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2 Realm Prospectus

2 Realm Prospectus Contents 03 07 08 12 14 16 18 19 Introduction Teams & Partners Core Values Challenges Our Strategy Time-Line Needs Financial Chart Reaching Oakland with the gospel and advancing His kingdom in the Westside/Uptown Arts Communities.

Realm Prospectus 3 Introduction About Oakland & West Uptown Arts Community The Bay Area in California is known as the place where the Nations converge (as it boasts people groups and leaders from nearly every country in the world as its residents). It is not uncommon for organizations and companies there to have people in its employ and clients from over 20 different nationalities within their walls. This presents amazing opportunities for Christians in this area to provide a Gospel-centered presence, which has wide-reaching implications locally, nationally and globally (by reaching locals, internationals and highly influential people who work at places like Facebook, Craigslist, Twitter, Pandora, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Pixar, Lucas Films and many others who call this area home). Yet, the Bay Area is also where greed and many anti- Gospel values reign, holding many people's souls in spiritual captivity. Our spiritual enemy has longused this part of our country to wage wars against our LORD through anarchist sentiments, social controversies, grassroots movements, and Anti- Christian/Anti-Family values films and social media marketing. Oakland are being purchased by Islamic and other religious organizations, and eastern religions like Buddhism and Hinduism are also gaining immense ground. In the midst of all of this, Oakland's longtime residents are fighting against displacement due to the rising cost-of-living mainly spearheaded by the tech boom that started in other areas of the Bay several years earlier. Thus, Oakland is in the middle of a very deep and somewhat unique social war, searching for its identity, trying to fight for its soul. As one national news author put it, "Oakland is either rapidly changing for the better, or, its losing its soul altogether” (paraphrase). In concert with this, Oakland has widely-known issues with crime and drug addiction, a poor school system, rampant governmental corruption, fast moving gentrification as well as being linked to controversial social movements that have started there and advanced throughout the United States. Such controversies often addresses evils tackled by Jesus while at the same time addressing evils in a way that often opposes Gospel-based thinking leaving churches vulnerable to spiritual attack. Even some of the historically Christian buildings in

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