9 months ago

The ultimate guide to spring clean your home

Spring cleaning is a tedious task and is very easy to forgot to clean something. That's why we've made this ultimate checklist to guide you and help you.


The Ultimate Guide To SPRING CLEAN Your Home from Defrost and clean the refrigerator/fridge KITCHEN KITCHEN Get rid of all outdated food and organise them Change water filter Clean the dishwasher Clean all small appliances coffee maker toaster microwave Deep clean oven/stove top clean the hood vent and change the filter if needed Clean and disinfect the garbage disposal Disinfect kitchen sink De-clutter drawers and cabinets Polish silverware, deep clean bakeware Sort all cups, glasses, plates Organise the pantry and throw away outdated spices and food Clean and organise cabinets, shelves, polish cabinet doors Clean and organise countertops Disinfect chairs and table, wash the tablecloth

The Ultimate Guide To SPRING CLEAN Your Home from Throw away expired cosmetics and medicines BATHROOM BATHROOM Clean in, around and behind the toilet Clean mirror, sink, countertop, unclog drains Disinfect the trash can, clean paper holder Change shower curtain/ clean the shower glass Scrub shower, bathtub Wipe down all fixtures Disinfect toothbrush holders, towel racks Clean and refill soap pump Scrub walls and floor

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