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April 2018

He seeks front brake

He seeks front brake cross-shaft components and mounting brackets which attach the cross-shaft to the chassis rails, as illustrated below. Chassis bracket left and cross-shaft in red above. Smiths 0 to 6000 RPM mechanical rev counter. Lucas CJF2 Cutout/Fusebox. (this item is needed for Matt’s M.G.M-Type)

the adventures of a crown-wheel & pinion Soon after Matt joined the Society, and told us about his Kimber Special project, an opportunity arose for him to acquire a new crown-wheel & pinion for the car, from John Burton. John had just sold his M.G. 14/40 (above) but had a hoard of spares to dispose of, including a brand-new CW&P from a batch procured by Bill Grudgings. A deal was soon done between Matt & John, but they then had to arrange transport from England to Australia. Enquiries to postal services produced prices of just short of £100 to ship the 4.5kg package down-under. Only a couple of years ago, Julie Craig & Royce wanted a spare crown-wheel & pinion for their Bullnose M.G., and because I had two spares, I said they could have one of mine (Ed). We then had the same problem of finding an economical way of transporting 4.5 kg of steel to Australia! I remembered that several years back, a group of M.G. TC owners from the excellent club in Perth brought their cars over to England for a European tour. Whilst driving to the dock at Fremantle, the engine in one of the TCs went bang! The problem was quickly diagnosed as a broken crankshaft. Bugger!

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