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Signature Essential Oil

Signature Essential Oil Blends BREATHE: Colds and allergies can make breathing difficult, become clear and open again with BREATHE. Peppermint, eucalyptus, pine needle, and rosemary act as a decongestant and lemon carries antiseptic properties. SOOTHE: Tight and tired muscles can find relief with the relaxing SOOTHE blend. The combination of eucalyptus, clary sage, ginger, marjoram, and peppermint helps reduce muscle pain and stiffness. Not available in Room and Body Spray. CALM: When the stress of the day gets to be too much reach for the earthy notes of CALM. The blend of lavender, petitgrain, vetiver, and marjoram reduces stress and anxiety so you can face what ever your day throws at you. MOTIVATE: Beat the mid day grogginess and lack of focus with the light & energizing scent of MOTIVATE. Rosemary increases memory while the lime, pine needle, and peppermint boost your mental clarity. SLEEP: Drift into a restful nights slumber with the sweet and earthy SLEEP blend. The cedarwood and clary sage help reduce stress and anxiety while the lavender and bergamot act as a mild sedative. WAKE: Start your day off right with the spicy, citrus notes of WAKE. Grapefruit and sweet orange help you shake off the morning grumpiness, and frankincense and ginger invigorate the senses and brighten your day. ENLIGHTEN: Cleanse and release negative emotions with the sweet, woodsy, and resinous scent of ENLIGHTEN. Palo Santo combats negative energy and promotes peace while bergamot and frankincense helps relieve stress and tension.

Essential Oil Serum Moisturize your skin with the healing power of nature. The Hippie Homesteader all natural Serums are specifically formulated to give you beautifully soft skin, lightly scented with the nourishing benefits of essential oils. A convenient 10ml glass amber bottle with a stainless steel roller ball applicator. Perfect grab and go size so you can take your aromatherapy where ever your day may take you. Pure essential oils are blended with deeply moisturizing coconut and avocado oils to give you silky soft skin with the uplifting power of nature. $10.00 Essential Oil Room & Body spray The Hippie Homesteader Room & Body Spray is a great way to deliver invigorating aromatherapy benefits of pure essential oils all while freshening your environment. Packaged in a 4oz glass amber bottle with a fine mist sprayer. Each essential oil blend is combined with a base of distilled water and natural witch hazel. Use to refresh your car, yoga mat, home, or as a chemical free perfume alternative. $15.00