design Process: To do the engineering design process you need to do it by steps. There are eight steps to doing the process and you need to do them very slow and carefully so you do not mess up. First, you need to identify the problem. Second , Research the problem for information on the problem. Third, Develop possible solutions. Fourth, you need to select the best possible solution. Fifth, you need to construct a prototype. Sixth, test and evaluate the solution. Seventh, communicate the solution. Finally, you need to redesign the prototype. I used the engineering design process for my car. My car did not work but when i used the design process I took my time and went through every step in order. I first took notes about how to make the car. Then, I made the prototype which came out better than my actual car. After, I made changes by making the wheels CD’s and the structure of my car a different quality. It did not turn out better then my first prototype. Infact, My final car did not even move. My purpose of making a prototype for my car is to test materials out. If I just made the final car and then winded it up and it did not work then I would not do so good on the car. The point of a prototype is that you can test the before car how it can work and what will slow it or make it faster. The five elements of the universal system model is Goal, Input, Output, Process and Feedback. These five elements are used to help you understand what you are doing when you make the car. The change from Potential energy and Kinetic energy is how you can calculate the speed of an objects decent. The subsystems in my car that I made was the propulsion, the whole structure of the car, and guidance. The