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2 The Knight Times Features D.C. among many locations visited by Arts Pillar ANGEL STRINGER Staff Writer The EHS Arts Pillar sponsored a variety of day trips and field trips recently, offering opportunities for further learning and fun through inspiring experiences. Members of the Publications Program took a tour of the Student Media Center at the University of Houston. On the trip, the staffs learned about the student-run Coog TV, Coog Radio, The Daily Cougar, and monthly magazine. UH students talked with visiting Knights about their experiences in the university program and showed off their various studios and newsrooms. Moviemakers in the Media Arts, specifically ETV, took a trip to the Houston Warehouse Studio to film a movie. The group, led by Mr. Pejman Milani, filmed a romance story, and Austin Reppert explained it as “a real-world experience for [the group].” On a trip to Fort Worth, members of Studio Arts viewed a glassblowing operation. Ms. Deborah Brock and Mr. David Trauba chaperoned a workshop in which two groups worked on two different projects. In the glass hot shop, a group created an egg paperweight, while the other group created a leaf-like piece of glass network- ing in the flame shop. In the Performing Arts, the theatre trip was to Washington, D.C., where the attending group learned about Shakespeare and had a great deal of fun exploring the city. The choir and band programs went to Six Flags in San Antonio where the band performed in one of the theaters; on the way, the choir performed three times in the Houston downtown Cistern. The Cistern, located in Buffalo Bayou and known for its seven-second echo, was “a wonderful experience,” according to sophomore Top, choir students perform at the Houston downtown Cistern Chapel. Above, Theater Program members stand outside the Folger Theater. Photos courtesy of EHS Facebook. Taylor Geames. Photography students stopped at the Battleship Texas State Historic Park, the Railroad museum, and the “tall ship” Elissa. They also observed College of the Mainland photography classes. The IMPACT dance group took a field trip to the Houston Theatre District and Austin respectively. Robotics flipping pancakes? ANGEL STRINGER Staff Writer All righty, Knights, saddle up. I absolutely love food and do you know what is even better than food? Robots that make your food. Have you ever heard of a robot that makes pancakes? No? That’s what I thought. Our EHS Robotics Club, under the direction of junior Kenneth Pereira, built a fully-functioning pancake-making robot. It is called “The PancakeBot” (trade mark symbol), and it is the world’s first food printer that has the capability of printing pancakes by automatically dispensing batter directly onto a griddle. You can also make your own designs to have them made into pancakes. GABRIELLE DUCOTE Staff Writer Seniors Ford and Marshall McCann are twin Knights who have been sailing competitively since the age of seven – roughly eleven years. They live part time in Kemah, giving them better access to the sport. The two train together on the same team, but they race individually in their own boats. They have sailed three different types of Olympic class boats: Laser, 49er, and Finn. The brothers have mastered the Laser Publications. Photo by Jay Berckley. The PancakeBot located in Mr. Alan Duncan’s classroom prepares to serve some breakfast. Photo by Angel Stringer. The designs can be uploaded via SD card, and you can make anything that comes to mind. Building the bot took the club an entire class period, but I think we can all agree that assembling the pieces was the easier side of the project. The Robotics Club had to design their own software for the machine itself. Wow, that is impressive. Amazing job, guys. Be on the lookout, EHS. You may see a bake sale coming around… get your designs ready. This is what we do at EHS: we amaze. Personally, I do not know about my fellow Knights, but I am constantly inspired by the little things everyone has to offer. You, too, can join Robotics Club next year and bring your ideas to life. Stand out, Knights! McCann twins master sailing sailboats as their specialties. Laser sailboats are the men’s standard weight singlehanded Olympic class boat. In the near future, the two hope to remain devoted to the Olympic Development Team to continue to improve their skills. Hopefully, their future will allow them to compete in the 2024 Summer Olympic Games. Their sister, Haddon Hughes, an EHS alumna, is currently taking a hiatus from Georgetown University to focus on her Olympic campaign. Ford and Marshall are an ambitious duo who are dedicated to both EHS’s Four Pillars and Olympic sailing. Six-year-old Cami Pyne in the big kitchen, learning the skills that she would soon share with the EHS community in Cooking with Cami. Photo by Mrs. Pyne. Cooking with Cami CAMI PYNE Contributing Editor In the lovely month of March, spring leads to all things crisp, such as the refreshing warm air or a cool breeze. Perhaps most intriguing about spring is lemon season. Lemon Curd • ½ cup of fresh lemon juice • 2 teaspoons of lemon zest • ½ cup of sugar • 3 eggs • ¾ stick (6 tablespoons) of unsalted butter, cut into 2 cm. cubes Instructions: 1. Combine lemon juice, zest, and eggs one at a time in a medium saucepan and cook over low heat at an almost constant whisk 2. Add the butter 3. Keep whisking until the lemon curd is thick and small bubbles appear 4. Transfer the lemon curd to a strainer and then strain out the pieces of cooked egg 5. Cool in the refrigerator for 1 hour The McCann brothers take a break from competition with a teammate. Photo courtesy of Ford and Marshall McCann.

