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StarCompliance Overview Brochure (10 April)

StarCompliance Brochure Introduction to StarCompliance Your single solution for compliance and reputation management StarCompliance offers powerful, customizable compliance software to automatically detect and mitigate potential employee conflicts of interest and market abuses, safeguarding the integrity and reputation of your organization. In today’s global business environment, robust compliance programs and strong regulatory safeguarding are more important than ever. StarCompliance has developed an advanced, user-friendly web-based application to respond to the unique challenges faced by compliance and governance teams. It gives you a fast, rigorous, automated way to detect and mitigate potential employee conflicts of interest and market abuses that could damage your business. 1

StarCompliance Brochure WHY CHOOSE STARCOMPLIANCE Using the STAR platform saves considerable time and resources for any compliance team, by automating the vast majority of compliance decisions. As well as improving efficiency, the system provides a host of valuable services and reports to make your regulatory compliance regime as airtight as possible. It gives you a 360-degree view of all employee activity and behavior, accessed on a single, user-friendly system. In addition, the STAR platform gives your leadership the peace of mind that every possible measure is being taken to identify and mitigate conflicts of interest and ensure complete regulatory compliance in your business – using the very latest data and technology. WITH STARCOMPLIANCE YOU CAN Save time and resources monitoring conflicts of interest and market abuse. Improve the speed and accuracy of conflict of interest detection. Quickly and easily collate management information and reports. Reduce risk of regulatory breaches, financial penalties and reputational damage. Achieve a paperless compliance process. Create a user-friendly compliance management system for all end-users. 2

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