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Commando News Issue 12 2018

Fly CASA Approved with a

Fly CASA Approved with a Certificate III in Aviation Call 1300 886 532 • Email: The Australian Unmanned Systems Academy (AUSA) is a global leader in qualifying individuals and organisations in the commercial operations of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS). AUSA is a CASA approved (0074) and Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO 45260), delivering: ➢ Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot) ➢ Remote Pilot's License Course (Fixed Wing & or Multi-Rotor) ➢ Full Basic RPAS Pilot Certificate courses (Fixed Wing and Multi-Rotor) with radio (AROC) ➢ Unlimited Pilot Type Training (Fixed Wing) & (Multi-Rotor) ➢ Remote Crew Resource Management (R-CRM) & RPAS Observer Courses ➢ Build & Fly Manufacture’s Courses (Designed for Pilots & Maintenance Controllers) ➢ Advice on the development of operations manuals & ReOC submissions We have graduated over 300 RPAS pilots from six (6) different nations & count the World Bank, Hitachi Japan, ASX200 companies & Local, State and Federal agencies as customers. Only invest in trusted CASA & RTO programs. Powered by the V-TOL Group Certificate Courses Workshops Conferences Visit our website for more information

MV Krait Restoration Barry Grant and The Director of the Australian National Maritime Museum, Mr. Kevin Sumption at Darling Harbour. Barry is presenting a donation for the restoration of the MV Krait. News from Harry Bell… (Continued from page 5) everything's OK. Spent Sis's birthday [the previous day] crawling up hills with about 2 tons on my back, in almost Canungra style only here we take it steadier and halt about 3 times as often. . . . We did about 7 miles by middle of the morning and spent the rest of the day putting up doovers and scratching round through roots etc [trying to dig foxholes with a bayonet]. If the NSW coalminers could see us, they'd strike till we joined the union, then strike again till we were expelled. Still more hiking yester - night over some flaming alps whose only inhabitants were scrub turkeys (even then we saw only nests) and pigs (we saw tracks etc). . . Have just had a bath in the creek (3 inches deep) - my first since Saturday (this is Wednesday) and we have to toil up a veritable Everest to bring our water, so there isn't much to spare for washing . . . the rain gave me a bit of a rinse yesterday . . . There's absolutely no news. I seem to have got my days or dates muddled for January 15th, 1945 was a Monday. And "No news" meant "No news that I'm permitted to write about". In fact, on 15th January, in a long patrol over Nambut Ridge, Joe Olsen got the Squadron's first Nips and we saw our first cannibalised (Nip) corpses. On the fol - lowing day we had our first man killed in action: Tony Hanly, MID from 5 Section. Had he not been killed, his MID would have been at least a MM. Such is life - and death. Here endeth the lesson. NOTE FOR EDITORS: Barry Higgins sent me some nice shots of Keith; I hope Barry Grant will publish one. I also have some taken by me of Keith in black Cavalry beret and will ask Kathie to send a couple to Robert for Cavalry News. Happy 2018. Harry Bell 2/9, Ding dong Mark COMMANDO NEWS ~ Edition 12 I 2018 7

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