Features 'SU P with Soph SOPHIA HENRY Staff Writer If you’re looking for a prom date, then you’re in luck! This single and ready to have a dateingle is here for you. Here are some great qualities I possess that would make me the perfect gal to bring to prom: I cannot talk to adults, but I am telepathic. I write world renowned articles. I will not ask for flowers because they re mind me of how everything dies one day. I can break dance. I am not that photogenic, but since I’m a vampire, I don’t show up in photos anyway. I am desperate. I own a horse, so we will not need to pay for a limo. I get nervous in social situations, but to compensate I breathe heavily and faint. I know how to ruin someone’s life. I can speek won langige Now, to stay truthful to my date… I offer a list of negatives: I sweat profusely. Sometimes when the music’s too loud, I transport to another realm. I have odd tendencies. My parents will take photos of you until your soul is completely captured. One of my legs goes limp when not charged properly. Boys have never talked to me for more than 3 minutes… wonder why. The doctor said I may or may not have leprosy… but don’t worry! I don’t think it’s contagious! When I absorbed my twin in the womb, half of his face remained on my foot, so I cannot wear heels. Dresses make me uncomfortable, so I will wear a full body Knight’s armor. Great for war and prom! I have a curfew of 5:30 PM. It’s court mandated. No further questions. The Knight Times 3 Choices speaker focuses on issues of drug abuse CAMI PYNE Contributing Editor The Choices Program held an event on March 7 when Maureen Wittels, the mother of the deceased writer and actor of Parks and Recreation Harris Wittels, spoke to those assembled. Her speech was empowering and detailed how, no matter what privilege you were born with or how good your life seems, you can still become an addict. The March Choices topic is technology addiction and how people who use technology heavily are more likely to have anxiety or depression. Extreme social media has been linked to poor sleep, anxiety, and depression. Its effects are as serious as substance addictions to alcohol, cocaine, and cannabis. Sleeping with your phone in your hand can lead to not being able to sleep at all. The EHS Choices counselor, Mrs. Sam Schaff, encourages us during the Lenten season to look up and have face-to-face interactions. Lascaux Cow will get new design in upcoming weeks LAUREN PORTER Editor-in-Chief The “Lascaux Cow” sculpture located in front of the Band Hall has a rich history, though many in the EHS community are not aware of its background. The cow has stood on campus since 2001, after a parent sponsored the sculpture in the Houston Cow Parade. The parade benefitted Texas Children’s Hospital and offered cow sculptures from various artists in an auction. The cow at EHS is named the “Lascaux Cow” in recognition of the Lascaux cave paintings in France. The famous cave paintings depict the larger animals that lived in France during the Paleolithic Age, including cows. Soon, the cow will be refurbished, and there are openings for new design ideas. The National Art Honor Society will help sand the fiberglass cow and prime the cow for new artwork. Design entries are open to all, and NAHS sponsor Mrs. Sharon Willcutts “hope[s] the cow will be Image courtesy of based in the school colors.” If you have any suggestions for a new design, be sure to contact Mrs. Willcutts about the cow. Photo by Preston Witt. Merrell middleton (281) 368-1482 Please call for an appointment Get preferred pricing when you bring this ad to Coach Middleton at Westside Lexus

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