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Annual Report 2017

Annual Report 2017 - Federal Audit Oversight Authority FAOA

42 Appendices | FAOA

42 Appendices | FAOA 2017 Organisation of the FAOA Legal form Incorporation within the government administration Registered office Representative bodies of the FAOA Number of staff Funding Legal function Responsibilities Independence/Oversight Public-law institution with separate legal identity Independent unit within the decentralised government administration, organisationally attached to the Federal Department of Justice and Police (FDJP) Berne Board of Directors Executive Board Thomas Rufer (Chairman), Graduate in Business Administration and Swiss Certified Accountant (to 31.12.17) Wanda Eriksen-Grundbacher, Masters in Accounting Science, Swiss Certified Accountant, US CPA (Chairman from 1.1.2018) Sabine Kilgus (Vice-Chairman), Prof. Dr., lawyer Conrad Meyer, Prof., Dr. Daniel Oyon, Prof., Dr. Viktor Balli, Chemical Engineer ETH/Economist HSG (from 1.1.2018) Frank Schneider, Chief Executive Officer, Executive MBA ZFH, Swiss Certified Accountant Reto Sanwald, Deputy to Chief Executive Officer, Head of Legal & International Affairs, Dr. iur., attorney Martin Hürzeler, Head of Financial Audit, Graduate in Business Administration, Swiss Certified Accountant Heinz Meier, Head of Regulatory Audit, Swiss Certified Accountant Sébastien Derada, Head of Licensing Auditor Swiss Federal Audit Office (SFAO) At 31 December 2017 30 staff members, representing 25.3 full-time equivalents, were employed by the FAOA. The FAOA finances itself entirely from the fees and oversight charges levied on licensed individuals and audit firms under oversight. No taxpayers‘ money is used. To ensure the proper provision and quality of audit and regulatory audit services. Appraisal of licence applications, oversight of the auditors of PIE and rendering of international administrative assistance in the audit oversight area. The FAOA performs its oversight activities independently but is subject to the oversight of the Federal Council. It reports annually to the Federal Council and the Federal Assembly on its activities.

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