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Self Awareness

2. Recognize your

2. Recognize your beliefs from the list​ about Life and other people. ​ You can’t have your cake and eat it too. ​ ​What other people say about me is their problem, not mine. ​ No one else has ever done it. ​ It’s selfish to put my own needs before those of my family and friends. ​ ​Life isn’t perfect, but it sure is great. ​ It’s selfish to enjoy life while other people are suffering. ​ ​It’s okay to have down days. ​ Nothing ever really changes. ​ To Err is human. ​ It’s better to be safe than sorry. ​ Men are weak. ​ ​Every experience is just another important lesson. ​ Women are weak. ​ Men can’t be trusted. ​ Women can’t be trusted. ​ Love never lasts anyway. ​ ​Being vulnerable is far too dangerous. ​ ​People can’t be trusted ​ ​Life is a prison ​ ​To live is to suffer ​ ​I don’t like to trust strangers ​ ​I enjoy every moment what life offers ​ ​Problems help us grow ​ ​People give me lot of stress ​ ​Someone is responsible for my pain ​ ​Life is designed by my thoughts and action

​ ​I can take charge of life ​ ​Be in flow of life ​ ​Moments are inevitable 3. What according to you are the unnecessary beliefs which are holding you back? 4. What positive belief would you replace that negative belief with? Be very specific 5. How often would you instill that belief in your daily life .Give Example of your daily life?

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