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The most effective weight loss supplement - Rimonabant powder (AASraw) - Rimonabant is an anorectic anti-obesity drug and Rimonabant powder is the raw material for many weight loss supplement, such as Rimonabant are Zimulti, Acomplia, Monaslim, Bethin, Riobant, Remonabent, Rimoslim and Riomont in the market.Rimonabant powder can help you to loss weight effectively.


Email: Whatsapp:+8618928439036 11. The warning on Rimonabant Rimonabant is not recommended in pregnancy and is contraindicated in breast-feeding women.15 The SPC advises “caution” if the drug is used to treat patients with “moderate hepatic impairment”. Rimonabant is not recommended in patients with “severe hepatic impairment” and should not be used in patients with “severe renal impairment”.15 The SPC states that rimonabant should not be started in patients with uncontrolled serious psychiatric illness such as major depression, and that appropriate treament for the psychiatric condition should be started first and rimonabant therapy considered once the condition is controlled. However, it also states that the use of rimonabant in combination with antidepressant medication is not recommended, because of limited data. 12. Side effects of Rimonabant powder The side effects of Rimonabant powder are so many that they effectively counteract any positive effects that it may present. Even during the trials, it was reported that 1 patient out of every 8 dropped out of the said trials since the side effects became intolerable for them. The biggest and the most adverse effects, however, were psychological. Depression has come to get associated as a severe side effect of Rimonabant powder. This depression was so serious that it required medical treatment to be managed. Because of Rimonabant powder’s effectiveness against smoking, many people used it for smoking cessation and suffered from suicidal depression. Many patients experienced and reported extreme anxiety levels after taking Rimonabant powder. Nausea is another side effect which was so severe that it started interfering with the patients’ daily life. To summarize, the adverse side effects of Rimonabant powder are many – • Gastrointestinal Problems – One of the noted side effects are diarrhea, dry mouth, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and other gastrointestinal disorders. 8

Email: Whatsapp:+8618928439036 • Skin Problems – Excessive sweating and itching has been reported. • Musculoskeletal Problems – Joint sprains, back pain, inflammation and pain in the tendons, and spasms and cramps in muscles are common side effects. • Central Nervous System – Depression, memory loss, anxiety, mood changes, dizziness, diarrhea and sleep disorder. While experts speculate that if the dosage is lowered, some side effects may be managed but that still does not change the fact that the drug was never approved in the US because of the severity of its side effects. Also, the side effects that have been reported are rather serious which nullifies the drug’s positive effects against weight gain and smoking cessation. 13. Rimonabant Review You may be surprised by what I say in this Rimonabant review. We took the time to focus closely on the scientific studies, ingredients, side effects, and customer-service quality. Then we looked at user reviews from all over the internet. At last, we summarized the data we collected to give you the facts. (1) Safety– “Serious Health Concerns” Our first issue is the safety of the product. According to our Research Editor, “Post market analysis indicated a higher prevalence of suicidal thoughts and major depressions in patients treated with Rimonabant. The results were concerning enough to have approval revoked in a number of countries.” One dieter said, “I was in France when this was released and it worked great but I became severely depressed. How can you be that sad and losing weight?” Another claimed, “I was willing to try anything when I was at my heaviest. The side effects were brutal, nothing is worth feeling like that.” Others did not experience the debilitating depression as a side effect and had a more positive experience. One explained, “It worked great for me and I lost the weight I needed. I didn’t have a problem.” Another said, “I wasn’t as happy 9

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