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Current Business Trends in Brisbane

Current Business Trends in

Current Business Trends in Brisbane Current Business Trend in Brisbane Charlotte Snow Griffith University, Brisbane Key Terms: Business Trend in Brisbane, Economic Trend, Business Performance in 2018 Introduction: Brisbane, the capital of the Australian state of Queensland is according to Dun & Bradstreet Global Risk Indicator, one of the safest cities for investment not only in Australia but also across the world. Brisbane is by far amongst the strongest and the major business hubs in Australia. With the reputation of a top performer, Brisbane is outshining the others with untraceable speed. Not only the top notch Australian companies, but also the many eminent International companies have their offices located within the territory of Brisbane making it a common Economic zone for the countries around the world. Along with far reaching businesses, DHL Global's Oceanic distribution warehouse as well as the Asia Pacific Aerospace's headquarters is also located in Brisbane, making it the centre of focus not only for Australia, but other countries as well. The internationalisation of the economy along with the abundantly available pool of regional talent, competitive nature of the economy and collaborative business culture provides Brisbane a strong hold on the economic environment and conditions which are favourable for its growth and development, allowing it to outperform other economies of the world. With its progressive approach and far-sighted business vision, Brisbane has gained the confidence of the investors, making them believe that investing here will help them in their quest to increase return on investment. T he roots of this confidence uprise from the political stability, its controlled population growth rate and committed private and public sector directed towards building a stronger and impactful capital base. Apart from all the above adding to the successful economic results, many of its home grown companies are not unknown on the international platform. Some of these are Virgin Australia, Boeing Australia, Suncorp-Metway Limited, Krome Studios, Thiess Pvt Ltd. According to Canstar, as of May this year, there were more than 2.1 million businesses trading in Australia. Add to this reports that new businesses (particularly start -ups) have the capacity to contribute a further $100 Billion to the economy and generate more than half a million jobs by 2033. In other words, those in the know have opportunities galore for you to own. So, what about those business trends? Economic trends

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